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You won! Congratulations @kp138

Here is +10 SBD!!

Convert it to STEEM (it takes 3 days) then


Keep playing, you can keep on winning!!

This contest is closed.

Keep playing! Win 1 SBD, 1 SBD,3 SBD 3 SBD, 5 SBD or 10SBD by Upvoting 100% !! (Compare SBD:BTC Prices.)

I will send 10 SBD

to one random account that upvotes this!!

(I am trying to leverage the $3000 in SteemPower that is being delegated to me for the next 2 weeks, play along!)

100% upvotes only!!

(Obvious bots not included)

Preferably a Human account

Whales be like...

I will use this link I just found to randomly choose a winner!!

I suggest you convert it into Steem using your wallet, and then Power Up! Happy voting !

Please upvote the rest of my active (past 7 days) posts as well. Much appreciated !!

One 1 winner per post.

👍 darkflame, @hilarski, @michael14876, @rulesforrebels, @theguruasia, @budz82, @a-alice @myego13
@shawnfishbit, @maya7, @storcogato, @yenipaola, @rek5767, @kp138, @alot-of-lore, @nazarwills, @deshwal

Users who upvote will be tagged in future posts, unless you ask to be removed in the comments.

I love giving away Steem!

Help me give away even more!

Also upvote this giveaway to enter!

Win 2 SBD or 10SBD by Upvoting 100% !!

Resteem this to help create DSC tokens.


Hi friend, I need your help for the flood effected people in my locality. Please come to my post and please do little help to help some people who are suffering from flood problems. So please your small steps make somepeople to overcome from the trouble. So please do me the favour, for your kind information I would like to mention happily that one of my friend markwhittam had donated 10sbd for the victims. So please do something for the sack of humanity. Thanks happy steeming friend.

Good Luck Everyone! Upvoted...

"thirds rule strategy" You have lately been RESTEEMED in THIRDS by Frank III

Okay Full Force UpVote just burned :D
Actually no one is doing something like this... great job dude~


Upvoted and followed. Thanks!

You won! Congratulations @kp138

Here is +10 SBD!!

Convert it to STEEM (it takes 3 days) then


Keep playing, you can keep on winning!!

Enter into the jungle.. 😊
Upvoted and resteemed..

Thanks for the contest @darkflame.. 👌👍👍

human is back to upvote this too :))


good luck everyone!

And thanks @darkflame 😊

Just letting up know that I am a human. As far as I know anyway. Lol

Hi there I've just upvoted you. I'm new to Steem and wondering what does 100% upvote means, anyone here who can enlighten me on this?

Everyone has a vote and every vote counts to decide where new SteemPower, SBD and Steem is distributed. When you are new you get a small amount of steem power, and are loaned or delegated some extra Steem Power to help you earn more rewards. Steem can be powered up into Steem Power which means to invest it in Steemit. When you hold Steem Power you have more influence and your upvote is worth more. When I started I only earned a little but now I earn more! Power up your Steem. Convert SBD SteemDollars into Steem (takes3days) then Power Up! New users are Minnows but Once you have 5000 Steem Power you become a dolphin. I am halfway there :) I want to help Steemians all around the world. Where are you from?

Thanks for the info, I'm from Malaysia

Thanks for that. Was wondering what 100% upvoted meant. But on reading your reply, I retrieved it out of the filing system in my head, lol. My mind is boggling of late with sooo much information from a multitude of topics. Learning, always learning and researching. Think I'm addicted

upvoted your vote is important for me sir

See you up and up take my upvote

Lo ideal si alguien recibe tu recompensa es invertirlo en steem power @darkflame

Are you sure you make this?

Upvoted and followed


Upvote and resteemed

i upvote you,, you upvote me...

Hello @darkflame
I do not know why you organized this giveaway competition. You are very generous! I only blog and post pictures. Can I ask you many questions? Because I think you have used Steemit for a long time. Make sure you are very knowledgeable. Why are there people who do not post an article yet, the number of credibility is also very few but when they upvote to others? In the comments of the upvote people have a lot of money value.
I hope you read my comment. Thank you😄

Wow it must be fun, I like your way

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