Congratulations @a-alice +2 SBD Giveaway !!!steemCreated with Sketch.

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This contest is closed.

Congratulations!! You are the winner @a-alice!! Your Prize: +2SBD!

Runners up get +0.001 SBD:

@holdilocks +0.001 SBD, @namct +0.001 SBD, @me-do +0.001 SBD, @dinsha +0.001 SBD, @djmalith +0.001 SBD
Keep playing! You could win even more!!

I will send 2 SBD

to one random account that upvotes this!! (Obvious bots not included)

Preferably a Human account

I will use this link I just found to randomly choose a winner!!

I suggest you convert it into Steem using your wallet, and then Power Up! Happy voting !

Please upvote the rest of my active (past 7 days) posts as well. Much appreciated !!

If everyone sends 100% upvotes then the next one will require 100% upvotes and include a larger payout! One 1 winner per post.

Win 10SBD!

Upvote this giveaway to enter

Users who upvote will be tagged in future posts, unless you ask to be removed in the comments.

I love giving away Steem!

Help me give away even more!


TY- Upvoted...


God job @darkflame i love you work

What country are you in?

@xdark23 You won runner up! Thanks for voting.

+0.01 SBD for you! 1.25 Albanian Lek

great initiative,

I like this. You are considering these very useful posts above steemit. I look forward to receiving many of your posts. Thank you for sharing! good luck and happy in life!

Congratulations!! You are the winner @a-alice!! Your Prize: +2SBD!

Why do I have this award? I do not understand very well .. Explain to me not. Thanks..😲

I use this link to randomly choose a winner!!

It's strange. There are many things on Steemit I do not understand yet.

Is this random? I thank you many!

Human is here to win the game.. 😊
Upvoted and resteemed..

very good.
I would be happy if you like to follow me and give your opinion about my posts.

Thanks for the tags and I will follow, I have been working on a major project for a long time recently sorry if my activity has been low, but I am gaining ground and will be back to posting soon I hope.

Que buena iniciativa que te regalem steem por votar super cool @darkflame

Upvoted and resteemed :)

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