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@sirpaul You won! +3 SBD

$2.7429586329 USD = 994.32 Nigerian Naira!


Win 1 SBD, 1 SBD,3 SBD 4 SBD, 5 SBD or 5 SBD by Upvoting 100% !! Compare SBD:BTC

I will send 3 SBD

to one random HUMAN account that

  1. UpVotes this 100% and
  2. ReSteems to their followers!!

(I am trying to leverage the $3000 in SteemPower that is being delegated to me for the next 2 weeks, so play along!)

(Bots not included, in the comments say Upvoted and Resteemed! )

I will use SteemWinner to randomly choose a winner!!

I suggest you convert it into Steem using your wallet,
and then Power Up STEEM into STEEM POWER!!

Please upvote the rest of my active (past 7 days) posts as well. Much appreciated !!

One 1 winner per post.

👍 TesT @ckrause74 @phusionphil @cconn @rawbeing @zoltrix @amadais @hilarski, @michael14876, @rulesforrebels, @theguruasia, @budz82, @a-alice @myego13 @shawnfishbit, @maya7, @storcogato, @yenipaola, @rek5767, @kp138, @alot-of-lore, @nazarwills, @deshwal @cub1, @cmp2020, @remlaps1, @dinsha, @myego13, @lisa.palmer, @yenipaola, @prakashghai, @geneeverett, @a-alice, @aspects, @investmenthunt, @itzunknown, @namct, @free999enigma @shawnfishbit, @dontstopmenow, @elliotjgardner, @maya7, @elias-jaxon, @darxide403, @theguruasia, @storcogato, @yenipaola, @prakashghai, @qme988, @aspects, @kp138, @alot-of-lore, @nazarwills, @fernando76, @budz82, @deshwal, @cerberinc, @free999enigma
@anu, @midnas-howler, darkflame, @misstysea, @rndness222, @spaghetti, @oneshot, @sethlinson, @allyouneedtoknow, @jrai, @jmehta, @adanjr, @djmalith, @swapthehacker, @dlanyer, @cryptotraderbiz, @zhia, @dianclasher

Users who upvote will be tagged in future posts, unless you ask to be removed in the comments.

I love giving away Steem!

Help me give away even more!

Win 1 SBD, 1 SBD, 3 SBD, 5 SBD or 10SBD by Upvoting 100% !!

Resteem this to help create DSC tokens.


I'm not a bot!

Upvoted and Resteemed!

I upvoted and resteemed

You won! +3 SBD

$2.7429586329 USD = 994.32 Nigerian Naira!

Nice for you! I'm in upvoted and resteemed!

Such a nice sense of generosity in the crypto world. Upvoted and resteemed :)

Enter into the game..
Upvoted and resteemed.. 👍 👌

I upvoted and resteemed

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