Wet potato chips being tested in Japan

in #food5 years ago

The innovators at the chip maker Calbee are trying to take away crisp and crunchy and replace it with moist and soggy!?

It's labelled the Wet Potato - Moist Mild Soy Sauce Flavor.

Currently the chips are being test sold through their coroprate branches in Japan for walk-ins consumers to buy through their in-house shops.

Reports are the chips are thicker than normal potato chips and damp to the touch. But they retain their shape when picking them up. And when biting into them there are still some cripiness to them in the middle with the outside being moist.

The reaction of taste testers is actually been surprising because like most the image is not good. But it has enough crunch to them that it still delivers as a chip but don't expect wide distribution. They still have a image problem and apparently they are not that easy to manufacturer. And most likely the storage dates are them are much shorter.

But who knows ... millennials could lead the charge in the future to have a lot of chips made pre-layered in dipping sauce since dipping them one by one is just too much work. :)

I could actually hear my daughter saying something like this because I've heard her complain about eating some meals that require her to actually use her fingers which means interupting using her i-phone for a few seconds.... lol


If I gotta eat junk food, I'm gonna fry myself a bowl of nice homegrown potatoes

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