🔥 LAST CALL TO WIN STEEM! Only 2 days left to take part in this round! [FOODspedition #20]

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Only until Friday (until 11:59 pm) you can show us the prawn dish that comes from your country and win the STEEM!

The rules are simple! Show the photo of the prawn dish that comes from your country, write its name and describe it briefly. In the comment, add also its estimated value in your currency, US dollars and STEEM. I will choose and award the 3 most interesting entries, and their authors will receive a prize in STEEM!

Check the details and post your entry in the contest post!
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🔥 Only 2 days left to take part in the contest! 🔥
Don't wait and add your entry under the competition post now!

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Name: Fregola con gamberi e cozze (Fregola with prawns and mussels)
Country: Italy 🇮🇹
Price: 12€/13.50$/30 Steem

Info: Italy is really famous all around the world for pasta. There are a lot of kind of pasta in Italy and this one (fregola) comes from Sardinia. I think that it is unique and beautiful in particular with seafood!! I hope you like the colours of this dish, because this one was cooked by my mum (I would like eating this dish some months ago, but I understand that the right time is now!).
The prawn is very important to give an amazing taste to fregola and also the read Is very important to underline what is the main character inside. I want to taste it and I want to feel the sea. I love to eat this kind of pasta with the spoon, because I want to catch so muny things.
I ate some hours ago this dish and I would like to eat it a second time now!!!😋

Thank you @the.foodini for your contest and have nice weekend!

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Name: Tostones con Camarones.
Country: Venezuela
Price: 5000.00Bs.S / 1.5 $ / 3.9 Steem

Info: The tostones something so simple to make and which is highly valued at parties or beaches in our country, comes with a delicious ingredient such as shrimp, a mouthful of pure oriental flavor.
A simple platoo to do only with having a green banana and some shrimp you make a very practical aperitif.

Name: Asopado de langostinos (soup of prawns)
Country: Venezuela
Price: 7$/ 24500bs/ 14 Steem

The asopados are preparations based on pasta or rice that are often left in a soft broth, the soup can be a base of various ingredients.

The asopados based chicken or seafood, are really delicious, the broths are the basis of these delicious preparations, a good broth, aromatic and concentrated serves as a basis for rice or pasta to propagate its flavor and texture.

This traditional asopado witch is a lot prepare on the Venezuelan coast, where the protagonist is the prawns freshly taken from the sea.

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