👌 Show the PRAWN DISH that comes from your country and WIN STEEM! [FOODspedition #20]

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For me it is a real sea treasure! Delicate, almost sweet, sea taste, extremely tender, juicy meat and hundreds of options to prepare this unique treat! Today prawns will appear on the table! The prize pool in this round is 6 STEEM!

How to take part in the FOODspedition?

➡ In the comment show us a picture of the prawn dish that comes from your country.
➡ Write its name and describe it briefly.
➡ In the comment, add also its estimated value in your currency, US dollars and STEEM.

Important! If you are using an image that you are not the author please enter its source. I will check the entries and if the author does not provide the source of the photo or description he uses will be disqualified.

Members of the FOODspedition, who will take photos or prepare the whole dish on their own, have a much more chance to win a prize. 😉

What you can win?

From your comments I will choose and award three, in my opinion, the most interesting entries, and the authors will receive prizes! In the prize pool of that round we have 6 STEEM!

How to make an entry?

I will show you this on the example of a fantastic dish I tried in Thailand!

Name: Spicy Shrimps with Pinnapple
Country: Thailand
Price: 60 BHT / 1.88 USD / 2.20 STEEM

Info:These shrimps are so fresh that you can feel their sweetness! Chilli, ginger and lime create a unique character of the dish, which contrasts beautifully with the sweet pineapple. This is one of the dishes that you will remember for a long time.

And now it's time for your entry!
Show us the prawn dish that comes from your country in the comment!

Good luck & have fun!

If you love good food, like me, resteem this post! Thanks to this we will see more delicious food from all over the world. 🌏

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Name: shrimp with rum
Country: Venezuela
Price: 6$/ 20000bs/ 12 Steem


If there is something that I really like, it's the shrimp, my family is from a coastal city, so my parents know how to cook them very well, a recipe that my mother has long ago is "rum shrimp" which consists of cooking shrimp Quick with butter, garlic and rum, on the other hand, make a sauce with butter, garlic, cilantro or parsley, salt, pepper and rum.

Personally I recommend that you use "Gold rums"

Name: Rompe Colchón
Country: Venezuela
Price: 5 $ / 15000bs / 11 Steem

This dish is well known for being an aphrodisiac delicacy for its revitalizing properties, since seafood is the fundamental basis of its preparation.
In this case the shrimp but if it can be done with varieties and is also very exquisite.
Much sought after in beaches and in the eastern regions of our country is well known and almost everyone prepares it either to sell or to dislike.


Pictures taken from my Samsung on7

Name: Spicy garlic buttered Shrimps, paired with sour-creamed baby potato and sweet corn or special fried rice

Country: Philippines

Price: 100-120 pesos / 1.9 USD / 4.26 steem as of march 27 2019

Info: this is the most in demand order in our office and other contact centers here in Cebu, Philippines. Cooked with love by my partner, we deliver packed food once or twice a week, or depending on the availability of fresh shrimps, i only buy directly from fish ports to guarantee freshness.

A spicy garlic buttered shrimps and sour-creamed baby potato are the usual orders, we just prepare fried rice as well for those who prefers rice.

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Name: Fregola con gamberi e cozze (Fregola with prawns and mussels)
Country: Italy 🇮🇹
Price: 12€/13.50$/30 Steem

Info: Italy is really famous all around the world for pasta. There are a lot of kind of pasta in Italy and this one (fregola) comes from Sardinia. I think that it is unique and beautiful in particular with seafood!! I hope you like the colours of this dish, because this one was cooked by my mum (I would like eating this dish some months ago, but I understand that the right time is now!).
The prawn is very important to give an amazing taste to fregola and also the read Is very important to underline what is the main character inside. I want to taste it and I want to feel the sea. I love to eat this kind of pasta with the spoon, because I want to catch so muny things.
I ate some hours ago this dish and I would like to eat it a second time now!!!😋

Thank you @the.foodini for your contest and have nice weekend!

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