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RE: Miss. Delicious #78 : Silks Palace at National Palace Museum, Taipei!

in #food5 years ago (edited)

Magnificent scrumptious delicacies!

Wow! For once that I can catch you on my time, it is a delight to come across your high quality post. This place would be heaven for me, as you know I am a foodie too, and would probably die from food ecstasies overindulgence! Your post is very convincing.

Thanks again for your presence among us, keep your beautiful smile, thrive on and namaste :)


missed you a lot eric-boucher, I will do my best to post more frequently at this time to catch you! :)

Your warm heart radiates all the out out here, thanks a bunch for this very very kind gesture. I look forward to reading more of your beautiful postings, I missed you too.

Namaste :)

steemit still censoring me.... fuck this platform telling everyone not to buy steem

hey! you are so cute

Thanks sweetsssj

love you♥

Delicious! Taiwan!!!
the food in taiwan is WOW , you can't imagine the feeling being there
here is some of the food i like most ,but after i finish writing this comment ,i have to go and eat something cause it really makes me hungry 😌

This looks scrumptious! Thanks for sharing, namaste :)


Yummy!!!! Looks like Singaporean/ Malay style crab ?

That's absolutely delectable looking. I miss these foods already!

Awesome I am always having this food for my entire life

Wow so sweet and delicious seafood I love it so much Thanks for sharing this @rinaalone

I want to go this amazing place...

Very Warm place and very warm kind of beautiful post. thanks for this it's really amazed me and predictable, I enjoy reading this. I will surely following to your blog. have a sweet day ahead.@sweetsssj

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