An Indian Doughnuts called "Balushahi" !!

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The soft sweet "Doughnuts" is very popular in many countries. A type of confection dessert easily been made at home or bought from bakery shop. Quite similar in line with Doughnuts , Indians prepare a sweets called "Balushahi".


Deep fried, and soaked in sugar syrup It is one of the traditional, royal sweets originated from Indian subcontinent. It is primarily one of the easiest sweets that takes less effort and ingredients to prepare.

To make it locally or at home, following items are required :

  • Refined Flour
  • Baking Soda
  • Sugar ( to make sugar syrup)
  • Ghee.
  • Cinnamon Powdee

While the ingredient list is very few, the cooking time is also less and easy. To start the making process, all the ingredients i.e Refined Flour, Baking Soda, few quantity of Ghee and Cinnamon powder* were kneaded softly. Soft kneading is required to have it more crisper.
Then small round ball shapes were made, and pressed at the centre with the thumb, to flatten it a bit.


Then these flattened balls were carefully placed one by one into hot oil or ghee for deep frying. Make sure do not hurried up as the oil may splitter on you. So placing it from sideways is better choice.


Let them to deep fry, untill it turned into dark brown balls. Keep stiirring the balls from time to time just to make sure, it won't get over fry. In the meantime, you can prepare "Sugar Syrup" in another utensil. I belive , it is most easy way, by making sugar and water to boil for few min.

Once the Sugar Syrup is ready , and also the white balls fried and turned brownish. We will take them out and soaked them into the Sugar Syrup.


After soaking properly into Sugar Syrup and leaving it for few minute, our Balushahi sweet is ready to eat.


The shines on top of each piece is due to the Sugar Syrup, making it more sweeter to cherish. It is our local Doughnut but been flovoured a lot. Quite durable for longer time and not easily get stale, many people wants to have it at home and also been used as gifting during marriages in large quantity.

Hope the Indian sweetness shared, gives you a sweet flavors for long.

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that is social media..dont understand this..


I didn't understand ? What. Do you mean

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oh my....these look so tasty. Now its time for breakfast :) I'll have to try these some time! Thanks for sharing @steemflow!


Ahhh for sure would love to see how it goes along....thanks for the lovely comment


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Wow, interesting desserts! From the first photo, I had thought that they were mushrooms! Hope to try some of them in the near future... I don't think I'll make them, but there are Indian and Nepalese takeways near us... perhaps that will have them!


Ohhhh sure do try out....hopefully the Indians mudt be aware of is of good sweet let me know of your exp.

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These look very good and easy to make. Thanks for sharing your traditional style of donuts with us. I might have to try this and show off to guests for something different!


Hahaha....sure would love to see how it goes...and how you taste them....looking forward to it 👍

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The Indian Doughnut :)
Just as sweet or maybe even sweeter ;p
Thank you for sharing the recipe


I would say more sweeter...after getting deeped into the Sugar Syrup for long it get more tastier...hope to see you cookinh

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Donut! I think those would taste as deliciously as you describe. I like watching donuts being made, too.

We also have the Russian look like sweet donuts! They look like rings and fried in oil, and then sprinkle with powdered sugar ) Thank you for the story about the national Indian sweetness. That's interesting!

These sure Mother would fry us donuts when I was a child. I can remember watching her in the kitchen. The difference was instead of soaking them afterward she would put them in a paper bag and shake white powdered sugar on them. :)

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i wonder what those taste like .. Btw what is Ghee ??

Those look delicious. We have been making lots of Indian food lately, so perhaps we will try this recipe. I'm sure our kids will like it too.

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Oh sure...would love to know how the kids find is a good delicious to keep at home for longer time too .....,👍

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