My Huel Experience

in food •  2 months ago  (edited)

After reading @meesterboom’s ‘review’ of Huel I was simply dying to try some of this amazing weight loss powder.


Flavoursome descriptions of ‘old animal sperm’ and ‘briny contents swilling about like that water that they kill chickens in’ were enticing me more, and after a new skinny looking contractor started working next to me proclaiming that he ‘doesn’t eat’, that was just the last straw!

Last year I took to using another powder based named ‘Forever Living’ and got really used to having no evening meal over time.


This stuff tasted really nice mixed with milk but the ingredients and vitamins seemed to be less than what I should have been consuming

I duly ordered a starter pack of Huel directly from the manufacturer's website for £40.50 which gave me the following items.



This is a subscription only deal but you can cancel this anytime, you just need to remember to do so or more of the stuff will be delivered in a month and you will be charged again.


Aside from being able to boast openly about Huel with the incredible t-shirt, I should really let you know my thoughts on the product.

They advise to substitute one meal from your three a day to start and work up to not eating at all.

Side effects are bloating and excessive farting. I did feel the bloating and @bingbabe can attest to the latter problem of flatulence. You don’t get oat and organic flavour farts either, its still the usual bad egg variety.



A ‘meal’ costs £1.45 per which compared to 'real food' is cheap, plus its vegan. There’s none of the horrid meat for the veggie types.

The Taste

I tried both the ‘Berry’ and ‘Vanilla’ both with water and milk and prefer to mix it with the latter. THREE scoops of Huel in the supplied container amounts to around 500 calories mixed with water thus 1500 a day which is very good going.

The milk which is semi-skimmed (in my case) will add more calories but it really depends if you can muster the stuff with water.


I found it hard to dissolve with THREE scoops in milk but fine with water. This leaves an unpleasant powdery taste in your mouth so I reduced the amount to 2.5 scoops with milk.

TIP: Add the milk or water before the power else half of it sticks to the base of the container.

It is quite palatable both with water and milk but as a food substitute, I can only manage to replace food at a maximum 2 out of the 3 meals.


While I prefer Vanilla to Berry I have also tasted the Chocolate Mint courtesy to yet another contractor I work with who is now on Huel.


That stuff was nice and I would likely order some if I was to order any more.


The Berry tastes like Strawberry Yoghurt and is a little to sweet for me while Vanilla is my favourite.

Today I will be having delicious Berry for lunch and luxurious Vanilla for my evening meal. Bet you are all so jealous aren’t you?


Just look at that Huel container filled with Berry juice. You know you want to ditch that juicy steak and throw yourself at the … er.


Why they supply bottles that make the liquid look like diarrhoea is quite beyond me?

TIP: When you have consumed your Huel, clean out the bottle right away or you will be cleaning out concrete later.

Despite my not so great review of Huel, it’s actually OK but I doubt I will be re-ordering any more; if I do it will be to try some different flavours possibly some time in the future.


Some trial packs would be nice Huel, instead of making the customer dish out for the full works; Food for thought?



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I am a carnivore.

I am also a person who can fart on a plain water fast. Though my farts smell like Unicorn poop. The people selling the rainbow ice cream are crazy, the stuff smells awful!

Ahahahaha. That's a fun and honest review. If it's all the same I'll not be teeing up an order today.

Thanks for a fun read. I hate those skinny people that say stupid stuff like "I just forgot to eat lunch".


Carnivore myself @bigtom13, but I need to lose this tum.. its getting bad.. I'm mean bad.. its sticking out like ...


Well... not quite so bad perhaps..


OMG! Just ... OMG!


Yeah, its got even bigger lately, I cant fit through doors now and need to be hoisted through windows at work with a private crane. :)

lol love your analysis. There have been sooooooo many "magic drinks" to help us lose weight. I have tried many of them myself over the years...they all seem to taste okay but never seem to do the trick. So will you buy more? Or train to run the next marathon with your wife? ;)


Unlikely I will buy more, the taste is not good enough for me in this case. The verdict is still out on the weight loss, though I'm not taking enough of it to realise this properly.

I think the name sounds a bit too close to "Huey". I'll stick to my green smoothies. I'd be interested to know if anyone has actually lost weight/got healthier after going on a Huel diet (she says, while munching a packet of crisps).


The skinny dude at work barely ate anything. He's left now but I saw pics of him in the 'fat days' and it seems to have worked for him.

I kept inadvertently wafting the aroma of chips into his nose and he caved after a while hehe..


Cruel! Lol... probably didn't do him much harm.

I don't think I could do it. A lot of times they put artificial sweeteners in those things to keep the calories down and I just can't handle the funny taste they give everything. My wife just got some organic protein powder and it has that same funny taste to me...

Sweet Jesus, I hope my intermittent fasting project will succeed. Anything but this! Good luck man!

yuck... I'd rather be fat than drink that stuff!


LOL, sometimes my imagination runs away with me :)


runs away with me

is that a diarrhoea pun?


It wasn't intended as one, but could be construed that way!

I have a protein shake every trainingssession, I do recognize the farting hahaha

We've thought about trying Huel, hut haven't gotten around to it! You make it sound very "enticing". We used to regularly buy Shakeology (another meal replacement powder), it tasted great and was super nutritious. But downside was it was pretty expensive, so we've stopped now.

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very "enticing".

LOL, I'm sure I do..., as a food substitute it's cheap but one week in and I'm getting a little tired of the taste. The Forever Ultra Vanilla tastes a lot better.

Is the prize really worth the pain. Sometimes that is what I have to ask myself!


I'll jump on the scales this morning and see, the jeans don't seem to be tighter or looser... yet.

We ordered it once...

haha Huel or Steak. Hmmm.

I haven't heard of that brand before! I love that it comes with a free Tee-shirt..

I usually like those nutrition powders. Of course I am weird. A friend of mine ordered a case of that Soylent stuff a couple of years ago when it came out. It sat in the box for like 8 months until I came over and started to drink it.

I think it's funny because they bought the stuff, but then thought the idea of it was too gross to consume. It didn't bother me, though! I don't know about 'living off of it' as the packaging suggests.


I think Soylent was the original one that this has been born from. I'm still taking it but just once a day now, I guess the weight will need to come off slower.

You can ate all around you with slimming world ! I think I might actually be eating more than it ever did and weight is dropping off . Sins sins sins . They saw never go on a diet which is unsustainable. Drinking diarria for life doesn’t sound good. Back in roman times a belly was considered a six pack


I think I might actually be eating more than it ever did and weight is dropping off

You will need to share the secret then...

Back in roman times a belly was considered a six pack

That depends if you were a spectator or a gladiator!

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Oh lord, that's the stuff!! Look at it. It's fetid!! And you are eating it!!!


It's somewhere between drinking and eating. Perhaps a mixer might help get rid of some of this bits? I'm sure the Huel people are going to love these comments if they happen to glimpse this :)


Hahahaha!! They will be. They will be getting all sorts of web traffic going to Steemit!

I tried it as well and also JOYLENT... for me the second has more variety

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Thanks, I wasn't aware of this one.

It does like like a direct competitor.

Forgive me, but where are you going to lose weight from? 😎


I'm one of these closet fatties. I may not look like one but I actually am.
Tipping 12st is just no good and its not getting any better.

I was the skinniest lad in the world at 22, and got the piss taken out of me for being so, but those days are long behind me.

I've not tried any such 'foods', but then I don't really need to lose weight. I just try to have a good variety. I have been changing my diet a little on medical advice, but it's nothing major.


No you definitely don't need to lose weight, and I never thought I would see that day when I needed to do something.

Being a veggie likely helps you a lot and all that running. Running is just for some and not others... sigh.


I have lost a fair bit over the last couple of years. The running must have helped with that as I don't consciously diet.

Check the ingredients.


Haha, Soylent was the original US variety I believe.

Oh man, not my thing!

I'd rather just skip breakfast 16-8 style.

Best of luck with the weight loss, should be easier now its spring.


Yeah its not for everyone. I can manage one a day though I did mention two. It's more psychological than anything to not eat at all. I will see how it goes.

I have always been a fan of Protein drinks as a meal replacement but the amount of competing brands and flavors drives me crazy! I just stick with a couple of known brands.

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I think one a day is all I can manage. I will try two again this weekend buy find it makes me lethargic. Others have said it gives them an energy boost. Wish I was normal sometimes.

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