How to get rid of foot pain !!

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For many reasons, you can feel pain on the feet of a lot of times suddenly. It could be an extra walk, like apparently no reason to understand, and maybe anything else. However, wherever the origin is from, you can release this essential part of the body used for day-to-day activities from severe pain. What do you do Let's know.

1. Water treatment

The treatment of painkiller foot pain can be one of the simplest treatments for you, water treatment. Take two utensils in this case. Keep warm water in one of them and keep warm water just like you can withstand the other. First, dip your feet in the cold water for five minutes at first. Then take a walk for five minutes in hot water. That's right! You will get rid of the pain of your feet. However, by making papermint tea for better results, you can also sink your feet into the leaves.

2. Ball medical

If you feel severe pain in the feet, take a ball. And keep it on the ground and handle the feet on it repeatedly. It's a lot like going to roll. You can also massage three table spoons of sesame oil and three drops of clove oil together and massage it on your feet. This will reduce blood flow to the feet and reduce the pain.

3. Pencil treatment

One of the main ways to keep a whole body from head to toe is to ward them. Have a little athletics. Spend And why should it be dropped in the feet? So for the exercise of the feet, first remove some pencils on the floor. Then remove them. But with the help of toes only. In addition to pencil, you can use a stick or anything else in this case.

4. Wall treatment

This is effective only for the pain of the feet of heels. Basically, not to remove the pain, one of its aim is to adapt to the heel. In this case, while standing on the heels, stand three feet away from the wall. Now make your two hands straight on the wall. Bring the right pellet in front and keep it on the left side. In such a way, you can break the relation of pain on your feet with Hill.


good post about health 👍

yes, helpfull post

I just finally discovered what's wrong with my brain: on the left side there is nothing right and on the right side, there is nothing left.

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