The magic canal, vortex water & the woman of my dreams. Even in my absence my perfect future in France is right on track... ๐Ÿ”†

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This is the patch of land I left my family with in France before departing for a UK film job which will last all Summer.


We were able to manifest the land three months after learning about the Grand Solar Minimum in December 2018. The knowledge came as quite a shock and I changed my entire life plan accordingly. I felt in my core it to be the truth and Sabrina felt it too.

In case you are not familiar with what a Grand Solar Minimum means, check the link above... or if your intuition tells you not to... don't check the link! I really mean that.

I cannot say the knowledge is fun and it seems to me that many of us are being guided perfectly well without any need for understanding the reasons or implications of the changing weather patterns.

The key to maintaining the flow is to get on with growing your own food (or join a community already doing this). And if you can't do this then simply plan for the best possible future you can think of!


Make fiat, buy crypto

If I am to put my roots down next year (here or anywhere!), now is the time to invest in crypto.

So, there wasn't time to do much more than remove some of the grass before I had to leave for my big job in the UK. Those of you who follow my vlog will know exactly how I left it two months ago.

And those of you who don't... well, perhaps you should give it a try! I don't take life too seriously and always keep my films short, sweet & honest.

The MAGICAL canal

It gets super hot in the South of France and often doesn't rain for months. Thankfully there is an 'eternal' glacier in the mountain above us and a cleverly designed canal which weaves its way down providing water all year round for twenty different villages.

I saw the glacier with my own eyes last year in the peak of the summer (it was small but unmistakable) when I walked to the summit of the Canigou (without my shoes on) so that I might feel the ENERGY of this mighty region.

Elevation: 2,785 m

You can just make out our village in the mist, beneath the Canigou.
Screen Shot 20190609 at 09.13.18.png

The canal begins as a river, flowing though unimaginable beauty.


I know this because I have walked alongside it for miles, thanks to a local guide and friend, David.


The river feeds the canal in a number of different places and the canal runs between the villages, usually alongside footpaths, undisturbed & ever-flowing.


Back in the day it would have been used to feed the cattle at points like this one. If you look carefully you can see the date. 1874 is engraved on the drinking trough.

This awesome canal basically delivers water direct to your door, free of charge all year round.

The only downside is that with the advent of modern agricultural techniques (chemicals) the water is no longer drinkable without first running it through a filter. Unless of course, you are situated above the industrial agriculture.

Filters by the way can be made very easily.

Please note I am not suggesting this will necessarily remove all the toxic chemicals but it will clean out harmful bacteria & impurities and is therefore a very useful skill to have.

Personally I believe the age of industrial agriculture is about to see a paradigm shift and agricultural chemicals will become a thing of the past... and our canal will be chemical free again. Just as it once was.

Everything works in cycles, given time.

Water is medicine

As a quick side note while on the subject of water I wanted to let you know that water is best for us when it has been permitted to flow, using the vortex motion usually provided by rivers.


Water stored in bottles or rusty old pipes is clearly not the natural way. It loses the life force our bodies require to thrive at optimum. If you're keen you can make vortex water at home using basic stuff. I will save this info for another post.

There is an elevated point we can drive to (in around 15mins) which provides unpolluted votrex water from a hole in the mountain. Many people do.


I have noticed how they are usually young like us. The older generation here seem brainwashed by their TVs and drink their tap water every day, so only those who are still somehow connected to the old ways or have grown up with the internet stand any chance of breaking free of this matrix.

Back to the magical vortex canal...

Here you can see it running past the village mayor at the top of the village.


There is a little waterfall in the centre of the village which takes it down to the lower level properties.


There isn't a single house in this village which does not have water at it doorstep. The design is so logical.


When the water is done servicing the villages and agriculture it ends up in this reservoir, which powers a hydro electric power station.

Screen Shot 20151105 at 08.59.53.jpg

The most important reason of all for this canal!

It also services the surrounding allotments.

To water our garden it was my intention to use a watering can which would be possible to fill up here. This seemed the simplest method for our first season.

More complex methods I imagined would come later. Solar powered pumps I was thinking!

A warrior soul reminded of her power


Once I was out of the picture Sabrina put on her thinking cap and this is what she came up with.


It is interesting to note how capable & creative she is when she sets her mind to something without anyone there to assist her.

Except these two little cherubs of course ;)




Now that her creation is complete, to water the garden all she has to do is lift a carefully placed piece of slate so that the canal water can follow the channels she has created, doing all the watering in a matter of minutes.

In the hot summer months having this system is going to save us so much time & energy, leaving more for playing with the kids!


Here is Sabrina guiding Esteban & Luna into the perfect future.


When we first met on that bus in Thailand I sensed her warrior spirit and fell in love with it!

But now I know there is so much more to her.

And she is the perfect person for me, our children & our Mother Earth.

Thank you Universe for guiding us together in the way you did!

Onward & UPward ๐ŸŒฟ

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what a beautiful celebration of you beautiful Partner, this really warmed my heart Sam and I loved that video as well. And yes water is medicine, I drink water from the springs and feel so lucky to have access to water that is bursting forth with vitality. The watering system is very similar to what we have in Spain, over here it is called the acequia and it is free also, I just done a post about my gardens and you can see how I direct the water into my gardens. Great minds and all. Be well my friend xxx

I wrote this one for her. And having done it, I realise now that I must write more about how awesome she is!

Love how we posted about our similar gardening watering systems at the same time. No such thing as coincidence ;) We are connected now.

Something else I just thought of.... Portugal keeps coming up for me. Time and time again. Like, multiple times a day! Feel like the Universe is telling me to go there. Sooner rather than later.

A man who celebrates his amazing woman? Wow - we LOVE that!! I didn't know you met on a bus in Thailand!! :) Love her very logical woman's way.

please come and write under the #ecotrain tag sometime! x

She thinks in a very different way to me. I would say less with her logic and more with her woman's intuition. But she is still learning to trust this inner voice. I keep telling her how amazing she is but am not sure she believes me yet! In time she will.

And yes! I love her very much, warts and all ;)

And that 4h ride between Chaing Mai & Pai served as a perfect winding road to a new life.

I'm going to add in #ecotrain as a tag now if you think it's relevant?

its definitely relevant! Beautiful post, just Love what you are doing!! These movies are really professional too, im just learning so this is inspiring to see.. awesome post thank you for sharing!

Hi there @eco-alex :)

Am so pleased to see you under this post. Now that I am firmly on this mission I feel as if I will have more to offer your community. The end goal is an eco-community, permaculture & so much more...

I will do my best to interact more on discord. No doubt there are plenty of people in your community I could learn a thing or two from.

All the best to you my friend & keep on going with those videos. It is such a joy to document life in this manner!

Yes, it's relevant. Come and check out all the amazing posts under created/ecotrain - I lead the manual voting trail and would love to see more eco-green posts from you. :)

What a gorgeous post and celebration of your love for Sabrina. She clearly is a wonder woman! You are so blessed. What an idyllic part of the world. Being close to moving water is really a bonus and to be able to easily water your own food is priceless. I loved this post.

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I realised after writing this I don't tell her enough how amazing I think she is! When I do tell her, I don't think she believes me. Years of being told otherwise tends to have that effect.

Women are guided by Mother Earth in a way which men can never be, though for the most part men have been able over the years to blind women from this truth.

Sabrina is starting to remember now who she really is... and it is such a joy to witness this.

I am but her humble servant.

Keeping that river flowing ;) x

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Love your style ;)


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