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RE: The magic canal, vortex water & the woman of my dreams. Even in my absence my perfect future in France is right on track... 🔆

in #food3 years ago

A man who celebrates his amazing woman? Wow - we LOVE that!! I didn't know you met on a bus in Thailand!! :) Love her very logical woman's way.

please come and write under the #ecotrain tag sometime! x


She thinks in a very different way to me. I would say less with her logic and more with her woman's intuition. But she is still learning to trust this inner voice. I keep telling her how amazing she is but am not sure she believes me yet! In time she will.

And yes! I love her very much, warts and all ;)

And that 4h ride between Chaing Mai & Pai served as a perfect winding road to a new life.

I'm going to add in #ecotrain as a tag now if you think it's relevant?

its definitely relevant! Beautiful post, just Love what you are doing!! These movies are really professional too, im just learning so this is inspiring to see.. awesome post thank you for sharing!

Hi there @eco-alex :)

Am so pleased to see you under this post. Now that I am firmly on this mission I feel as if I will have more to offer your community. The end goal is an eco-community, permaculture & so much more...

I will do my best to interact more on discord. No doubt there are plenty of people in your community I could learn a thing or two from.

All the best to you my friend & keep on going with those videos. It is such a joy to document life in this manner!

Yes, it's relevant. Come and check out all the amazing posts under created/ecotrain - I lead the manual voting trail and would love to see more eco-green posts from you. :)

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