Climbing Mount Canigou barefoot - film & pics

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It has long been a dream of mine to stand on the summit of this mountain at 2,784m which overlooks the village in which we are currently living. Two days ago I achieved my dream and now you can enjoy the experience with me by clicking on the above image, which I recommend because the video does it far more justice than the pictures.

In the morning we were driven by 4X4 to a starting point at 2,000m.
snap (8).jpg

This is my guide David, a friend who lives locally. He has climbed the mountain three times already and wasn't too happy about my desire to do the walk without shoes so to avoid any stress I kept them on for the first part of the day.
snap (9).jpg

Here he is telling me I am mad, because I have just taken them off!
snap (10).jpg

The view was consistently spectacular and the ground was very forgiving under my feet.
snap (11).jpg

I've not worn shoes for five years so the experience of doing this barefoot simply cannot be understood by those who wear shoes every day.

Why don't I wear shoes?

Part of it is because my feet feel horribly uncomfortable when they are enclosed and part of it is because humans are bio-electric beings and we are earthed when we are barefoot. Plastic soled shoes insulate us from our natural voltage and there is something much deeper too, which is difficult to explain.

Clinton Ober (the creator of many earthing products) says it best:

It helps align us with the greater network of intelligence of our planet Ober

snap (12).jpg

Without wanting to call conspiracy, the peak of this mountain looked suspiciously like a man made pyramid structure with visible ridges between the sides. Personally I believe humans have been walking this great playground much longer than we are currently taught and the ancient cultures were quite fond of their pyramids. See my article here for more on this subject.
snap (13).jpg

Towards the top the ground became less easy to walk on but still enjoyable enough.
snap (14).jpg

Look... still smiling!
snap (15).jpg

Amazed to see this man doing the climb with his dog!
snap (17).jpg

Once you can see the summit, there is a renewed sense of energy and I was able to run in places despite being very out of breath.
snap (18).jpg

What an awesome feeling it was at the top. You will see in the film I was speechless. Which is rare!
snap (19).jpg

My feet felt great 👣
snap (20).jpg

There was a cross at the summit. And lots of Catalan flags.
steem mountain.jpg

The walk felt much easier on the way down.
snap (22).jpg

We spotted my blood on a rock and only at this point did I become aware I had cut my foot on the way up! No big deal. It was just a scratch.
snap (24).jpg

The clouds rolled in fast shortly before we made it back to base camp and it suddenly became cold & wet, making me feel very grateful for the timing of our journey.
snap (23).jpg

All in all it was a really enjoyable day and I would love to do it again, next time with my family who have already had a taste for this kind of thing in Bali when we climbed Mount Batur, the 2nd biggest volcano on the island.


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