How to Cook Crispy French Fries (An Original Recipe and Photoshoot)

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“The French fried potato has become an inescapable horror in almost every public eating place in the country. 'French fries', say the menus, but they are not French fries any longer. They are a furry-textured substance with the taste of plastic wood.”
― Russell Baker

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat fries too often (that’s the reason I don’t have any deep fryer at home). Maybe once in several months. But when I do, I definitely prefer them made at home, from good potatoes and cooked with fresh oil (have you ever seen the color of oil in fast food restaurants?) So, what it takes to make great crispy french fries? Let’s see!

What you need

  • Potatoes as much as you need;
    (The pros recommend Russet Burbank or Maris Piper (follow the link for more great instructions how to choose the best potatoes);

  • Vegetable oil (refined, several quarts);
    (In my humble opinion, sunflower oil is the best for cooking the fries, some recommend corn oil, grapeseed or groundnut oil, but I really wouldn’t recommend olive oil or canola);

  • Kosher salt or coarse sea salt.


Peel and rinse the potatoes (if these are thin skin you may want to leave the skin).

Cut each potato lengthwise into halves, then cut each part lengthwise again into oval disks and cut each disk into uniform sticks (4-5).

Put the sticks into the bowl and cover with cold water and let them soak from 20 minutes up to a night. Note: if you are really hungry you may skip this part, just rinse them several times with fresh cold water, draining after each rinse. Put the sticks on a paper towel and let them dry for some time.

Preheat the deep pot or frying pan with an inch of oil and put the potato sticks in it. If your frying pan allows add at least 2 inches of oil, so you can cook more fries at once. That’s perfect if you are able to set the temperature to 300-330F (150-165C), if not just preheat the oil with medium-high heat and fry the sticks for 4-5 minutes, until they become soft.

After 5 minutes take them out and drain the fries on a paper towel. Increase heat to 400F (200C) or the highest heat, put them into the frying pan again and cook them until they are golden brown (another 4-5 minutes). Alternatively, if you don’t want them too much crispy, you may skip the last part and just cook them until they are golden brown.

Drain on fresh paper towels, serve (don’t forget some vegetables for a healthier look) and enjoy!


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The most important part is removing them from the oil, and then putting them back in when the oil has reheated. This makes them melt in your mouth!

Yep, I have a paragraph about it between the photos.
Thanks for pointing this out, perhaps I should make a better layout :D

Sorry, I did see it, there was nothing wrong with your layout!!! I was merely emphasising thay this was the most important step!

Oh, I see! In fact I've noticed some pictures here looked like crap―I was posting from my laptop (display wasn't calibrated at all), had to redo most of the photos.
Thank you for your comment!

Makes me hungry!

Glad you liked it!
Thanks for the comment :D

I really love eating french fries! This recipe is so tasty! thank's to share it with us! @richman

Me too! Thank you for your comment @audegritt :D

You can't beat home made chips, yum :)

That's true! Thanks :)

So that's the secret, @richman? Baking them in the oven after? Hmm. I will be making these with your mayo. Just formidable in every way imaginable.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Yep, double frying is a good option for crispiness!
In fact I have some twisted taste, so sometimes I prefer my fries crispy outside and a little raw inside.
Sometimes I do them soaking in a egg whites and some flour mixture prior to frying. So, all in all it really depends on taste―there are dozens ways to cook these freedom fries, but that's another story :D
Thanks for your support!

My pleasure. You are a master chef.

Thank you for your kind words, Johanna :D

I will try this with your mayonnaise too. Getting hungry

I'm glad that you liked this post along with the mayo recipe. That was the intent :D
Thanks for your comment!

Ah potato french fries!
I'd like to eat right now!!
Thank for you to share your recipe with us!

Thank you for your comment! Glad you liked my post :D
Cheers and have a great day!

amei esta receita parabéns

Muito obrigado pelo seu comentário!

Man that Photoshoot ! Makes one drool... very nice article, i wonder though which camera do you use ?

Thank you very much!
Canon EOS 20D, pretty old, but still good camera :D

yummie yummie yummmiie

Thank you xD