4 Week Food Challenge

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I decided to go for it!

A few days ago an associate of mine posted this #4WeekfoodChallenge on facebook and she asked her friends and family to join her. Being the health optimist I am, I decided to go for it!

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Now, this isn't the first time I've taken on the challenge of abstaining from junk food and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last. But I felt a sure call to take my friend up on this challenge because quite truthfully I needed a pull in the right direction.

I used to be very health conscious but recently I've kinda actually just took a woosah approach thinking the last thing I needed to stress myself out about is what I'd been eating having been pregnant and all. Sure, it was the best time to be a health nut but the way my mind was set up I just had to breath and bless my food and my baby.

Fast forward to February 2018, close to four months postpartum and let's just say I'm ready to get my body back! Not only am I ready to look down and see no extra "stuff" I am also ready to get my energy up and my mood off the swing. So yeah, this challenge came right on time if you ask me!

Plus if you remember a week or so ago I mentioned starting on a new fitness journey with RI28, Results in 28 days, (you can ready about it here) so I would consider working out and eating better to go hand in hand. With the extra momentum from my girl I feel this is exactly what I needed and may have even manifested with my co-creating self.

Starting this Sunday is the beginning of the 4 week challenge which includes saying no to Ice Cream, Candy, Fried Foods, Chips, Sodas, Fries, Cakes, Donuts, White Bread, Fast Food and (my weakness) Cookies!! I'm throwing muffins in there too!

enter image description here

I'll be sure to keep you guys posted. Feel free to join in with us and be sure to use the tag #4weekfoodchallenge when you post. This way it'll be easier for everyone to follow along and encourage each other!

Now, let me go fry this chicken and make these brownies lol MUAH

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Good Luck! :) Some of these items I do not eat so it would be easy for me to do. Although I cant do the challenge as I am a baker. I can't not eat cakes. Im not a fan of donuts so I'm good with that. I also work at a restaurant so not eating fried foods make it difficult when I work through supper without eating. A fry here and there helps control the hunger when I am too busy lol. I hope you get good results in your challenge. Maybe see if there are other steemians that would like in on the challenge ^_^


Thanks! That's a great idea to invite others to join along. ... I recruited my sister and my niece =D I do agree it may be a bit easier for me to just jump in because of my current eating habits plus fasting and being a vegan in the past. I just remember having to always keep snacks on me because the hunger pangs were no joke!

But yeah, im eating pizza now, just baked some brownies and have some french fries in the freezer i may take hold of before the clock strikes 00:00! :P

I may have to start monday not sure because my family does dinner this sunder . ... it should be fine though because it isn't junk food =0)

Maybe next time I'll engage some people on the discord channels. .. I haven't gotten too familiar with it all just yet. Happy Saturday (:


I think a few people will be on board for sure. Sometimes people just need the right motivation to get going ^_^


Is there like a discord channel for health or something?!? 🤔 how would u suggest i get the word out?!? Including a snippet in my comments is all i can think about


I dont know if there is on Discord. I haven't even found a way to talk to other people aside from the group im in. I would suggest looking on Steemit for other people doing food challenges or just on a diet. Then follow and comment on their posts. Get yourself known to them and then create the challenge for the people or talk to someone about the challenge in that category, saying what you are planning on doing and do it with them. It is about knowing the right people sometimes.

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