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So when I'm not making food, or working my butt off on Steemit, I like to kidnap my husband and go get a bite to eat. It's not often that we both have a Friday afternoon off, and this past Friday we both did. The sun was shining and it was a lovely day, so we decided to take a stroll down the road to the busy Kloof street, where there are loads of restaurants and bars.


Hehe, that actually reminds me of the ad for our old apartment. Our landlord had advertised our flat as "close to trendy wine bars". More like a rowdy bar where cocaine covers every surface. I always remember thinking "what wine bars?". I always wondered about that. She made the apartment sound like some high rise loft straight outta Suits. Anyway, I digress.

We stay just a few blocks from one of the trendiest parts of Cape Town, and it took us a few minutes to walk down to where there are loads of restaurants. We were spoilt for choice, pizza, pasta, sushi, a bakery and a yoghurt bar. There's a new kid on the block called "Today and Tomorrow", which belongs to the Yours Truly clan of restaurants. You may remember my review on the Loop Street Yours Truly back in December. They also have a Yours Truly in Long street and a very popular one in Kloof street. So when I saw this new edition, two thoughts crossed my mind.

  • OMG, not another Yours Truly, come on! This one is two stores down from the other one - what are they thinking?
  • They must be doing really well. Let's eat here!

Aah, the psychology of the human mind. 😂😂



After a bit of back and forth we decided to eat at Today and Tomorrow, as it has a beautiful outside area and we felt like soaking up some rays.

The decor is very much like their other stores, with lots of hanging plants and different woods. Today and Tomorrow is set up more like a bistro style cafe, with small two seaters set up for an intimate dining experience. I must say that I really liked the decor of this one, as it is much more upmarket than the Loop street. Steel tables with reclaimed wood create an industrial feeling which is softened by lovely white table cloths, loads of greenery and beautiful proteas on each table. I loved the lighting in the main dining area, as it was a bit modern, but still very cool and hip.



The service was impeccable and our waitress was super friendly and efficient. The gent at the table next to us was rather rude and she handled him so sweetly, yet firmly, that I had to have a little chuckle to myself.

Surprise, surprise, my @morkrock had pizza 😂. He chose the Regina with ham and mushroom, and I decided to have the Beer Battered Fish n Chips with Mushy Peas. The food was as can be expected at a typical Capetonian bistro, simple, tasty, faultless. I must say that while it was all of the above, it was nothing unusual or very special. Maybe I'm just a spoilt Cape Town brat.

The pizza was crispy and wood fired, with lots of mozzarella. I was impressed that the fish was fresh and not frozen, but I did think it was a bit under seasoned. On the other hand, the chips were really good, perfectly seasoned with a good crispy outer shell and fluffy inside. The portion was HUGE and I only managed half of the fish.


I spied a DJ platform decorated with vinyl records, and later found out that it's a Wax Bar - a vinyl only DJ bar, dedicated to special collections of vinyl records. Rolls eyes. Sounds much cooler than I am.


You can see above the beautiful bar they have. I've been there for sundowners, and they also sometimes have live music which is lovely. Here's a shot I took a few years ago when I was there at night. I loved the fairy lights so much

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 22.48.50.png

I had a lovely time and really enjoyed the chilled vibes. Good food, good service and a super chill vibe. Thumbs up!


Address: 71 Kloof Street

Nr: 021 422 0175



8am - 12am


8am - 2am


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@princessmewmew Very elegant place, you deserve a moment to unwind and to have a great meal. Uh you seem to be english eating fish and cheaps jajajja

thank mamazita! We have many British influences here, as South Africa was a British colony until sometime in the '60's. So lots of fish n chips, lots of Victorian architecture, and lots of people who can only speak English, and no other language!

Looks so delicious! Stunning atmosphere, I love the fairy lights too. You need to kidnap your hubby more often...lol...hugs to you girl , great post!

thank you mam! I have missed your face, you have been scarce!

On discord yet? x

I am pretty sure I have the discord now how do I find you to message you?...lol

One of my favourite past times, getting out and trying out different restaurants. This sounds really cool. I had some of the best fish when in Cape Town.

it is fun, isn't it! It's so funny, as I live here, right by the ocean, but we almost never eat fish, as I don't like frozen, and the only place near us that has fresh is PicknPay which we never go to! meh!!

I really like the decor of the restaurant. The tables have a nice touch with the wood surface trimmed by the pattern. I think I could enjoy those plates for sure. Did you guys do the order two meals and share? We always do that. Too much fun. I have to ask. You made a reference to Suits. Are you referring to the show? If so, do you love it as much as we do? It is amazing!!!! We were so excited when we learned that Meagan Markle was going to marry the prince. Our own Suits girl.

hahahah! Your every comment makes me giggle, because

  • Mork don't share

  • I did like Suits very much when it came out, but I have found the last few seasons so plastic and fake, like, ooh, what's around this corner? DRAMAMAMAMA, that's what!

haha again, and thank you for always supporting me x

This place looks so amazing I love the plants and wood, it has a very new 70's feel, kind of cool.

I know I've said it before, but I love food porn. No carbs means I REALLY love looking at pizza , fried fish and chips! mmm

The lights in the ceiling are so amazing with the amount of them.

I love the picture of your local covered in cocaine, hilarious.

hehe, it is true, though! I only speak the truth, Donna! x

I will aim to make some more food porn for you soon!

When we spends our time with our loved one those moments are most memorable and the most beautiful and important in our life.
Enjoy dear Mam.🙂

so true my dear friend!

I dont know how you find the time to do all you do on Steemit, glad you got to have a bit of a break with your hubby

Landlords can be so creative with there descriptions can't they

That looks a lovelyt place for a break and a nice meal

I don't know either! But you know, it definitely comes down to priorities, Steemit is #1 for me, so I definitely have to make the time!

You should know - you're just as active if not more!

@princessmewmew I am not where near as active as you I think with your presence also in Discord channels and groups, but I think we are both good active members at least :)

mew to the mew
beautiful place, anything with lots of green is up me alley!

thanks battle butt! I love flying llamas.

flying ket.gif

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I have to visit this place😉😘😃

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