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You know me, I love food and eating out. When my mom-in-law came for lunch this weekend and wanted to go to lunch, I jumped at the chance to go to one of my favourite places in Cape Town - The Waterfront.

You may remember I spoke about Tasha's a few months ago (here) and I was excited back then to learn about the Tasha's concept - each restaurant has it's own theme, the one I visited last year was Art Deco themed, with lovely green marble and brass details.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 6.27.13 PM.jpg

The Tasha's at The Waterfront is Spanish inspired, with beautiful terracotta details, cane furniture and an epic tapas menu, which I of course sampled!



The Waterfront is one of the places to visit when one is in Cape Town. A lot of shops and restaurants have their flagship stores there, and if your shop is there, you know you've made it. I love going there, to shop, to eat and to meet friends. It's also one of the most beautiful areas of Cape Town, right on the ocean, with many luxury hotels and palm trees every where.


I was, like last time, taken aback by the attention to detail in the decor. It is a STUNNING restaurant, with load of polished marble, copper accents and the most beautiful sweets counter.





NOW, for the important thing! THE FOOOD.


I ordered four small plates, of which the waitress was quite worried would not be enough for me! I was super full after the meal and definitely could have omitted one of them.


The Most Delicious Octopus and Fennel Salad


Super Fresh Hake Goujons


I cannot tell you how amazing these breaded cauliflower pieces were!


Super Crispy Matchstick Fries


All of my dishes!

My hubs @morkrock had his standard English Breakfast, and momma bear had a chicken and lemon quesadilla, which both were delicious.



I was impressed by the service too. The staff were super on the ball, and really friendly.

We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the decor (me) and the food (everyone!)

Does my review make you want to eat there? Or would you like to go to see the beautiful decor? Are you a decor junkie like me? Let me know if the comments


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Wont believe but ive never been to the waterfront.





I know @morkrock would say "just fine!" hehe

It's very cosmopolitan and totally rich bitch Cape Town territory, but I love it.

We will take you to Mitchell's for a lekker brewski if you ever visit us xx


I need to get myself to CT soon, now got two reasons to force this trip into my planning.

Greetings, I hope my children take me the mothers day to a place like that, hehehe, although they are the best and with respect to the food it looks delicious and very original, should it be expensive? thanks for placing this type of post, I'm still a child for your great content.

Wow @princessmewmew that looks exquisite all the way around. Decor, food, ambiance ..etc..etc..

Thank you for sharing :)


Thanks my guy! It was really a great lunch out x

That looks so delicious! Could you please pass the breaded cauliflower? Yum!


Yes, it was my fave actually!

I like this one , like a Paratha in India, that has toping inside of bread?


yes, very similar. It's traditionally a Mexican dish, called a quesadila - queso = cheese :)

WoW... What an amazing place. The food looks incredibly delicious. The inside of the restaurant looks amazingly comfortable and the landscape is just breath-taking. Thank you so much for sharing @princessmewmew. Upvoted and shared.


Thank you very much, I really appreciate this

Oh Too good to be true! Your photos are amazing and yes, it makes me wanna eat here! Especially now, I am hungry as hell!

The interior of the restaurant is simply amazing.. I love the mix of old and a bit modernish.


I was just going to comment on the interior. I feel like that is equally as important as the food. Rustic but modern for sure. Pairs with the food incredibly well.


I agree. The decor and make or break a place for me. Average food, amazing interiors and service? ok.

Bad food, bad decor? Never again!


yeah me too! Loved it. thanks for the support xx

Got so hungry after looking at you photos and reading the review @princessmewmew, you can’t imagine ;) I am starving. All the plates you have ordered must have been very tasty.

I also like when decorations are nice. It is almost like it gives the food a better taste. I also admire and respect restaurants, in which tge restrooms are tidy. Restrooms are not an obvious part of the restaurant, but if it is neat than most probably the rest of the restaurant will be good as well. Found this rule of thumb for myself. ;)


hehe, they were really lovely!

I agree with you about the restrooms - some nice soaps, creams and flowers and you're good in my book x

wow, but how beautiful this post, I hope to visit more sites so that they post on your blog, also your mother should be satisfied hehehe, I would love to go to such a place and in the capes, that said to be able to visit that, but you know What impressed me is the octopus salad? you can describe its flavor I am interested, greetings that I really love, I really like it.



hi @calitoo! Thank you for trying so hard with your comment. My mom loved her meal, thank you

I don't know what you mean by in the capes - do you mean Cape Town?

The octopus salad had fennel (hinojo) in it, which gave it a liquorice (regaliz) like taste, and it had a mayonnaise dressing, which was really lovely

Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate it


It's an attempt that I make, excuse me hehehe, it's the city of cabo, besides how nice that flavor would be. Your contribution of truth seemed very good to me.

Holy Cow! What a place! Visually stunning to say the least. I just love the flower pot (terracotta) lighting. Incredible touch.

And the food looks terrific, all of it. I mean, that's some kind of presentation. Beautiful.

The answer is yes. I'd eat there in a heartbeat.

Thanks for another terrific review.


Me too. I loveeee those pots. Think it adds an amazing splash of colour and a really nice point of interest.

I have always liked the food there, it's very casual, group kinda food.

see you soon!

I’m so jealous of you right now!!! Those dishes look amazing. I would be all over that Octopus Salad. I love the texture of it and that cream sauce looks yummy.

The interior of the restaurant looks very classy and sleek. Next time consider an invite please. 😉


I must be honest 0 the sauce was a bit rich for me, but still delicious.

You need to come visit us here. You guys will die all over our amazing foodie scene

Beautiful pictures! I really enjoyed reading the post!


Thank you! We had a great time x

I won't be surprised if this is a three star Michellin restaurant .Love the cool decor and the food presentation .I hope I get a chance to visit the restaurant.


hmmmm, you got me thinking - I wonder if we have any Michelin starred restaurants here. I can think of one that might be. Will look into that

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My God, this looks so delicious. I love the octopus, the fried potatoes, everything, I would like to be there definitely. I could not look at anything but the food I'm sorry, hahaha I love this type of food, that explains my kilos of more. Hahaha.


haha you make me laugh. I am the same. I have accepted that I will never be a thin girl. It's okay x

Yummy, the place is also looking nice.


thanks so much for your comment!


You are welcome.

I like cape town city but I don't know about African foods.i think this food is very tasty and delicious thanks for sharing


pleasure! These are mainly Spanish dishes btw

@princessmewmew I would like to go to eat those special dishes and to know that splendid place. i want to go to Cape Town and planning to fly to Argentine, visit some friends there and then fly to your town, you make people feel so good with the things you write about it, nice blog


I would love to go to South America too!

Cape town is an amazing place - you will love it!


@princesmewmew don´t miss it Argentine have the best meat in the world, Chile is a paradise


ooh I would love to try a mole steak. I have heard about the amazing barbecues in Argentina.

very nice decoration,,, love this...

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