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If you love to take advantage of the Fall Harvest and the probiotics in fermented foods, you want this recipe.


No kidding!!! My homesteading girlfriend, Mama Maize, shared this basic vegetable fermenting recipe with me a couple of years ago and I couldn't believe how easy it is and how much benefit there is for our Belly Health. Probiotics in your digestive tract are essential to your good health and eating fermented vegetables, made at home is an affordable, delicious and planet friendly way to preserve the harvest AND keep your belly happy. Store bought fermented vegetables cost a ton of money at the health food store.

DIY and reap the rewards for pennies on the dollar.

Step One: Gather the vegetables you want to ferment from your garden, CSA or local grocer. (I prefer organic produce myself).

Step Two: Wash, drain and cut to sizes you want for fermenting.

Step Three: Soak vegetables in large pot of salt water (1 cup salt to 2-3 gallons water) for 12 to 24 hours (put plate or pot lid on top to keep all vegis submerged in salt water, cover with towel and place in pantry or closet.

Step Four: Drain and rinse vegetables. Add spices to mix ie. ginger, garlic, chilis, peppercorns, coriander, etc. (I also add a couple of tablespoons of yogurt whey (watery liquid from draining 1/4 cup yogurt through strainer lined with damp cloth) this adds extra probiotics to kick start the lacto active bacteria.) Mix in big bowl then:

Step Five: Squish into large glass jars or fermenting pot and cover with large cabbage leaf and rock or weight to keep all vegis submerged and covered with liquid. (you can add extra water if you need to to fully submerge vegetables.) Let sit at room temperature for 3 to 7 days depending on your taste. Check everyday and make sure vegetables stay submerged, taste and when it's how you like it, take off the cabbage leaf and put in refrigerator to store and eat regularly for good belly health.


That's it!!!!! You are a vegi fermenter!!!!! Congratulations.

Happy Belly's.... oc

It would be wonderful to hear how YOUR fermenting experience went!!!!


AWESOME.... thank you sooooo much! I am stoked to be included. oc

Thank you for sharing this recipe of yours. :)

I love fermenting my own foods, and I plan on doing some of my recipes here soon. I make fermented ketchup and for my spicy version I use the juices from kimchi to start the ferment.

Though, I think traditionally kimchi has fish and red chili paste in it.

Yes this is not traditional kimchi, that is usually mostly cabbage and chilis. But this recipe is easier and takes advantage of all the harvest abundance of the garden from beets to zucchini. I'de love to see your fermenting recipes, please post them. I will follow you in anticipation..... oc

Thx For Share

Looks much better!, good work :)

Thank you friend.... oc

My neighbor used to keep kombucha brewing on her counter, but I always wondered... is something like that high in natural sugars?

I don't know about the kombucha brewing, I have never tried that, kind of gross and slimy looking, but I know lots of people who swear by it...... thanks for checking in, I hope you try to ferment some vegis for your belly happiness. oc

I actually trid kim-chee for the first time last weekend. Let's just say It was interesting.

Being the "kraut" I am, I always have something fermenting. Right now its green beans. Great instructions!

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