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Hello Steemians,

our destination this time is Singapore, a beautiful country in South East Asia. Singapore has been known as a multicultural country, where East meets West. It is clearly reflected through the culinary culture of this lovely country. It is said that The Lion City is the food capital of Asia but honestly, I like Hong Kong better :P Anyway, I still love Singaporean dishes here and in this post I’ll show you how deep is my love. Here we go!!!
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You should definitely go for a Chicken rice dish when visiting Singapore. I have seen this attracting food in many movies and there is no doubt that I have to write it down in my food checklist. Hainanese chicken rice can be found easily from food stalls to high-end restaurants. I have tried it in three places but I love chicken rice at Tian Tian Hannanese Chicken Rice the most- this eatery was even mentioned and recommended by Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsay.
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Tian Tian Stall
The stall is in Maxwell Food Court – a hawker food court in the heart of China Town. This is one of the MUST-GO food spots for both tourists and locals because all of the local dishes gather here. This place is always crowded with people, of course.
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Long queue at Tian Tian
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Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice
The chicken is extremely soft as if it is melted in your mouth with only one little bite. I don’t know how they can make the chicken soft like that!!!??? Believe me! You can’t resist the appeal of the gorgeous shiny yellow skin. One dish will not be enough, I can eat two dishes if I don’t drink anything lol. I bet the owner has a secret recipe passed down from generation to generation. If I had that recipe, I would run a Hainanese Chicken Rice in Germany ^^
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Steamed Hainanese Chicken

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This name might be familiar with many Steemians, since Din Tai Fung is a very well-known trademark in Asia. The restaurant offers authentic Taiwanese food and is ranked as one of the world’s Top 10 Restaurants by The New York Times in 2010. It is not difficult to find a DIN TAI FUNG restaurant in Singapore since there are more than 20 restaurants all over the country. Here is their signature dish- – Xiao Long Bao (steamed pork dumplings with broth within)
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Juicy fresh crab meat, minced pork wrapped in delicate 18-fold skin
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Special dishes brought by DIN TAI FUNG to celebrate 50th birthday of The Lion City: Chilli crab xiao long baos and Chilli crab steamed buns
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Don’t forget to order this yummy fresh appetizer when you are in this amazing restaurant. It is Oriental salad in special vinegar dressing made from simply ingredients: seaweed, bean sprouts, chilli, beancurd strips and rice vermicell
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Besides Xiao long baos, you gotta have Oriental wantons in black vinegar and chilli oil. I can say that the combination of black vinegar and chilli is perfect.

Honestly saying, I fell in love with all the dishes here. I felt like I was living in food paradise each time I went to Din Tai Fung, it is embarrassing to admit it, but it is true :D
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If you don’t eat chilli crab, you have never been to Singapore because it is considered as one of the Singapore’s National Dishes. To me, the most delicious Chilli Crab is the one in Jumbo Seafood Restaurant.
Chilli Crab @ Jumbo Seafood

The special part of Chilli Crab is its thick smooth sauce with fluffy texture made from chilli and tomato paste, rice vinegar, cornstarch, chopped garlic beaten eggs etc. It is very spicy, isn’t it? Don't be fooled by its name nor by its red appearance because it doesn’t taste as spicy as it sounds. Actually it is lightly spicy, sweet yet savory. The dish is often served with steamed or fried buns and you have to use your hands to enjoy it to the max level ^^
Chilli Crab goes great with fried buns!!! Dip them into the sauce.
I also ordered two appetizers while waiting for Chilli Crab, both of them were nice, too. The first one: fresh jellyfish salad
And the second one is stir-fried mixed mushrooms. There are many kinds of mushrooms but I don’t know their names. However, this tasty-looking dish was great, I like the flavor of XO sauce, such a tempting combination.

I can see that there are quite a few Singaporean Steemians here and I will really appreciate all of your comments. Please recommend some delicious Singaporean dishes so that I can try them next time. There are still several dishes that I want to talk about but my post is long already, so maybe see you guys in my Singapore food journal part 2 ?!
Thank you for reading and commenting. <3<3<3


Mouth watering goodness gracious! How dare you, at this time of the day.... I now have to get out of here and go EAT! Thanks for the scrumptious posting, namaste :)

Have I told you that I love your posts?
Dumplings is something special for me :D

Thanks, if you love dumplings you must try Xia Long Bao, it's just perfect ;)

Sure, it looks fantastic ;D

@mibenkito - is that siopao? I miss that. We could buy it here but frozen and taste different even when you reheat it. I miss Asian food freaking delicious! Its almost 1am on my side of the earth and getting hungry again seeing your post :D

yep it's xiao long bao, and of course frozen ones are not as good as the fresh ones. Have you tried them in Din Tai Fung? my most favorable part of xiao long bao is the soup inside, omg i miss that flavor so bad, there is no DTF in Germany, what a pity :( (

@mibenkito - definitely not.
I miss them fresh out of the steam pot in the food stall and a bit warm you could put it on your cheek and already smell that delicious filling inside. It has that certain smell on the pao - is that what you call the bread? I even used to but just the bread - back when I was in the Philippines. I love the sauce the most. Something about the sauce was very addictive, and back in the Ph we don't just have pork as fillings of siopao we have different sorts. I miss them all.

OMG it 1:14am here and I'm craving for some xiao long bao after reading your comment. I totally agree, the sauce is extremely addictive, it is naturally sweet and the skin of the dumpling is really thin, such a masterpiece.

This makes me want to look for Singaporean food next time I am in either Shanghai or Nanjing. Sadly, I don't think my city (Changzhou) has any.

I'm from Singapore and have eat ALL of these.
Hong Kong is nice but I think Singapore has bigger variety. :-)

Yep, but in Hong Kong the food is pretty traditional, and I just love the street food there, they are very interesting. In general, Asian food is just the best worldwide, isn't it?

Yes, and I was had short stopover at Maxwell Road Food Center yesterday for some bean curd. :-)
Then walk to Chinatown Complex for dinner.

Excellent choice of travel, beautiful photographs, exquisite dishes

tus fotos son fantastico!

Great job!
Welcome to me blog @alex2016

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