Suprise Meal for my Wife the FIlipino Way

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Steemit Friends,

It's been a hobby of myself to surprise my wife after getting off work. But today will be a much exciting day because I cooked her favorite combination for a meal. This is food what Filipino called "Pancit" and "Rice with dried fish". She really loves dried fish which is a complete opposite of some foreigners I know. LOL. I know it would be weird for some but trust me, if you're not used to the smell of dried fish, you will find it very foul. But the catch is, once you get used to it, it's cooking aroma will definitely fill you up from the inside.




And then my wife came, I have no doubt. She rushes in the door as soon as she smells the food. LMAO. She ate it with bare hands.Well, of course, she washes her hands. And she gave me the most satisfying kiss of all time. And you know what happens next. LOL, Anyway, don't forget to follow me guys for more Filipino foods and so you can be familiar with our culture. See yah @leninquiblat

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