Philippines Exotic Food: Balut!

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Hello Steemit Friends,

One of the main bucket lists you should not forget when you visit the Philippines is eating the famous exotic food, "balut". Balut is usually a developing embryo of a duck. It may look gross but its taste is definitely satisfying. Don't forget to take a sip of its delicious soup like from the inside. They said, the watery soup like inside the balut is the emryo's swet. But I don't believe it, it would be hard for me to eat that if I ever think about that. LOLSo how do you start eating a balut by the way? First you need to crack the shell (of course lol) then you take a sip of the balut soup because that is the best part. Once you open it, you may or may not put some salt or vinegar depends on your preference. This food is really good and so rich in protein.




Has anyone here tried balut before? How does it taste like for you? I have asked some foreigners and their comments are not all the same. Some are not happy with it, some of them really like it. If you happen to tried balut before, lemme know your experience. Anyway don't forget to follow me @leninquiblat


I did not taste it. I feel it will be taste like baby duck. Sorry in our country if they got such type of egg boiled they will throw this with afraid.

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