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Thanks for all this! A lot to unpack! Haven't gotten throgh it all, but much of this stuff I've heard. Anyways, avoiding lectins to a degree, veganism, mixture of cooked and raw veggies, "safe" starches, fermented foods, and Kombuch. Trying to mainly avoid fruit some gut issues resolve. Will be doing more research a lot with reading/ watching all of this. Have seen some of vids you put up already.


(Spoiler alert: in the Tips & Tricks section, you'll find something about what to eat when suffering from digestive issues.)

Thanks for that. :)
I'm currently on a diet that recommends consuming protein 3 times a day, by my wholistic doctor. It's low glycemic. It's mostly "vegetables" with a few options for fruit. I'm a bit sceptical, but trying to give it an honest go. Apperently had parasites and bacterial issues. I'm supposedly almost better, but don't feel it. She says I'll probably only have to do it a little longer. I also plan on having more fruits anyways, because I'be heard by another wholistic doctor at that practice I have candida. Same thing came up in a take away sensitivity test. It gave that as a reason for double bakers/ brewers yeast. Will try some of the tips that don't conflict with the list though, and more of the others later.

Well, as I point out later in the article, you don't have to avoid high-glycemic fruits if you don't eat too much saturated fat. Therefore, you can get rid of your candida problem by keeping the saturated fat intake low:

But yeah, I get that you want to try what your doctor told you first ;)

Wow. That is all for now, I have a lot of information to go through here.

Well, have fun ;)

You took a lot of everything into this post about a topic a lot of people love to hate. A couple of the youtube videos/their providers I have seen myself in the past.

I lived Vegan for a while just to try out how I would react to it and it was okay. I was interested in a fruitarian lifestyle and it has a lot of interesting points too.

Overall, nutritional science feels like a seasonal thing where we learn about new/different things all the time. Couple years ago, fasting was considered wrong and dangerous by many, these days, it's popular.

I even lived on a vegan ketogenic diet for a while just to try it out. It was interestesting.

I am not saying that a certain style of living and eating is the correct one because I wouldn't know that 100%. What I can say s that upping the amount of vegetables has been overall good for me even though I have to find more ways to make me enjoy eating them.

I totally get why nutritional science feels like a seasonal thing to you, but it's actually quite simple: every species has a species-specific diet, and, as I point out throughout the article, humans are no exception.

Basically, as Michael Arnstein put it: "I don’t consider bread, pasta, grains, beans, pizza, animal based foods, as foods, they all need tremendous processing to be ‘food’ and inevitably we see that these things cause problems for our health."

If you're wondering why all of this isn't common knowledge then, I suggest you watch the documentary "What the Health" (spoiler alert: it's largely because of corruption).

Oh, I know all of this. I have went deep down the rabbit hole myself.

Oh, I know all of
This. I have went deep down the
Rabbit hole myself.

                 - paparodin

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You had me at less smelly farts !

Actually, it's zero smelly farts ;)
That is, of course, if you don't eat food that doesn't agree with you (I, for example, can't eat watermelon, or not yet anyway).

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