They open the first Restaurant of Human Meat in the World

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But as far as the ambition and the aberration of the Japanese have come, to go so far as to eat their neighbor. In the city of Tokyo (Japan) the first restaurant in the world that legally offers Humana meat was inaugurated.
A scary restaurant nicknamed "The Resoto ototo no shoku ryohin", which means in English "Edible Brother", opened its doors to the Japanese public and from all over the world, where it offers its customers a varied menu where prices vary from 100 up to 1000 euros, that is to say the dish with human flesh, more expensive would be 1193 US dollars.
International news sources have reported that a tourist from the country of Argentina, was the first man to eat human flesh in the "Edible Brother".


This diner I think the following: "It seems like eating pork, in this restaurant they cook the meat with spices, so the taste goes unnoticed."
In Japan since 2014 a law was approved that allows the consumption of human flesh, obviously conserving conditions such as the sanitary level of this and the origin. However, there is no doubt that at least 99% of the world population would not agree with these grotesque acts, so to speak.

And the question we all ask ourselves, how do they get the meat?
The people before dying decide to sell their bodies to the peculiar restaurant, approximately for about 30 thousand euros or 35,799 dollars, this is the balance that those interested can leave their families, logically they are the only ones who can claim the money.

Only people who die young can sign the contract, in which they are subject to a special diet, where the meat is suitable for consumption.

And would you be willing to sell your body to be consumed after your death?


yes, snopes is fake

it was discovered that the owners of snopes are neoleftists - so can't be trusted. Besides, nowaday we really can't leave truth finding up to anyone else. we must do our own work.

First, ideology has nothing to do with facts and this "news" has nothing to do with ideology, but may be thought of as a little racist since it is trying to capitalize on peoples prejudice towards Japanese culture and the "weird" things they eat. It would be similar to posting an article about an African American restaurant opening up and serving only watermelon and fried chicken. Your dismissal of Snopes is not an argument but a type of Appeal to Authority fallacy. Second, this article has no reputable sources in it. Third, "Resoto ototo no shoku ryohin" does not translate to "edible brother" but "Younger Brother's Dinner" or "Little Brother's Food Cuisine". Fourth, no search in Japanese returns any news story about this nor any Japanese law that condones it. It originally appeared in July 2016 in La voz popular, a website that in its legal notice claims to be “a satirical newspaper”.

Shall I go on or can we agree that Snopes was right this time?

Hell no!!! Finding out that the owners of SNOPES are neoleftists made me realize that I cannot trust anyone to be the go to "arbiter of truth" - I have to do my own fact checking and go with my gut.

I did not "fact check" this article although I did look online to find other news about it and I did - so I resteemed it - and besides that - I also felt, with all that is going on right now - this COULD be true easily - so wtf?

So MAYBE this restaurant in Japan is "fake news" and maybe it is not -regardless - it COULD easily be real in this world RIGHT NOW - and so - just because "SNOPES" says it is not, does not mean cannibalism is not going on all over the world all the time...

CANNIBALISM IS MORALLY WRONG- wherever it is - and it not “rascist” for me to point that out, cannibalism chicken fried, or cannibalism sweet and sour - is STILL cannibalism...

It is THEFT of life of a being capable of holistic intelligence and hence a violation of Natural Law.

Cannibalism IS going on in the Dark Occult all the time.

Regardless of whether or not THIS article talks about a REAL restaurant - or hypothetically talks about one that could exist - because Cannibalism goes on and has always gone on - here's one ... in 2014 - 4 years ago.

we could talk about how Pepsi, Nestle, and Kraft are using HEK293 (human embryonic kidney cells from aborted fetuses) made by Senomyx, a CA based company as a "natural flavoring"

or we could talk cannibalism because we KNOW from testimony given by survivors of satanic ritual abuse that cannibalism is common practice in the USA and worldwide right now and has been going on for thousands of years!!! -

#pizzagate - John Podesta the pig farm owner and brother Tony, Marina Abramovic's spirit cooking, Comet Ping Pong, etc

It is the ideology of solipsism which would allow one to think that talking about publicly accepted cannibalism in "Japan" or any where else for that matter can be likened to eating watermelon and fried chicken in a soul food restaurant...

WhatEVER, dude.

very interesting. Notice that there are 509,942 people watching this post and only 16 votes and 17 cents made from it. Fascinating. Resteemed! 800,000 (at least) children go missing a year in the US alone) - ask the Rothschilds where they would get the meat...

I signed it - I believe there a bunch under the Denver International Airport.

that is correct. that is an equal size underground base. i have heard that is more aerospace production stuff used in secret space program and mars corporation

nah...I don't think so - if Denver is the capitol of the NGO - here

I like what this guy has to say about it - cept for the flat earth stuff.

The stats on this post have intrigued me as well. I think there are two possibilities:

  1. This post is making the rounds on traditional social media sites, so mostly people who don't have Steemit accounts are seeing it. I actually found this post through a friend of mine on Facebook sharing it with me.
  2. It could be 'viewing bots'...

Keep up

I posted this post to facebook - myself. I wonder if others have too.

It seems to me that explains a lot... children would be more intuitive than, say, 80 year olds - who likes tough meat lathed with cell slags and toxic minerals accumulated over decades of a scavenger's life style... human meat is obviously the no.1 nutrition source of the future, animals will be mostly extinct by 2050, and the Paleo crowd demands raw flesh ! So delicious and healthy ! The future looks bright, and sustainable.

I am taking this as sarcastic? There is a lot to this - check out #pizzagate

This post was tweeted by whistle-blower Donald Marshall

Donald deleted the tweet so here's a screenshot


I cant believe this, no way..... just i can't... i am in shock. No :/

So basically.... human traffickers get young people, (bought from the family for a nominal fee with promises of taking great care of the offsping - or stolen) keep them confined, feed them a vegan diet until they kill and sell them. Please .... make it stop. My heart can't take much more of the madness of this World...

sign this petition . the massive child sex dungeon is under the getty center in LA

we just have to pray to the Creator of earth for help... and love one another RIGHT NOW.

Yes, the things we dont know in long run. As soon as you step out of your house, there will be someone pointing you out with their zombified eyes. What if demand is more and what extent might people go if there is unavailability? . Just like strays the people in streets at night sleeping will be having no security. As of now, human organs such as eyes, kidneys are smuggled in asian black market and its a big problem. What will be the case if this thing goes legal? Using pig intestine to prepare fake squid dishes is not new. What if the street vendors access these left overs from such kind of hotels and feed us? . Best source may be confirmed cruel death sentence victims who rot in jail. Ps: I cant imagine in my dream of eating human flesh, right from the vicious and filthy brain to the disgusting excreta system....

Hah I accidentally resteemed this when i meant to resteem this one

Oh well LOL My readers will get to read about human cannibal story LOL

lol! i found this from someone on facebook hilarious to see you here

Cannibalism got me back to Steemit. Who would have thought?

This is terribly terrible! I am still in shock of this. This Japanese people can eat anything.

I always considered Japan to be one of the oldest country with rich native traditions. But look at this. Where it's modernization reached - eating its own kind. This is traumatic to read, leave alone visiting the restaurant or talking to their customers. Disgusting to the core. It's an example of total failure of Law Makers to pass a Law like that, instead they should openly ban and punish with such mentality.

On the other hand, these people could tell before their death how much they've suffered throughout their lives. Considering the overpopulation of our planet, it may be a suitable alternative to animals kept in mass stocks.

humans eating animal meat is bad energy. imagine the energy of eating a human...

extremely messed up. thats what the illuminati satanists do, they eat human. wonder why it tastes like pork?

54,000+ Views and 2 comments? strange indeed @jonny-clearwater I wonder what this means? Maybe some SEO work? A Bot viewing the page a lot? Did this many web crawlers all see this page?

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