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RE: They open the first Restaurant of Human Meat in the World

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very interesting. Notice that there are 509,942 people watching this post and only 16 votes and 17 cents made from it. Fascinating. Resteemed! 800,000 (at least) children go missing a year in the US alone) - ask the Rothschilds where they would get the meat...


I signed it - I believe there a bunch under the Denver International Airport.

that is correct. that is an equal size underground base. i have heard that is more aerospace production stuff used in secret space program and mars corporation

nah...I don't think so - if Denver is the capitol of the NGO - here

I like what this guy has to say about it - cept for the flat earth stuff.

The stats on this post have intrigued me as well. I think there are two possibilities:

  1. This post is making the rounds on traditional social media sites, so mostly people who don't have Steemit accounts are seeing it. I actually found this post through a friend of mine on Facebook sharing it with me.
  2. It could be 'viewing bots'...

Keep up

I posted this post to facebook - myself. I wonder if others have too.

It seems to me that explains a lot... children would be more intuitive than, say, 80 year olds - who likes tough meat lathed with cell slags and toxic minerals accumulated over decades of a scavenger's life style... human meat is obviously the no.1 nutrition source of the future, animals will be mostly extinct by 2050, and the Paleo crowd demands raw flesh ! So delicious and healthy ! The future looks bright, and sustainable.

I am taking this as sarcastic? There is a lot to this - check out #pizzagate

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