yes, snopes is fake

it was discovered that the owners of snopes are neoleftists - so can't be trusted. Besides, nowaday we really can't leave truth finding up to anyone else. we must do our own work.

First, ideology has nothing to do with facts and this "news" has nothing to do with ideology, but may be thought of as a little racist since it is trying to capitalize on peoples prejudice towards Japanese culture and the "weird" things they eat. It would be similar to posting an article about an African American restaurant opening up and serving only watermelon and fried chicken. Your dismissal of Snopes is not an argument but a type of Appeal to Authority fallacy. Second, this article has no reputable sources in it. Third, "Resoto ototo no shoku ryohin" does not translate to "edible brother" but "Younger Brother's Dinner" or "Little Brother's Food Cuisine". Fourth, no search in Japanese returns any news story about this nor any Japanese law that condones it. It originally appeared in July 2016 in La voz popular, a website that in its legal notice claims to be “a satirical newspaper”.

Shall I go on or can we agree that Snopes was right this time?

Hell no!!! Finding out that the owners of SNOPES are neoleftists made me realize that I cannot trust anyone to be the go to "arbiter of truth" - I have to do my own fact checking and go with my gut.

I did not "fact check" this article although I did look online to find other news about it and I did - so I resteemed it - and besides that - I also felt, with all that is going on right now - this COULD be true easily - so wtf?

So MAYBE this restaurant in Japan is "fake news" and maybe it is not -regardless - it COULD easily be real in this world RIGHT NOW - and so - just because "SNOPES" says it is not, does not mean cannibalism is not going on all over the world all the time...

CANNIBALISM IS MORALLY WRONG- wherever it is - and it not “rascist” for me to point that out, cannibalism chicken fried, or cannibalism sweet and sour - is STILL cannibalism...

It is THEFT of life of a being capable of holistic intelligence and hence a violation of Natural Law.

Cannibalism IS going on in the Dark Occult all the time.

Regardless of whether or not THIS article talks about a REAL restaurant - or hypothetically talks about one that could exist - because Cannibalism goes on and has always gone on - here's one ... in 2014 - 4 years ago.

we could talk about how Pepsi, Nestle, and Kraft are using HEK293 (human embryonic kidney cells from aborted fetuses) made by Senomyx, a CA based company as a "natural flavoring"

or we could talk cannibalism because we KNOW from testimony given by survivors of satanic ritual abuse that cannibalism is common practice in the USA and worldwide right now and has been going on for thousands of years!!! -

#pizzagate - John Podesta the pig farm owner and brother Tony, Marina Abramovic's spirit cooking, Comet Ping Pong, etc

It is the ideology of solipsism which would allow one to think that talking about publicly accepted cannibalism in "Japan" or any where else for that matter can be likened to eating watermelon and fried chicken in a soul food restaurant...

WhatEVER, dude.

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