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RE: They open the first Restaurant of Human Meat in the World

in #food6 years ago (edited)

So basically.... human traffickers get young people, (bought from the family for a nominal fee with promises of taking great care of the offsping - or stolen) keep them confined, feed them a vegan diet until they kill and sell them. Please .... make it stop. My heart can't take much more of the madness of this World...


sign this petition . the massive child sex dungeon is under the getty center in LA

we just have to pray to the Creator of earth for help... and love one another RIGHT NOW.

Yes, the things we dont know in long run. As soon as you step out of your house, there will be someone pointing you out with their zombified eyes. What if demand is more and what extent might people go if there is unavailability? . Just like strays the people in streets at night sleeping will be having no security. As of now, human organs such as eyes, kidneys are smuggled in asian black market and its a big problem. What will be the case if this thing goes legal? Using pig intestine to prepare fake squid dishes is not new. What if the street vendors access these left overs from such kind of hotels and feed us? . Best source may be confirmed cruel death sentence victims who rot in jail. Ps: I cant imagine in my dream of eating human flesh, right from the vicious and filthy brain to the disgusting excreta system....

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