Kitchen Tip #5 NeuroGastronomy?

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Hello Steemit! Here we are again, in this Tip I'm gonna talk to you, about neurogastronomy. This tip is gonna change the way you see food! Cause everything could make it better. I am gonna tell you some tips to dominate the brain of the people while they are eating.

NEURO 2.jpg

Kitchen Tip #5 Let's use NeuroGastronomy

NeuroGatronomy is just the way to learn about our brain when we see food. Everything could change your experience while eating. Colors, sizes, shapes, silverware, everything. So let's start with sizes.

Choosing dish size

If you use a wrong size of dish, you'll feel that you are eating a different amount of food. So you need to be careful about that


A perfect size will make you feel that you ate the amount of food that you need. You'll feel satisfied. A bigger dish wouldn't make you feel that you ate enough.

Look at this picture:

La ilusión óptica del tamaño de la porción de comida.jpg

Wich dish has more food? Answer; they all have the same food. But the size make you feel like they have differents amounts.

If you have a bigger dish than you need, you feel that the dish is so empty, you won't feel satisfied.

In the same way, don't overcharge a plate, you'll feel like is too much and maybe wouldn't finish it.

So, the next time you serve a plate, choose carefully which is better.

I hope you enjoy my post! Stay tuned for more.


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