Steemit Iron Chef 2018 Act 01 Round 05 : Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with a SECRET INGREDIENT | VEGAN Recipe

in food •  11 months ago

Who doesn't love a chewy soft cookie with crispy edges!?

Since my last SECRET INGREDIENT vegan dessert recipe got so much love...
border.png's another one for you to try out!

If you're familiar with Subway cookies, that's pretty much what you're getting with this recipe. They are so soft and chewy on the inside with just a little bit of crispiness on the edges. They also have that intense chocolate and sweet taste that my sweet tooth screams for. They also happen to be dairy-free, egg-free, gluten-free, and contain two different surprise ingredients!

Unlike my previous Black Bean Brownies, these cookies don't contain the beans themselves, but rather the brine left from cooking chickpeas: AQUAFABA. If you're crinkling your nose at the idea of using bean water, trust me; I did, too! I can't even begin to think what was going on in the head of the first person to discover this! However, aquafaba proves itself useful in an egg-free kitchen. It can easily replace egg whites in a variety of uses from meringue to mayo. In this cookie recipe, the aquafaba replaces the eggs and acts as the binder. If you're using canned chickpeas, make sure to check if they contain salt. This will change the flavor. If the beans have added salt, omit the extra salt in the recipe.

The other surprise ingredient is almond butter! These cookies get away with being oil free and gluten free by using almond butter instead. I've also tried these with cashew butter when I realized I didn't have enough almond butter but just HAD to have these cookies. I'm guessing any nut butter would work here to varying degrees. So, if almond butter is less accessible, costs too much, or you have a tree-nut allergy, different alternative nut or seed butters should work. My favorite, though, is still almond butter.

I only filled my chocolate cookies with chocolate chips, but feel free to add other toppings to the cookie dough. I bet more almonds or pecans would be a good addition. You could also add chopped dates for a caramel kick. If you can find vegan white chocolate chips or a white chocolate bar that you can chop up, you could have Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies! I'm just not a fan of white chocolate.

This is a pretty standard cookie dough as far as size and spacing. If you want small cookies, use closer to 1 heaping tablespoon of dough each. If you wan't large cookies, use closer to 3 heaping tablespoons. They will expand a bit in the oven, so space them out appropriately. If you want flatter cookies, press the dough balls down just a little (they will flatten some on their own). Parchment paper or a silicone baking mat will prevent them from sticking.

This recipe should makes roughly 24 cookies. I found it very hard not to eat a good amount of dough while I was baking the first half and waiting for the pan for the second round. Alternatively, you could just roll the dough into a snake and cut it into pieces and store in the freezer. This makes a great topping for ice cream or just a popable snack when the craving hits for cookie dough. The best part of vegan cookie dough is that you can eat it raw without the fear of contracting salmonella from raw eggs!

You better believe I ate all four of those cookies in the tower after I was done taking pictures.

These cookies are VERY rich and decadent. I recommend having almond milk (or any plant milk) on hand to help wash them down. If you have a sweet tooth or know someone with one, try these cookies out. They are sure to wow anybody who tastes them. They're even on the "healthy" side of the cookie scale!

Now that I've got you drooling and craving milk and cookies, here's how easy the recipe is.




  • 2/3 cup cocoa powder
  • 1 cup coconut sugar
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • pinch of salt (optional)
  • 1 cup almond butter (or any nut butter)
  • 1/2 cup aquafaba (chickpea water)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips


  • Preheat oven to 350 F
  • In a medium sized bowl, mix together all the dry ingredients
  • In a separate bowl, combine wet ingredients
  • Mix wet ingredients into the dry ingredients
  • Stir in chocolate chips
  • Spoon roughly 2 tablespoons each on a parchment lined baking sheet leaving space between each cookie
  • Bake for 10 - 12 minutes
  • Let cool 10 minutes to set up


This post is my entry for two different contests this week. This first is #steemit-ironchef by @progressivechef. This week, the focus is nuts. The original post can be found here.

This is also my second entry for the #VeganChocolateContest by @deliciousplants. The original post can be found here. I know I already submitted a very successful post for this contest, but I couldn't resist entering this one as well.

If you want to see even more vegan recipes, check out @heart-to-heart 's post and #veganwednesday! There's a lot of good content that comes from that.

Have you used aquafaba before?

Have you made desserts out of other beans?

Are you as much of a chocolate fiend as I am?

Scroll down and lets chat in the comments. Don't forget to upvote on the way down there if you enjoyed this post, and resteem if you plan to make these for yourself!

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Stop it ... LOL, I want to go out and get some cookies now :)


Haha, you're welcome! Try making these; they're super easy to make.

This looks sooooo good, did you enter it into the vegan contest with heart to heart? If you haven't you should.


You are such a sweetheart 💖 Thanks for sharing my contest with @chiaandgreen! This is amazing! 💖💖💖 PS Happy Valentine's day my dear!


Thank you, they are super tasty!

I didn't know about that contest until just now. I updated my post and commented over there, too. Thank you for letting me know about it.


Good luck you are awesome!

OK, I am kind of mad.... not going to lie.

I DON'T HAVE AN OVEN AND I NEED THESE NOW! What am I going to do? GAHHH. The Subway cookies used to be my thing back in my days of binge eating anything and everything ;)

Thanks for the fantastic entry to my contest girl! Also, happy to meet you :) @kubbyelizabeth is a little cupid 💖💖💖


I've alway wanted to be cupid! <3 mission accomplished.


Now, we just need to get that picnic planned. I think we should have these cookies there ;) 💖


Yes, we must add these to the menu! Friend from panama is visiting and she is vegan, you may finally get me to cook some of these goodies!


Oh wow! That's awesome! I'd love to know what it's like being vegan in Panama! I struggled hard when I was living in Central America but that was years ago now! I'm sure they have better options by this point :)


To be completely honest, the cookie dough tastes maybe just a little bit better than the cookies themselves (which is hard to top)! You could make a batch and keep them in the freezer just to have cookie dough to munch on. =]

Have been looking for more ways to use chickpea liquid. Until now I only tried vegan meringues and they came out great. Thanks for the inspiration!


These cookies are the best! I've also heard good things about aquafaba mayo/aoli!

Yum! I love using aquafaba. I mainly use it to make my homemade mayo and aioli :) so easy!


I haven't tried making mayo or aioli out of aquafaba yet, but I want to. I eat so many chickpeas as it is. I feel bad wasting all that aquafaba.


Don’t waste them! I freeze them into ice cubes because one is approx 1 tbs. and 3 tbs of aquafaba equals one egg. I just defrost for when I’m ready to use them. Only thing about making your own mayo is realising how much oil goes into it 😂

These look amazing. Yum.


They taste amazing, too! I highly recommend trying them out for yourself. They're so easy to make.

These look DELICIOUS!!!


Thank you. They are delicious. And perfect for Valentine's Day (If you're into that sort of thing). I definitely recommend trying them out.

yum, looks heavenly and tasty...


They really are! You should try them out. They're pretty easy to make.

Nice recipe, good luck for the contest!


Thank you! Good luck on yours too; those chocolate bars look super tasty!

It looks delicious!! I would like to invite you for our vegan group:


Thank you so much for the invite. I joined and can't wait to connect with more vegans.

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Wow Look incredible, great entry! never been able to find vegan chocolate chips, i always had to make my own


I typically use the Enjoy Life brand chocolate chips. They're free from all major allergens.
But lately, I noticed the store brand organic line (Wild Harvest) has chocolate chips that are dairy free and half the price of Enjoy Life!

Nice! Yes, I used kidney beans in a chocolate cherry cake and aquafaba for a meringue topping. It's amazing how well this works and how good it tastes. The cake was for my colleagues and I told nobody but one of them (she switches between vegan and vegetarian) that the cake was egg- and dairy and sugar free.
Your recipe looks amazing!


Thank you! I am constantly amazed that bean water can be so magical and that beans can be used so well in desserts, usually ending in something that tastes much better than the animal product filled version!


... and then I think about how much of the bean water I poured away thoughtlessly ... 🤦🏼‍♀️

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you had me at crispy edges :) heheh!


Yeah, this definitely isn't some dried up lump of oatmeal that's in the shape of a cookie so it gets the name "cookie". It's the real deal!

Oh my goodness, I will definitely try it out!!! It looks so delicious 😍😍


Thank you! These are delicious. Try them out and let me know what you think!

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Absolutely you can share this post around and let as many people see it as possible; I'm all for spreading vegan awareness and tasty recipes!

Wow it looks yummy 😋.. thanks for shearing

Oh yes! Very well said...Who doesn't love a chewy soft cookie with crispy edges...especially these ones you just made here!
Thanks for all the lovely tips, i will try them soon and keep you all informed about the happenings!
Very nice post and great entry!
Thanks so much for this!

Congratulations on your win! 🥂🍾