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Phoe is Vietnamese soup. According to their recipes, it takes less than six hours to make soup. But believe that, if you make six socks for making this soup, you will not be Afshosha. The main component of the phosphate is the bone broth. You can buy it too. But the flavor of the house made is different. Actually making this soup is very easy. So do not be worried about the instrument and the method, let's make it!
The Pho banana usually produces the broth broth, but I used to make broth.


Bone bone - two pounds
Onion - One, double the peel and split it.
Ginger - one inch
According to the taste-taste.
Star anise- Two.
Fish sauce - one spoon.
Rice noodles - four oz.
Baked beef meat - one pound.
Dhanepata - one cup. Shrivel
Onion - half cup, shred
Bin sprouts - one cup.
Thai bajil- One bunch.
Gourdbillou - Four pieces, excluding bees.
Sriracha sauce-flavored.
Water - half liter.


First make oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit to make Pho.

Roast the bone bone in the baking sheet for one hour, bone should be brown.

Roast it on the onion baking sheet and turn brown.

Take a sashpana bone, meat, onion, ginger, salt, star anise, fish sauce and mix it with water.

If it is blossom, keep the eyes low in the eyes and keep it for six to six hours (many even ten hours).

Scatter the bone of the bone after six hours.

Place the pieces of meat in another container.

Make rice nudules in other containers.

Serve hot soup on top of meat, coriander leaves, onion, bin sprouts, Thai bajil, lemon pieces, with siriracha poured bone broth over the cooked nudules bowl.


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