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Wow guys its been a while! Im sorry if anyone messaged me! i havent used steemit in ages, i was building my online school! Hope everyone is well!?

I almost forgot how to use steemit! lol!

You will love this super easy and quick baked cheesy salmon recipe. This is something that my grandmother used to make and we loved it! You can prepare this in 15-20 min. Salmon is considered a healthy fish due to its high protein content and Vitamin D. Salmon fillets are baked in the oven under a melted and golden cheese crust, with a layer of mayonnaise, and sliced onions.

Stunning presentation, comforting flavors – this is a very popular main course in the Russian community. Trust me, your guests will love it and don't share this recipe with them. So, wait no more and try this easy fish recipe at home and enjoy the dish with your loved ones. It forms this amazingly crisp but still creamy crust.

Alaska, the large, sparsely populated state, is one of the world’s largest seafood exporters. Seafood is Alaska’s most valuable renewable resource and is the state’s second-largest industry behind oil/gas, in terms of generated labor income. Commercial fishing and seafood processing are vitally important for rural, coastal communities in Alaska. The industry accounts for roughly a third of all private-sector employment occurring in rural Alaska. Seafood from Alaska is wild, natural and sustainable.

Fish from Alaska swim wild in the icy Pacific Ocean. This freedom to swim and the fish’s natural diet creates superior taste and texture. Wild Alaska seafood is firmer, fitter and a more vibrant fish. Wild Alaska seafood has no artificial coloring, preservatives, pesticides or GMOs. Alaska’s fish live in some of the cleanest waters in the world. Sustainable: Ticking the sustainable box cannot be easier when buying Alaska seafood.


Salmon x 2 fillets (220 gr)
Mayo 3-4 tbsp
Mustard - 1 tsp
1/2 onion
Garlic 1 clove
Half lemon juice
Pepper, salt
1/2 tsp sugar
50 gr of Cheese (hard cheese)


Step 1. Place salmon skin side down onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Season with salt and set aside for a minute.

Step 2. In a bowl, add mayonnaise, mustard and lemon juice. Then add minced garlic and chopped onion. I chopped onion into slices and then halved it more time. If you don't like onion rings, you can make them even smaller. Squeeze the onions in your hand a little bit and then add them into the bowl.

Step 3. Season well with salt, pepper and then top up each salmon fillet with a generous amount. Then add shredded cheese on top and place in the preheated oven at 200 C/ 400 F for 15 min. If you want cheese to get golden crispy colour, increase the heat to max for 1-2 min.

Step 4. Enjoy with salad, rice, pasta or potatoes.


LOL did the drama on steemit bring you back to the chain?

For sure but it's good sign.

Lol just shows how far the news has an effect I guess all news is good news

yes def, heard there was some action again, hahah will try and appear more here!

LOL! Well enjoy it while it can! Who knows what’s going to happen to zero or the moon I can tell you one thing this has replaced my 9 bucks a month for Netflix it’s been far more entertaining

I was wondering the same thing lol

Lol well you seem to be doing just fine staying as neutral as possible! I would love to know the secret to your calmness and if I can get some of it

All news is good news 🙃

I beg to differ, We're out of garlic bread is NEVER good news anywhere in the world and don't you tell me otherwise

i honestly forgot how to do things, ike im getting messaged aboyt witnesses and im like oh god, i dont even remember how to log in :D

Lol its better that you forgot so you can start fresh without all the emotional baggage that comes with hanging around here for too long! Ironic because when I got here your posts were like life lessons of a steem newbie

yes i know!! but its been like 9 months... everything has changed!! i worked so much here and now its all dead :( and steem isnt worth anything ! so sad

Welcome back.

You're welcome

i completely forgot how to use some bits, why now when i go to my wallet- its asking me to log in again? also how can i remove my power from smartsteem?

I don't know what's smartsteem but you are sort of force to use you posting key to logon to steemit by default. For the wallet, they split and you need your active key to go in to claim your rewards and do the transfers you need. However, recently, with the changes including introduce the community function, the added a notification function and I found that allow you to claim without having to go the the wallet.


Have a look at the recent posts at:

I did a bit of search, the couple of posts may help.

Hey you !!! great to see your post once more =D =D do come back and share your lovely posts here on Steem ...

heyy thanks :)) yeahh :)) i will do !!