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Today we released new software to power now only has social features, and the web wallet (where you view your token balances, initiate transfers, power up, etc.) is powered by a separate application located at Since no longer includes any of the token-related features of Steem, this application (what you know as only requires the use of one’s Posting Key.


That means that you will ONLY be able to use your Posting Key when you try to sign in to This will increase your safety when using the site. It also means that when you navigate to your wallet through you will be redirected to which is our new standalone wallet application.

To learn more about your Master Password and private keys, check out our Steem Basics post here or watch the following video:

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 1.55.11 PM.png

An added benefit of this change is that because it’s a smaller application than the full Condenser, it will consume fewer resources on both our machines, and yours.

Key Backup PDF

Now that we have split Condenser into two separate applications (Social and Wallet), we are requiring that users sign in with the proper keys, which will improve user security. Those users who are inputting their Master Password for everything will now get a warning that informs them when they are attempting to sign in with the incorrect key or password, and gently guides them toward either getting the weakest key (the posting key) or downloading a PDF backup of all their keys.

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 4.27.29 PM.png

The Mission

Our goal at Steemit is to support amazing online communities with unparalleled cryptocurrency incentives. To that end, we envision a community-centric web application that is open source and economically sustainable. Splitting Condenser into separate Social and Wallet applications will constitute a major step toward accomplishing this goal by enabling us to improve each application faster, while consuming fewer resources, and maximizing user security by enhancing the client-side signing experience.

The Steemit Team

P.S. If you encounter bugs or unpleasant UI, please leave your feedback in the comments section below.


Hopefully, you realize you just locked a lot of people out of their wallets who will have no idea and no help from the UI to figure out which keys to use and whether or not they have the correct keys logged somewhere.

The first to be impacted will be stakeholders and investors who rely on wallet transactions to run their businesses.

It's an inconvenience to most of us. For some it will be overwhelming.

The way the change was implemented on the social side makes it easy to download a PDF containing all your private keys with a description of what each one does. It was implemented directly on the social site so that users which have their master password saved in the browser don't have to dig in their browser/OS settings to retrieve it. It's difficult to get users to adopt safe practices around key handling; the goal is that the downloadable PDF provides a safe way to backup all the keys and make it more straightforward to use the lowest-security key on the social site as well as the wallet. There are big tradeoffs between security and convenience and we are open to feedback on any ways to bridge the gap. Thank you for your feedback.

The security was fine for 3 years.
So, it wasn't about security, it was about the ads which is fine as long as you aren't disingenuous about it.

Really what could have been handled better was the preparations.

A notice of when it was going to drop and help on the UI's of both screens would have helped a lot. Many users aren't on discord and don't read many of the updates posted since they are written in tech talk and don't speak to exactly the audience that you needed to reach.

Anyway, what is done is done it's about Damage control now. Par for the course.

The security was fine for 3 years

Nah, it really wasn't. There was a massive (relative to the size of the site at least) hack three years ago specifically because of keys being the browser. The mechanism was changed a bit and might be a little better but the fundamental vulnerability remains. It is good that Steemit is being pro-active on this instead of waiting for another incident.

You do realize the accounts that were negatively impacted are mainstream users who are using the Internet exactly the way they use pretty much every site they go to.

Most of them have no idea what key they saved and why they have 4 of them.

In addition... you anal security freaks. They have very small accounts and don't yet have to be concerned. Just as my knowledge grew, so did my understanding of how and why I should protect my account.

If you webstie requires a half an hour training course to log in you might be failing. :)

For one site to decide to sacrifice user experience without the slightest thought on impact shows why crypto in general is not ready for mainstream and how Steem is moving away from being mainstream friendly and away from being an onboarding or gateway platform.

The timing and the fact I had ads 2 seconds after they dropped the code is a pretty clear indicator of why they choose to do this now.

This is what I was trying to say, thanks for saying it so much better. I didn't see any notice of it beforehand - people pointed out that it was mentioned, but it was mentioned in a post titled something about a "condenser split," which is techno babble to me so I didn't click on it, because Steemit doesn't translate their tech-update posts for the non-techies. The post wasn't pinned, like some other unimportant posts were, and it didn't even show up in that update sidebar for me. The post about updates to wallet mentioned in the title was posted after the fact, and pinned.
Luckily I've learned enough that I know what to do about keys and keep them all written down and the like, but immediately after this rolled out, the Steemit FB group I'm in had several people asking how the heck to get in their wallets. Extrapolate our small group to the larger user base who maybe don't have a helper group to go ask, and I'm sure there are still people who are confused.
I don't begrudge them making the change, I just really wish Stinc would hire someone who's sole job would be to communicate things to the community, making sure pertinent things were pinned, warnings went out well in advance, how-tos and guides were available, and techno babble got translated. I'm not a techie but am in that middle ground where I can go searching for resources and usually grasp it - lots of people hit a wall and say, "what do I do now??"

It sounds like you make sense and understand that minnows such as me need to be backed up on there opinions and I thank you for it. You not only apply opposition to you advisary you supply understanding to us needing the knowledge.
Thanks again & Rock On

I’m one of those who still haven’t got a handle on the whole key thing.
What a cluster pluck I had. Fortunately, the nice folks who run this place let me start over. This time I took photos and copied and pasted the damn keys all over.
So now, if I want to log in on another machine,...... I don’t even bother trying. It never seems to work. But that’s okay. I’m taking a Lion’s Mane supplement these days so I expect to be smarter any time now.

I said the first time I joined Steemit that I wasn’t here to make money. It’s the whole freedom and no censorship thing that appeals to me.

So, basically I agree with you.

Yeah... I hear you.

These guys have forgotten what it is like to not KNOW all of this.

Often knowledgable people don't know what others don't know or understand as perfectly shown here. It isn't malicious just obtuse.

Yes, you are all right. Cryptos comes from the mind of crazy math people like Vitalik Buterin or security nerds that thinks that everyone on earth knows how to deal with security online.

At the same time, if you ride a car you need to learn how to ride and the norms. I think everyone needs to give a little, Steem should improve the way they explain how to do things over here, making things more intuitive like Facebook, Google, Youtube and other mainstream social networks do to have more people onboard. But we need to help people to understand better of this new tech works. -use it, sync it with your devices - there is also web access!

Make sure you put everything in it! The chrome extension and mobile apps do a good job saving data automatically, but always make sure. Take the time out to create a manual entry if you have to.

Save everything that gives you access or identity verification for something - even if people tell you not to store the info online - a lost wallet seed is just as good to me as one that got hacked (Lastpass is very secure anyways)

I've been using it 4 years now, before Lastpass I used to recycle passwords etc.. a terrible habit to have!

Lastpass has saved my butt when I had to restore a wallet using it's seed after going 6 months without internet access, all my coins were there safe!!
Lastpass has paid for itself numerous times over the years, but did I mention all the great functionality is absolutely free?

Lions mane is great !

And this is why a few weeks aback I decided Steemit isn't for me & I haven't been back since until today.

Instead of me making an effort, I will only come on here when I have something written up on another site & just copy it over to here.

After I tried to get over 200 people leaving FB to come here & join & not ONE of them did, I realized Steemit doesn't really care at all, & this is a site purely for the geeks, NOT for regular lay people.

A shame.

I'm trying to make an effort on MeWe, but they are no longer responding to my e-mails & I think all the spammers went over there since I got almost 100 fake profiles trying to add me as a friend within 3 days.

It's true we do not handle mainstream users well.

Really Steem is a good fit for self=starters and independent problems solvers. I am not sure we will ever get good at onboarding those who need some help.

As someone who has been trying to onboard alot of people and getting very little traction because the barriers to entry I can only say, you hit the nail on the head... And the community can't be the one to fix this!

It's not that simple. Why somebody is going to move to another place if you are confortable were you are?

Well, things are going to get complicated in the mainstream world before the exodus begins.

Corporations are going to fail over and over and that is going to push cryptos like this one to the mainstream world.

Yes but there’s also the idea that with cryptocurrency, you are meant to become your own bank. In that sense, Steemit has always been a huge learning curve for mainstream users. I have no clue about the reward, I have to take Steemit INC’s word for it but the risk is very real.

Master password needs to be phased out for several reasons, one of which is that it derives to the owner key (which is meant to be entirely offline) yet many users continue to use it for logging in to, as well as a number of other apps. So this change had to happen at any rate. We did step up our communication for the rollout (many posts over the last few months) but it's evident it was not enough. While we don't anticipate any changes as big as this one anytime soon, we will keep all the feedback in mind as we proceed. The benefits of limiting the social site to posting key only are numerous. There are many other features we've had to postpone or reject due to security concerns. This change allows us to move faster, safely, and add more features that users expect from a social network.

Hi @roadscape,

Not a single Steemian is criticizing this security feature, which is of course a necessary one.

"We did step up our communication for the rollout (many posts over the last few months) but it's evident it was not enough."

We agree that you stepped up your communication, but if you would have added "If the users don't take necessary steps seriously, one fine morning they will be pushed to hardships" sort of warning like message, at least 50% of them would have surely given ears to your communication and this word of mouth would have reached some more Steemians and the like.

"This change allows us to move faster, safely, and add more features that users expect from a social network."

Yes, yes...we agree to it completely. There is no second thought about it.

Thanks for the comment @marvyinnovation. We will make future announcements about changes of this magnitude easy to understand and hard to miss.

I never saw ONE mention about this change & I was on here a few weeks ago.

Why not 2-FA
And a password that could be remembered would be so much easier

i like that idea too.

I don't know that 2FA would be any friendlier for the people that can't handle keys; what if they lost or broke their phone - they'd be just as lost about how to get back in.

2FA+password could be a solution in the future but it's much more complex from an engineering standpoint. Initially on you could simply set your own password, but we had to disable this. Many users had guessable passwords like password and got compromised. Then we raised the requirement to 16 characters; users were not happy, and it still wasn't enough. E.g. passwordpassword. Generally speaking, if you can remember your private key (password), then it's not secure.

Generally speaking, if you can remember your private key (password), then it's not secure.

The concept of cryptographic salt was invented specifically for this reason.

Store a bcrypt of the user's master password, and a long cryptographic salt. When they provide the bcrypt of their password, give the client app their salt and let it derive their keys. Rate limit the number of tries to the bcrypt-based-salt-providing-service.

Then users can use normal passwords. You could even protect the salt server with 2FA.

(Of course, after login, the user can see all of their derived keys in full without being dependent upon the server to provide the salt, thereby letting them avoid vendor lock-in.)

 5 years ago (edited)

Yes - I love this idea honestly.

I have a few ideas that would expand upon this concept a bit also.

Interesting, never heard about this concept before.

Normal people needs user-friendly approach.

In my honest opinion, if users are stupid enough to make easily guessable passwords, then they should get compromised. Teach people a damn lesson to do things for themselves and be smart.

Hi @amethystmidnight,

Please don't get emotional. Actually, they aren't doing it wantonly and their ignorance being the reason for this mistake of theirs.

They are thinking about one side of the coin and are not thinking about the other side. A little eye-opener sort of blog post detailing the risks involved in having easy passwords, which is more of like a soldier guarding the palace gates without any armor.

After this strict implementation of this strict feature, they should be knowing now the mistake they did in the past.....FOR SURE!

When users come here they have no idea about the financial part, and how it works differently than their bank site. Which likely has more money and still allows them to save a password.

It doesn't make you sound smart to shame the end users with less knowledge, it just makes you sound out of touch with who we are onboarding.

If you are you are afraid of account compremise then use local softwere to control your main account and use a different account for posting. Delegate your steemit power to that account. Use 50/50 reward, and send the profit back to your main account.So then steem power in your posting account is just a bonus.

Amen to that I had no Problem typing in a 50 digit password. It was secure and sometimes you have to have patience for extra security.

I still can't distinguish the differences between a master password and the owner key. Too many keys, but it does make me feel safer to have all these options.

Hi @tntdabomb,

MASTER PWD: The master password is the actual password that you get after Signing up for the Steemit account and that is given by Steemit.

OWNER KEY: The owner key is the master key for the account and is required to change the other keys. This key has additional permissions to recover your account or change your other keys. It's the most important key and should be securely stored offline.

ONE MORE THING: Please watch the Steem basics video posted above between the 1:21 and 2:21 minutes duration, you will clearly understand what is what.

Hope this info gives you clarity.

Take a look at the 3rd party tracking cookies your picking up from all these ads, might make you reconsider that statement.

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I agree you guys did step up your communication.

Hi R, Are you reachable via discord or email @roadscape? I'd really appreciate a minute of your time.

I would suggest a upcoming release note on the right side of steemit... Weeks to a- month before any major rollout with a big days till change clock..... Something like this....

It should use a graphic and stick out like a sore thumb... so everyone sees it. and it should have a link embedded so that they can follow up with details.... But tell it in simple to understand terms. NO TECH TALK......

I've been a systems designer for 30 years and the present systems out there have terrible UX, and a lack of erogonmetrics. With just an extra hour taken on big issues to take care of the ergonometrics. You would have avoided 90% of your complaints.

PS: as I have said before I live in New York and am willing to donate some pro-bono time to the staff.


Another money grab. Now we are in another limbo contest. How low can we go?

I agree I just got here and it was a struggle for the first month then I started enjoying it for the second month. Now it is back to struggling again in the third, I am to fat to go any lower on the limbo stick so lets just "KISS" that's encryption, (Keep It Simple Steemians) thanks @hawgwild out.

Hi @whatsup,

"A notice of when it was going to drop and help on the UI's of both screens would have helped a lot. Many users aren't on discord and don't read many of the updates posted......"

Of course, you are right. Before doing any such important thing like this, the users must be well informed as to what they intend to do in how much time, This would have avoided a lot of confusion and yes, now we need to go to the next phase i.e., Damage control......

@steembitblog, @whatsup... if it's good for the ads - maybe it could be nice to let participate the authors of the revenues. In addition it would be another reason to post on steem for many actors who post somewhere else now 😊 And if an 'Apple-like' model would be applied with 70% for the authors and 30% 'for the platform' it would be the biggest advertising for the steem platform itself. @peekbit

No, mobile users have no way to download this PDF

This option should show up on mobile; if not, that is a bug. What's your device/browser? Thanks!

I have a Samnsung Note 9 and am using Google Chrome.

ofcourse you can do that with a note 9 @maxblaschke ...

Just so you know I am unable to access my wallet so that means I cannot get to the Permissions to get my posting key, what the hell can I do now? I am only able to access I find this to be highly disrespectful!

Hi @masaitv,

Please watch the Steem basics video posted above between the 1:21 and 2:21 minutes duration. Here you will be taught to go to the exact location of the keys and the names of the keys and their special uses.



Hope this clarifies your doubt.

I believe I told you that I am unable to access the Permissions feature in order to get to those keys, so your response makes no sense to me, I get to the wallet but cannot sign in to get the keys. No, your All caps reply does not clarify my doubt either, face it, you guys screwed up and now there is no way to fix it, I don't even think you know how to fix this problem that you have created for so many people! Do you even care?

I am so pissed right now, you guys have completely fucked up my account, NONE of this back and forth wrong information is working, you might as well close this shyt down!

Please pardon me @masaitv for posting a wrong comment without understanding your query properly.

As far as I can tell, this video only works if you can open your wallet, which I can't.

It is all so easy for some to say, and some don't even know what a PDF is, it would seem that we are getting a river created between us and it washed the bridge out already.

How do I download this PDF?

If you try to login into with your master password, the option to download a PDF will be shown on the warning dialog.

I cannot get that pdf link to work.

The link shows, but it doesn't do anything? Or you don't see the link at all?

I see something that looks like this, but it doesn't do anything.
Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 7.20.28 AM.png

Right click - copy link destination - paste it on another tab doesnt't work?

I'm still trying to download the PDF. I can find no workable link to the download.

Well that seems a little overboard.

Do you need any help?

I can walk you through it if you are on discord. My name and avatar are the same there.

Or here is a link to our chat channel. I'd be happy to help if you need it. :)


I figured it out. But as someone who does Information Architecture for a living, it's clear to me that Steemit inc HAS NEVER HEARD OF USABILITY TESTING, and therefore it's a complete wonder how they will stay in business. This total fuck up may very well seal the deal for many that have been thinking of jumping this ship.

They stay in business because they have NO Customers who they're accountable to.

@frankbacon, that's not necessarily true. Their need to put up adverts shows money isn't coming in as fast as it's going out. And the price of steem directly impacts their bottom line. The price of steem goes up when there are a lot of new sign-ups. With crazy nonsense changes to the platform like this they're practically guaranteeing people will not sign up. Who wants to jump through this many hoops, undergo this learning curve, only to find out their account is pretty worthless unless they -buy- steem?

Posted using Partiko Android

We can create know customers to weigh other options of account ability. As for me - give me liberty or give me deft. P.H.

BTW - steem would work better to divorce the reward system from the currency and have a model where content is purchased using the currency and the rewards are not linked to the whales or other fish opinions. They whole concept degrades the media provider from the very start.

Usability testing
Usability testing is a technique used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing it on users. This can be seen as an irreplaceable usability practice, since it gives direct input on how real users use the system. This is in contrast with usability inspection methods where experts use different methods to evaluate a user interface without involving users.
Usability testing focuses on measuring a human-made product's capacity to meet its intended purpose.

What's more, I just checked and BUSY.ORG DOES NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM. I will be using them from now on. Steemit Inc can die a rotten stinking death. Which it will.

I was just going to suggest

I usually don't use Steemit except for the wallet. :) The interface is inferior in many ways to Busy.

And what's with the drama token? Did you seriously try to make a dime from my all caps comment? Wasn't it you that just said "For some it will be overwhelming"? Yup, just checked. It was.

What the fuck are drama token?

They are good for your acting career and sex drive,

Yes, it is overwhelming. I agree. At least you were able to get in. :)

Sorry for the expletives earlier.

Here's your DRAMA. Don't spend it all in one place!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Ahah welcome to Steemit 2.0, or should I say, have a good time on another website.

Doesn't everyone need their master password? I was told that we could be in serious trouble if we lose that.

Yes you need to keep the master.

I think it could be debated which is more dangerous from a security point of view. Switching entering passwords ... vs. saving them. In addition obviously based on the comments, some are not that happy with the pdf option either.

I'm not sure if I like a website telling me what compromises I should make for security.

Also people should not be encouraged to log in with their Master.

Hi @whatsup I just need clarification on the new wallet, they want you to apparently set a password in the wallet. Do you know if setting a wallet password will require resetting all my keys, or will it automatically reset all my keys? I don't want to go down this path!
There is no one talking on Discord or anywhere on Steem about this!!
Until I really know what this changes I will just keep using Steempeak and Busy, wallets apparently still work just fine with Steemconnect.
Newbies will be so lost, they really need to explain this better!!


I have not checked for changes, but the last time they announced the condenser split, I tried out the new wallet site and it worked just fine using my old active key, so I expect you should NOT need to change or set any new passwords. Just try logging in to the wallet site with your usual active key and see what happens.

I give it a try, and post back......

I just tried it and It works just fine, thanks!
I claim rewards daily, and I try to limit my Active key to needed uses....... I don't really like signing in with my active everyday for rewards......
I might just stick with Busy and Steempeak for that!

SUPER. Glad you got it sorted out.


Well .. at least there's a recurring pop-up with a link ... ;)
I agree this comes all of a sudden. Could have been to national communicated before.

I couldn't have put this better myself. I definitely feel like I'm playing catch up at the best of times and I couldn't have picked a better word than 'overwhelming'.

I hope this becomes easier to comprehend as time passes, and for the amount of money I have on this site (and the amount I earn) I look at all of these passwords I have to remember and think "Is it really worth it...?"

I bet a lot of people will consider that.
The only thing I would say, is the STEEM economy is better at providing delayed gratification than instant gratification.

Meaning as time goes on both knowledge and income go up, which reduces the effort vs. reward factor.

I respectfully disagree, @whatsup. I've been using this site since early 2017 and, although I produce a lot of articles into which I put a LOT of effort, I earn - on almost all of them - $.00-.05. At this point, Steemit is just a place to put my articles until I find somewhere better because, frankly, I see some of the CRAP being upvoted and it disgusts me.

I respectfully understand what you mean.

We are not good at curating quality content.

And social media was never about quality for me.

There are many who feel differently, but obviously they can't curate it and what value does it hold to whom?

Sorry, you feel disgusted.

I hope that is the case. I always feel like I am getting somewhere, then someone else explains to me how things work and confuses the hell out of me again.

We'll see what happens, but at the moment I have very little motivation to keep using this site in regards to effort vs rewards (Not just money; interaction, friendships, possible traffic towards my books, etc...) Don't get me wrong I have spent a LARGE amount of time on this platform, but at the moment I am learning to read Cyrillic as well as writing another book, and it is getting to the stage where I'm getting bored of focusing my energy into this site hoping something will shift, and when people move the goalposts and make it more confusing it makes me wonder why I am trying to learn all of this Steemit stuff...

Hi, you mentioned learning to read CYRILLIC. Is this the language in this old prayer book?


Yep, that's the one. It's actually surprisingly easy to pick up. For example there are 6 letters that are the same (a,e, k, m, o and t) and the rest is just practice.

It does depend on the language though; some letters appear or disappear depending on the country, but in general the sounds remain the same

Don't you know "Last Pass" Password Manager? It takes out a lot of the work

No I've never heard of that. Is it like an extra plug in? I don't trust a lot of these extra apps and plug ins because all it takes is one dodgy link and all your money in your account gets wiped out...

It's a website and Browser Addon which stores all your passwords saved in a cloud. Personal I trust them more than the google cloud which can also Sync Passwords between devices.

This includes me. Where do I go to to find the PDF with my passwords on?

Yes I second that not only overwhelming if there is 1 typo anywhere we could lose our tokens or crypto's. I think it is dicey for newer steemian.

It is overwhelming for me. I've been trying to manually enter it and get invalid password every time. It's exhausting. So i'm not good at this. That's true. what to do? I'm reading all these comments and just lost.

How can I help?

You can go to or if you have your master login to the wallet with it and get them all at once.

Prior to the change how did you login? What browser do you use?

Let's start with what worked for you.

Feel free to hit me up on discord if you don't want to put this on the blockchain

Don't be embarrassed, if this had happened earlier, I would have been overwhelmed also.

Firefox. I must have saved the logins there on firefox a long time ago and then never thought about again. Never had any problem but knew somehow i was not really understanding what was really happening.

There's an ad for dating site under my comment! What???

In firefox
Under options on the menu... (upper right corner)
I'm not talking down to you.. just don't know where we are starting
search password..
click saved logins
click show passwords

Try that one on the wallet.

if it can login to wallet and find your posting key to use on steemit.

If it doesn't work you are going to have to find that picture you took and search for your Master Key.

No you're not talking down to me at all. :) I'm really grateful for your help.

I will try that with firefox now. I do have the photo with the passwords. I tried earlier to type them in and couldn't do it... they are super long and complicated so i might have messed up every time. I'm going to look at firefox now. :)

I found it in firefox. It's not one of the four from the wallet. It says generated password on the photo i took when i started here. I have photos of 5 passweords. It's the one in firefox. Does this make sense to you? Is there a way to get it or one of the other 4 in the wallet login without typing it out

I've never been to , Should i do that now? I'm embarrassed to be so clueless. I have photos off my computer that i took a long time ago of my passwords. Ohhhh man... i tried earlier to get in to my wallet here and couldn't do it.

my reply is above, somehow I missed.

We can get you through this! :)

I'm really lost in the comments now. Thank you for trying to help!

I am fairly certain it is case sensitive. I have had the same issue in the past with trying to manually type it all out.


It took a while but i kept at it and got in!

I agree. Even the sticky they have at the side doesn't mention the wallet, just says the social condenser is live. I discovered it on accident clicking on their blog to look at the older announcement on wallets after clicking on mine to collect rewards and having to log in again, then being locked out of Steemit and having to log in again to get back on the site. They might want to change the title to this post to indicate it addresses the wallet and we will be needing to log in several times now due to different sites.

We've clarified this, thanks!

Thank you for the quick action. Knowing that you are interacting with and listening to us has done a lot to improve the morale here and is greatly appreciated.

totally agree - it should be noticed before.

But the link at the side leads to this very blog post ... and the title has been changed after publishing.

Dear @whatsup

A gree with you,

I can only hope that they will realize that they just delivered heavy blow to their own platform and thousands of users will be affected. This will cause chaos on this platform :/

It's an inconvenience to most of us. For some it will be overwhelming.

It really bloody is. Steem wallet lost most of it's functionality in my opinion. Even refreshing is logging me out :/

Yours, Piotr

Did you get it sorted out.

Pro tip: Use your active key for the wallet and your posting key for steemit.

Or use another front end. :)

Dear friend @crypto.piotr

I totally agree with you and many of those who write here ... Steemit should not ignore the fact that many people have invested our time and dedication in this platform, creating a habit and goals for them to change everything afterwards and then we have to start over. That discourages and even the most optimistic doubt whether it is worth continuing with this project. I am to the expectation and I support myself in what people like you, my friends, think.

Have a nice day.

at least it should be noticed before I think.

I agree, this was stupid as hell. Fuck steemit

I am one of those completely locked out of my wallet.

Am so lost right now

Do you need help?

I hear ya, I think I have it I followed " whatsup" and his advise seems to help

I just lost my 3 years work!!!

Do you still have your master key written down somewhere?

as long as they do not forget their password then they are ok.

Only if they understand which one to use there or feel like trying all four plus the actual password.

Definitely a good point thank you

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ok, I will be careful next time..

Ya what you said . Is this a scam or ,what maybe we should quit while we're ahead.

There is no part of me that thinks this is a scam.

I do think there is an intelligent group of people trying to make thoughtful decisions on how to improve things.

They are missing experience (and the willingness to admit it) to deal with end-users and consider the impact of their changes.

@hawgwild hang in there, re-generate your main password just to be safe, Steemit luckily isn't Steem and so don't be put off. We have other ways to access the same platform (blockchain) like Busy (website like Steemit) , Partiko (app for phones's) or esteem who have a desktop UI as well, so we are pritty covered.

Steemit's been running many years which is a very long time in the Crypto time frame which has brought many people together since then from which other projects have stemmed from and now it;s time for a huge overhaul and revamp!

Thanks, that is starting to make a little sense now and hang in there with me I appear to be a slow learner. I'll give you an upvote for your consultation. Do have a great week.

Dont worry I am also a slow learner! Not all of us on here are tech nerds :)

Not a scam, the post gives instructions

Sorry, and who wrote those instruction a loyal steemian and are hackers one step head of them. It is hard to trust when you can't see your adversary.

Here's your DRAMA. Don't spend it all in one place!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Some are apparently seeing ads, I don't, because I use Brave Browser.

So for users: go download Brave Browser.
For Steemit, Inc: get yourself verified as a Brave publisher :-)

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 00.23.15.png

Please all who check out the Brave Browser remember that it so far is a fairly centralized situation with requiring the user to sign up to only one choice of exchange. I wish more people would be vocal about this. Can be a huge thing for cryptocurrency if they would decentralize what they are doing.

Very valid point - but due to the nature of advertising and the TPS required it will be very difficult for them to decentralize the whole operations IMHO. Few months ago there was a discussion with the founder over twitter on the same lines.

Decentralize the whole operations? It feels as though it was a choice somewhere during the creating to have the coin checkout through exchange only and give no other options. Everything about it is fishy that it is an open source project that everyone is on board with all transactions being funneled through one source that I know I had not even heard of before the Brave Browser. My opinion comes from being a verified publisher within the browser ( ) who loves the project but find it damn near impossible to fully even recommend others to use it in it's current form. It is absolutely nuts to me anyone into cryptocurrencies, not just a mere 'digital currencies', but he good true crypto kind that we control. Browser is really amazing otherwise, but this blockchain is only as strong as it's weakest link and this is a huge weak link.

All I can do is when I see the browser brought up in places I'm reading and can leave a comment, is to at the very least just leave the comment and hope others research further on this issue. I do hope the founder is taking what is going on into consideration, as at the moment I know there is somebody profiting fairly nicely from being the only way you an use the Brave Browser (bye bye decentralization).

Or use steempeak.

Or just come onto DIscord @steemspeak NOT steempeak
or here is the direct discord invite

You gotta put some Respect on our necks

we are not steemPEAK its steemSPEAK a discord server, other only one people use when they have problems.... one of the only live 24/7 support discords, unlike most other steem discords where people are bored are are not there, but theers always someone on steemspeak

EOS has actual Hip Hop music videos , unlike steem where I send the money to pay for one and never get one.


Why like this?

Because he put a wrong link. The correct one is: (without additional "S" in between Steem and Peak).

No you dumb bitch, its a discord server established years before steempepak, ytou stupid bitch its just a fucking discord server, dont be afraid, here its not a security risk either @dayshot

its @fyrstikken 's discord STEEM SPEAK not Steempeak u dumb bitch

Oh, come on - there is really no need for such language, I really thought it's just a typo.

Well now you know that you arent always right, and yes this is the Internet a BOYS club where we did ALL the work and then you girls want to just come in one day when you see theres some money to be made, and you wanna co0me in here and tell me about langauge on a free speech centered blockchain?

Seriously this is not twitter, and you need to remember steemit is not gonna just coast along ...

your gonna deal with me and any other voices in here because this is steem, and il fucking pay to push this comment to #1 on steem for a week if i want

These are words, text, and if your offended by the 5 letters B I T C H then fuck you, i dont care, stop offending yourself imagining me yelling at you, im just pushing buttons and you are just reading squiggly lines on a screen

none of this matters while we are bleeding users and investors to bitcoin, steem is not gonna go up with bitcoin unless poeople can actually signup

ned hasnt even sponsored the creatoion of a instant account faucet so peopel can sdignup same day liek if they have reddit or facebook accounts