For sure but it's good sign.

Lol just shows how far the news has an effect I guess all news is good news

yes def, heard there was some action again, hahah will try and appear more here!

LOL! Well enjoy it while it can! Who knows what’s going to happen to zero or the moon I can tell you one thing this has replaced my 9 bucks a month for Netflix it’s been far more entertaining

I was wondering the same thing lol

Lol well you seem to be doing just fine staying as neutral as possible! I would love to know the secret to your calmness and if I can get some of it

All news is good news 🙃

I beg to differ, We're out of garlic bread is NEVER good news anywhere in the world and don't you tell me otherwise

i honestly forgot how to do things, ike im getting messaged aboyt witnesses and im like oh god, i dont even remember how to log in :D

Lol its better that you forgot so you can start fresh without all the emotional baggage that comes with hanging around here for too long! Ironic because when I got here your posts were like life lessons of a steem newbie

yes i know!! but its been like 9 months... everything has changed!! i worked so much here and now its all dead :( and steem isnt worth anything ! so sad

Lol Yeah I feel you, I was never too concerned with the price, I invested in a range of alts and keep stacking my BTC this was just a place to hang out but for those working to get steem yeah I agree its a bummer. I still think a lot of good has come from it. I don't see crypto as this coin or that Its all one market.

I'm sure having experience in this will be very profitable in the future, since I'm in marketing I want to get a leg up so when blockchain companies come calling im ready to take their money lol

But who knows?STeem has been through so much and it's still here, clearly, there's something worth fighting for, lol I own enough shitcoins and lost money to know these things aren't resilient so for steem to still be around says something.

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