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Well, here I am on day two of my @allaboutpastries life in the wonderful Steemit Community.  I want to write a daily 'blog' of my experiences and hope you will be interested and amused.

I spent a very fruitful evening yesterday, looking over some wonderful posts.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Then to my horror, I looked at the time....2.30 am!  My trouble is that I get engrossed in reading and commenting on posts.  My philosophy is that if I read a post I comment on the post; it is only fair to make an effort to reward the person who has taken the time to write good content and to tell them so.  


A few 'posts of note' from yesterday are linked below, just click on the highlighted blue text.  Of course, the first two are always outstanding posters; 'newbies' should make an effort to read them and see how it should be done.  I wish I could be so good.

@alleysyummyfood is a particular favourite of mine, her recipes are always easy and look beautiful.

@sweetsssj makes the most fantastic travel posts.  The photography is breathtaking.  When she shows the food she is about to eat you just want to be there dining with her.  I do not know how she stays so slender!

@katdivine posted an interesting article containing dog treat recipes. I am particularly interested in anything to do with making your own pet food.  I attach a link to a slideshow I did on how I make my own dogs' food.  I hope you will find it of interest:

Bertie loves it and for a 13 years of age dog he looks very well! 

@odinseye's post is really interesting.  It discusses early 5C & 6C Viking food and ends with a scrumptious recipe for chicken.  One I will definitely try out myself.

More on My Life!!!

One of my horses came down with mild colic (a form of tummy ache).  This can be dangerous because it is caused by a blockage in the gut.  This was my fault as I have had to change their diet - well I have to try and save money somewhere!  I am making them eat more corn tops than hay because it is half the price.  Good for them but much harder fibres to chew.  Added to this I ran out of oats and she had to eat pellets on their own - overload of fibre - the result: she gets colic.  Tried to ring the Vet on Sunday evening but the number kept on being disconnected......don't get ill on a Sunday in Spain!

All was well as the blockage cleared itself so back to normal.  Plus, I got some oats first thing Monday.

Oh well, not a very interesting day today food wise.  Just had my own home made Granola for breakfast.  This is a simple recipe which takes minutes to prepare plus 45 minutes in the oven to crisp up.  It really is delicious and so much better and less expensive than shop bought.


Homemade Granola

This makes loads which can be stored in an airtight container, to be used at will.  I add fresh berries or whatever prepared fruit I fancy to it, even chocolate chips if you 'feel the need'; then milk or yoghurt.  Delicious!

As this is not required to be an 'exact' recipe - just put in what you feel like - I am only giving quantities in cups.  Any old cup will do as it is the volume which matters, not the weight.

Ingredients Required:

4 cups of rolled oats (not the instant variety)

2 cups of coconut (fresh or desiccated it does not matter)

2 cups of nuts (which ever 'tickles your fancy')

3/4 cup of oil (sunflower works just as well as olive oil)

1/2 cup of honey (mmmmmm!)


  1. Put all into a big bowl and get your hands in to mix it all together really well.  This ensures even distribution of the ingredients.
  2. Spread onto a large baking sheet and put into a medium oven.  
  3. Bake for 45 minutes or so in your oven until evenly coloured.
  4. Every so often, especially towards the end of baking, stir well: bring the sides into the middle and the middle to the sides.  It always colours from the edges first so you don't want burnt edges and pale inner.  
  5. Leave to cool on the tray and when cold seal up in an airtight container of your choice.

Keep 'posting those recipes for the 'Community' collection please. Place a link to your post in the comments box below if you would like your recipe to be included.  Here is a link to the original concept:

My 'Community Project'!

Remember I just want to reward excellence by:


as well as:

As often as I can!


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