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Hi Steem Fam! Remember in my post last week, I mentioned how I like to show you THE BEST recipes? Like the best chocolate brownies, and the best soup etc? This week's recipe is my literal best Home Made Banana Bread.

Once again, it's a recipe that I have been making for years and years, and over time I have made small changes here and there. It's based on Joy the Baker's recipe (in my eyes the Queen of baking), but I have made some small changes to make it, in my humble opinion, even better. It's important to make the original version of a recipe first, before you do try to implement any changes, as you may completely stuff it up!


I love banana bread and am sure you will love this recipe too. It's got a lovely crunchy crust, and a soft and crumbly inner. The muscovado sugar adds this deep, dark depth to the flavour that is just soooo amazing. Served warm with lashings of butter and coffee, it is such a treat!


🍌National Banana Bread Day is celebrated in the USA on the 23rd February

🍌The first Banana Bread recipe ever published was featured in Pillsbury's 1933 cookbook, Balanced Recipes.

🍌 It is thought that Banana Bread is the result of housewives utilising bananas going off during the Great Depression, not wanting to waste the expensive bananas.



🍌170g (6 oz) salted butter, melted and browned to just over 1/2 cup of butter
🍌2 cups self-raising flour
🍌3/4 cup muscovado sugar
🍌1/2 t salt
🍌3/4 t ground cinnamon
🍌1/2 t nutmeg
🍌2 large eggs
🍌1 t vanilla essence
🍌1/4 cup buttermilk
🍌1 1/4 cup mashed banana (from about 3 medium bananas)
🍌2 t treacle syrup




Preheat your oven to 180'C, and grease a loaf tin. To prevent the loaf from sticking, you can sprinkle some flour over the greased tin.

Now, for the browning of butter! My favourite part. In a small saucepan, over medium heat, melt the butter. The butter will start to bubble and spit a bit. Once it stops, it will start to turn brown. Once brown, pour the melted butter into a small bowl and place in the fridge to cool.

Next, in a large mixing bowl, mix together all the dry ingredients. In another bowl, mash the bananas with the treacle and buttermilk. Whisk in the eggs and vanilla essence.

Once it is cool, you can add the butter. Then, add the wet ingredients to the dry, folding slowly and carefully. Do not over stir.

Pour the batter into the greased and floured pan. Don't worry if it looks like a little bit of mixture, it will rise and spread out.

Bake for 50 minutes, until a skewer comes out clean. Leave to cool in the tin.




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I haven't really tried homemade banana bread before. From the bakery, yes, but never made at home. I am hoping that this might change in the near future as I have just moved into a nice apartment from the hostel that I was living in.

Having a personal kitchen could be a boon. It only has been six days here and I havn't once eaten outside and have been making my own food (its a record for me). So maybe a this recipe will be in my near future as well :-)

PS: @princessmewmew that's a great new logo :-)

I’m glad to hear you’ve moved into your own place! It can be fun, especially making your own food. Cost effective too! If you do make the banana bread I’d love to hear!

Thanks for the compliment on my footer, I am so pleased with it too!

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It's important to make the original version of a recipe first,...

That’s true. Even though you are inspired by “Joy the Baker's recipe the Queen of baking”, everyone is different, everyone has a diferent taste. I do love banana bread as well, even more when I have these days thinking about something sweet and nothing else. I’ve already made banana bread my self before few times and it has always satisfied my cravings. Baking banana is definitely great way not to waist or throw out any, especially in the summer time when it can go bad very fast. That’s also one of the main reasons I’ve been making banana cake myself. There are few ingredients I haven’t used before in my bread such as cinnamon, nutmeg, treacle syrup and vanilla essence. All are great ingredients that I find very tasteful and I will use when I get to baking banana bread again. I like the trick with the butter. I will remember it. If not, I can always check your blog 😆.
Looks tasty and delicious @adsactly & @princessmewmew!

yeah, this recipe is not so sweet, the muscovado sugar is more of a caramel taste than sugary. ANd the trick with the butter is literally LIFE CHANGING! lol. it really changes the taste. thank you!

@princessmewmew, First of all in my opinion Banana Bread is really unique itself but i really liked the Combination for sure. And in my opinion when it comes to food then we should have creativity.

And literally speaking, these pictures hold the appealing essence and whenever we see delicious stuff then automatically it creates an great essence in our tummy for sure.

Those Banana slices giving that refreshing essence and in my opinion anyone who will watch these kind of banana slices, they will prefer it in their own foodie stuff.

And all these Ingredient Details and step by step "How To" to process is really appreciable, and hope that many will going to try this recipe for sure because it's really creative.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

thank you so much for your lovely comment. Very much appreciated

Welcome and thank you so much for your kind appreciation. Stay blessed. 🙂

NICE POST, Want to try it..
Seeing photos and recipes of this banana cake seems very tasty. in our hometown, bananas are very abundant. We used to make fresh fruit, some cakes and even banana chips. but with this creation you have made a significant contribution to the development of cakes with banana ingredients. By making our own banana cake we are more experienced, adding to family members and of course very economical when compared to buying at a pastry shop.
as we know, bananas contain important vitamins and minerals for our body. The vitamin C content is beneficial for the body. Eating bananas is also very good for healing. Large potassium content is very useful for good health for heart health. Moreover, we know that bananas contain calories and sugar which are very well eaten after exercise because they can immediately restore energy. Also for those who want to lose weight bananas can be used as an alternative diet.
And what's great is that even in America there is a national banana bread day commemoration ...
With this banana cake recipe, we will taste the delicious cakes and get the big benefits.
Teima thanks @princessmewmew
Thank you @adsactly
thank you steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia

That looks yummy...after banana and banana shake this is something new....never heard of it but now thinking of giving a try...banana is always at home but it can be put in this unique never thought of. Here in India we use banana in multiple dishes like 'pua' ..though bit oily ..but we love oily stuff...thanks for sharing such amazing usage of banana.....👍

Yum! looks so good! Going to have to make some myself.

Never used muscovado sugar ? will have to try ? ty

I always use coconut sugar in mine

tiny tip back to you; whipping cream instead of the buttermilk "heaven"


ooh i will try with the whipped cream - i can imagine it makes the cake very light. Muscovado sugar is more caramel in flavour than regular sugar

don't whip the cream just pour it into the mix.
My cat Scar after dinner.

It is a very simple recipe, but you make it look wonderfully appetizing, I will try to make it at home :)

Awwww @princessmewmew you're so good at this! I love the photos and how the post looks! Of course, I like how the banana bread turned out to! :D Though, I can feel the texture is much different from the one I've been eating in Thailand since I was a kid. Prolly it's a bit different everywhere?? Wow, I'm now curious!

thank you babe! thats a lovely compliment.

It's got quite a dense texture, but super soft and crumbly. I've had banana breads that were more moist, and this one turned out a litttle bit more dry than those, which was quite refreshing. Almost cake like.

you'll just have to make it to see what i mean!!

Haaaa :D I suck at cooking but good at eating ❤️

I love banana bread. This version sounds yummy. Im going to use this receipe next time.

great stuff, thank you

love it!

thanks girlfren!

This looks amazing!! I will definitely upvote this post!

Thank you so much, very much appreciated!

Welcome back sir...
Your last recipe was ausome.
And this one is also glorious...bnnana. Bread
I will try at my kitchen and send you pictures..keep going...

Awesome, please do x

  ·  last year (edited)

Ok now you got me hungry, and I've access to plenty of bananas ..kisspng-daenerys-targaryen-game-of-thrones-youtube-dixit-minions-banana-5ad7c1cf8c5c71.3893792915240892955749.png

[email protected] Today you will share this tasty and delicious food ..This is favourite food recipe..This food is really tasty and also healthy..I like this food very much..

Thank you sharing this nutrious food photography..

I must say, I'm a banana lover in all its forms, usually in my house is not lacking, fortunately is a versatile meal, fast and economical, we can create different recipes, I'm surprised I've never read about a bread made of banana, sure is delicious, its preparation looks very simple and the images make your mouth a river, I think I should try it!

oh great recipi

looks yummy

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Sounds tasty @adsactly

Great recipe

Thanks for sharing it

Regards and have a wonderful weekend with your Family

yummy, I love a good banana bread!!! :)

thanks so much! who doesn't lol?!?

You are so very welcome! I know right? haha :)

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Yummm yummm I can't wait to make it!!

awesome, please let me know if you do

Very interesting "Did You Know" info. I just love banana bread. thanks for the recipe.

Thank you Andre, I am so pleased you enjoyed!

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

thank you very much for your kind words - much appreciated x

This very delicious food and I appreciate this post and I solidly trust that banana bread is something you ought to have the capacity to make whenever and anyplace, with a blender or with a fork, in a portion skillet or in a biscuit tin — at whatever point you have a couple of bananas going delicate and freckly. Banana bread, I'm almost certain, is no less than 50 percent of the reason bananas exist @princessmewmew..

Here is an exceptionally fundamental and extremely lenient formula that takes all of 10 minutes to whisk together. A hour of pausing while your home loads up with enticing fragrances and after that you'll be eating on your own one of a kind cut of warm, new heated banana bread.
Thanks for sharing this food Recipe @adsactly and @princessmewmew

Look at this! You vote your own comments and your conspirators.

How nasty is that?

One thing I could add for a substitution. If you don't have buttermilk. My great grandma would use full fat milk and squirt lemon into it. Just a helpful hint to help. Bake on my friends 😉

This is really good and simple recipe but I haven't try this before.But it healthy food also.It good for our health.Thanks to give such kind of imformation and give a good receipe.

The first time I tried banana bread, I did with smoothie (banana, watermelon and yoghurt cream). It was heavenly

This is mouth watering!

Banana is very useful for health. The Banana Bread taste made from home is completely different. Moist and delicious banana bread recipe. This banana bread is moist and delicious with loads of banana flavor!

Recipe looks great gon a try it tomorrow for my 3 kids they love banana bread... I'm trained chef and will soon be adding more top not cooking content on this Steem platform... Been here one day and I'm hooked 😊FB_IMG_1534286473754.jpg
She loves bananas

banana bread ??? I've never tasted it, but it looks delicious !!!

I have made quite a few different banana bread recipes, and just from reading this one I can tell it will be excellent. I will be trying this recipe within the next few days and will reply with my results

@adsactly-witness first it is a nice post
a lecture better put a speech about the health effect of eating my favorite food,
thanks for sharing

it looks like a banana bread from my favorite bakery :-p
will definitely try it looks nice and yummy.


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You’ve made it before? Where did you find the recipe? In my recipe book? There’s no brown sugar in the recipe and no tip about ripe bananas - where did you copy this comment from? Not cool at all!

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  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Interesting that you had time to do all of this five minutes after the post was written when it takes fifty minutes to bake? ... no where does it say to bake an hour? You confuse me as I know your comments are spam, why don’t you just take the time to write a nice and normal comment?

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You copied content from the post? Again? I don't get it. Another flag.

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Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 20.40.13.png

Sorry, I am not copy paste

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Look familiar?

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 20.34.47.png

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I’m surprised you’ve been making my personal recipe for years?

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Look familiar? not cool - flagged!

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 20.31.32.png

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Jeeze. You told me where you copied from. Flag.

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I’m curious to know how you made a fifty minute recipe in about five minutes and still have time to write this comment?