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Street Sold Food Might Be Harming You

A lot of times we are too busy, or are in a hurry to leave our homes, so we opt for food or meals sold on the street. Sometimes, we may be travelling to another town with a different culture, and we are attracted by the nice aroma of enticing street food. I know this happens a lot in Nigeria and in some other countries. Sometimes, the sold food may not be home-made meals, it could be locally made snacks. Some people like to patronize certain vendors for native meals and snacks however, we overlook a lot of possibilities while doing this.


It is sad enough that some packaged and industry-processed meals and food substances can harm us but do we realize that some street vended foods can harm us?

It is possible that some of us can vouch for certain restaurants, some of us are certain about their hygiene. We may even know some of these vendors personally. We may have been eating from some vendors for years but, have we considered the location at which the vendor is selling the food, and its poor handling which can lead to transfer of pathogens(microbes) from the vendor or others around or from the environment into the food?

Have we thought about the fact that water, vegetable,and spice used in preparing food such can easily be contaminated? What about chemicals from detergents or liquid wash used to clean utensils and equipment? Have you ever seen when a vendor is in a hurry to sell food? Everything has to be done fast. Did you know that chemical or physical contaminants can enter into the food,and microbial contamination from water,cloth and food handler can occur?


What about when food is hawked, improper storage,and temperatures of food during hawking might lead to heat-stable enterotoxins produced by pathogens.

This is not to scare anyone.This is just an awareness concerning some of the dangers of street sold food. We are prone to food borne diseases such as food poisoning, diarrhea, cholera,and typhoid fever if we constantly consume food prepared on the street. My brother was rushed to the hospital, one midnight, after he had consumed locally made food from a street vendor during the day. He had terrible stomach pain and was placed on admission in the hospital.



In China,street food caused 691 food poisoning outbreaks and 49 deathsfor years in Shangdong Province (China)

Water is one of the most important raw materials in many street food, therefore if a vendor uses contaminated water, this can create a health risk to the public. Often,the hygiene of water used by vendors can not be fully ascertained, yet it is used for drinking,as an ingredient,for processing food,or for washing hands,food,equipment and utensils.

Image result for water for cooking pixabay picture Africa


In Nigeria, more than 200,000 are suspected to die each year and about 120,400 deaths of Nigerian children under the age of five occurred in 2008, due to diarrhea and related diseases. Street sold food are riddled with problems and contaminants.


Few vendors know how to manage their waste, hence, the contamination of street foods is often linked to the waste generated by food processing, that is usually dumped near the vending site.

Sometimes vendors throw their wastes-especially liquid wastes into drainages nearby, thereby building homes and habitats for rodents and microorganisms.

A study carried out in Africa showed that a lot of food sellers prepared food like fish, fruit salads, roasted maize and chips in unhygienic conditions, given that garbage and dirty waste were close to the stalls.

Image result for refuse waste dump used for street vended foods in Nigeria 2018


Also in India some years ago, a fruit vendor's fruit juice on the street was examined and lots of bacteria was found in it. We can go on to say we use anti-biotics and our immune systems are strong but for how long?



PAHs are Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.They are chemical compounds containing hydrogen and carbons and they can be found in food sold on the streets, especially smoked food substances and tobacco.

Most PAHs are insoluble in water, however, human exposure varies across the globe and depends on factors such as smoking rates, fuel types in cooking, pollution controls on industrial processes, and vehicles.

Smoke generated from fuels like wood is a large source of PAHs.The burning of coal and biofuels for cooking and heating is a dominant global source of PAH emissions as well, but unfortunately this is one of the cheapest sources of fuel for cooking in developing countries.

Image result for smoke grilled street  foods in Nigeria 2018


In industrial countries, people who smoke tobacco products or consume food substances particularly smoked or grilled meat are exposed to PAHs. PAHs may also be deposited on plant food, especially broad-leafed vegetables, during growth,hence the need for good hygiene when cooking vegetables bought from the street. Emissions from vehicles such as cars and trucks can be a substantial outdoor source of PAHs in the air as well.
PAHs in the body system in large doses have been linked to cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

According to research,people living in Europe, the United States, and China have linked exposure to PAHs, to air pollution or parental occupational exposure, with poor fetal growth, reduced immune function, and poorer development, including lower IQ (source).


Pesticides, chemicals and insecticides which are usually used in the atmosphere can form harmful residues on food substances hawked or sold on the streets. Since most street food are ready to eat and fast, we are quick to consume.


We can keep up with this awareness, creating more awareness for street vendors and consumers. Our governments must be involved in ensuring the safety of sold and consumed street food.

If you know any vendors around you, encourage them to improve their hygiene and learn more about food safety acts and policies.

In the majority of developing countries,where street food safety policies do not either exist or are poorly enforced,food safety experts or health officials can take up the challenge.

As individuals, we can decide to reduce or abstain from street vended food. We must also become more hygienic with our food preparations too. Remember, it is important to always eat safe.

Authored by @ponmile


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street food will probably kill you, so stop eating street food

Right @kurosawa It's true :)

My cousin loved street food, few months ago. He had a vomiting, nausea and fever. Doctor test his blood sample and observe a bacterial infection due to unhygienic food.

That sucks. In my opinion it’s a risk worth taking but a bad bug can really mess up a vacation. I’ve eaten a ton of street food traveling and the only time I’ve gotten sick on vacation was in an actual restaurant.

Worth the risk - street food makes people smile together - Street Food is social experience together - sadly you fly solo if you get ill 🤣

Thanks for sharing your cousin's experience

Hi - Great & informative post. I have returned from travels around India and I must say I love food and street vendor -

Its a tricky one as for many people street food in India is a way of survival from people's livelihood and people's only nourishment. For a beggar to receive a fresh samosa from a vendor is a blessing. Of course hygiene is something key here and I also got very sick one day but as says when I ate in a street restaurant.

India is trying hard to try to implement hygiene and clean spaces with rubbish collections daily , more public lavorities but this will take time.

I agree if we know an establishment near us we can encourage them. For example explaining that using a dirty cloth to clean tables is one of the worst carriers of bacteria - this can be an easy education to suggest and a very simple fix - I believe dirty cloth cleaning tables was probably the cause of my illness in the cafe. I never once got sick eating with locals on the street.

A good thing to eat is fresh coconut - natural :) taken 3 weeks ago on my last trip to India


Love Food - Love Steemit - Love Travels
Have a great day all
Sonic Sonny 💁🏻

If the hygiene is fixed and are good to go.. The reason street foods can not be trusted is the hygiene and ingredients.. If you are certain about can keep consuming from your vendor..

There's no doubt that a lot of street foods are delicious - even more delicious than what's sold in restaurants. Also, street foods are cheap! So who doesn't like cheap, delicious food? 😆

But as consumers, we should use our senses to determine if the street food is worth the try. Look at where the cart's situated, the placement of foods and their condiments (if there are any), where the foods are placed, and their permit (usually hanged on the stall's roof or posted on a surface). Also, you can usually tell something's wrong on the first bite! So stop chewing and look at what you're eating.

Also, nowadays, health inspectors are more stern on imposing proper food prep and hygiene, so I guess we should trust on that. 😉

Sorry I just got a lot to say about this matter. I just love street food so much! But I always eat with precaution.

So, after what's said and done, and you decide to eat, just tell yourself: "BACTERIA'S STRONG, BUT I AM STRONGER."🤣

👍 Agreed

I love street food too! I don't eat much of it since there's not much here in the US. But in Hong Kong and! Getting to sample the local tasty and cheap!

Be careful...choosing tasty over healthy may not be the best decision. You can reduce it ..if you can not stop totally..

Many street food vendors seem to go long periods of time without washing their hands, cooking utensils, or plates.

The simple fact of the matter is that street food is being prepared in a generally uncontrolled and unhygienic environment. Cases of food poisoning rise during the heat, humidity, and standing water contribute to foster the growth of a number of nasty organisms and insect swarms. Meats and even vegetables and other ingredients which are sitting outside and unprotected for long periods of time can become contaminated.

There’s also the matter of where your food or its preparatory materials came from. How old is the chicken meat that’s going into your momos? Was the kebab you ate sitting around in a truck or warehouse all day, or was it sliced from a chicken slaughtered in the morning? You never know, unless you’re very familiar with the venue you’ve chosen.

Another big area of concern is water. It might taste amazing, but the water could have come from an unfiltered tap. Perhaps you’ll be keeling over on the toilet the next day.

Good addition...thanks

in my experience you are far more likely to get sick eating in a restaurant - esp. if bigger. They store food for longer and if experience a power failure then freezers warm up. Big hotel buffets are notorious for getting poep,sicl . Again poor storage. Fresh street food for me any time of the day.

Street Foods is un healthy in many ways, in fact, sometimes its a threat to one's health. With due respect to our fellow street food vendor but I am simply telling the truth that their engridients esp the oil were repeatedly used all throughout the week or sometimes even months and this is very cancerous. The microbial count present to the food is too much since it is expose to every insects on the street plus the smoke coming from the vehicles and etc.

It is better to cook food at home, it is far more healthy and safe.

My aunt who used to live in China came across a street vendor selling these pancakes for really cheap. She couldn't pass on such a deal and bought some. Turns out the reason it was so cheap was because the oil they used to cook with was actually recycled sewage oil. Disgusting. Eat at your own risk.

yes be very careful of street food and think high quality and look at the stuff for freshness

The only way to be truly safe is to prepare and cook your own homegrown fruits, vegetables, and livestock. So move to the country and get some land.

Amen to that!

Thank you for your blog @adsactly. It's a health awareness for everyone who are fond of eating street foods. It doesn't give us benefit to our heath but a destruction. I have an experience with that since my niece was sometime hospitalized due to typhoid fever bec of eating too much bbq at the street that was not cook properlyproperly. A reminder to all parents to give their children awareness about this matter.

@adsactly, great and valid points you have made.

While it might not be possible to eliminate the possibility of eating out totally, i think its best to consider some factors you have highlighted before taking to eating at a particular restaurant although compromise on personal hygiene can't be completely ruled out and with time, we can reduce to the barest minimum the issue of eating out.

Thank You

Yes, it is a gradual process..we can reduce until we can stop..

Like the Chinese saying, "Most diseases start from the mouth." You take a risk when you eat out, especially street food stalls. Everyone should be taking care of themselves to be healthy, but when in Rome...

Thanks for spreading the awareness. This article made me want to barf. I didn't realize the water they use could be so contaminated. I ate at a food truck in Brazil once and got very sick. I think you're point that everything is made fast and doesn't have time to be cleaned. Definitely some health inspections and regulations need to be implemented on these food trucks.

Great addition...thanks for sharing your experience

I believe it depends a lot on how the person is cooking the food.

If we know that the person is cooking food correctly, the raw materials are not infected or rotten; then I believe it is safe to eat.

On the other hand, we can find more unhygienic food in big establishments too.

Who knows what's cooking behind the door! At least we know how it is being cooked in front of us.

The road side selling food are really dangerous

Thank you so much for this awareness post.

I saw a Stray Dog drinking water direcently from a big container of water a food vendor used to prepare his food. After that I resolved within myself to prepare my own food plus it's a much more cheaper and healthier option.

Thats a good is the safest option

All the great food item

Yes sir, it is sad enough that some packaged and industry-processed meals and food substances can harm us

Oh mannnn but some street food just tastes SOO good! :(

Yes some of them taste so good..

@adsactly great post they say health is wealth..road side food is risky and cause damage to the body cos of the pollution on the street

Really nice food, I like it.
Thanks for sharing this Post.....

Very nice food, I like it.
Thanks for sharing this health.....

Thank you for the link to the forum ... I am a new steemian and this wa a greaat help ...
now i can pread my wing and meet new people lol :)

No food can't be compared with your home no matter how delicious it is, your home food is the best.

We only live once
I travel to eat
You dont live if you dont eat

A very meaningful warning for the health of all of us, we must be smart in choosing healthy foods.

I'm totally agree with you, highly nice post.

Yesterday had some street sold fold and now my throat is messed up.
You really gotta look before you eat anything..
Hygiene is important

I totally agree with you.
I would always prefer home made food over any other kind of food be it from the street or even an eatery and stuffs because at home you're very sure to make your food as hygienic as possible.
Great awareness post though. Resteemed.

Yes..home made food is the best.

The only food that's relatively safe to eat is what you prepare with your own hands. I've always maintained that.

This is one of the best blog i have ever read about the street foods, Many people says that these foods are not healthy enough but cant write or speak about it... But you have explained the goods and bad things so true that now people will be aware of the fact that what happens to them..
Thanks for writing this wonderful blog.

Beautiful your publications @adsactly are wonderful and helpful. I advise everyone to follow you and support you because you really deserve it

but so tasty~^^

Thanks For This Information

Another place other atmosphere. There is a hard place to get food there is a more food place

yup dear u are say right my heart saying me that if anyone eat meal I will kill him

You're very right there @ponmile.

The conditions in which most outdoor foods are prepared are mostly unsanitary but at the same time it's almost impossible to resist suya from a mallam especially when you've spotted a beer parlor close by. Hahahahahahaha

I am not the outdoor eating type though, mostly cause I'm shy (can't eat in public) so when faced with hunger outside the house, I opt for junk like cakes, biscuits, sausages, doughnuts etc.

Once my friend got chicken pox from eating outside, I have been scared to try such since then

Junks have their own disadvantages too..but you can choose the lesser evil 😁😁

This is also rampant in Uganda,street foods are so commonly enjoyed but deadly.sometimes the oil used is so old,the dust on the roads go direct to the foods and slot of uncleanliness is exercised.
Thanks my friend for the insight.

That is scary, @boomthrive. Sometimes vendors are just not responsible for the foods they sell, but as consumers, we must be cautious of what we eat. We'll know if it's dirty just by looking at the food, or the place where it's made and sold. Also, sometimes people just take diarrhea and cholera for granted, but these are deadly if you don't treat it fast and right!

By the way, are health inspectors in Uganda not strict enough to impose proper hygiene, sanitation and handling on street foods?

I'll tell you what. I have an incredible weakness for street vendor fish tacos just across the border in Mexico. I just love them. But I haven't had one in 15 years. One day it occurred to me that the place was at least 100 miles from the Ocean and the sanitary standards are not particularly good. So I quit.

Really good article that everybody needs to think about.

Smart....thanks for your addition

On a side (and bad) note, if you feel sick after eating bad street food or just food in general, here's what you can do.

  1. Drink lots of water. Expect that you're gonna be "throwing up" and "pushing out" a couple of times, so make sure you are not dehydrated.

  2. a. Take anti-motility medicine such as loperamide (every 6 hours until well), and b. oral rehydration salts mixed with a glass of water (every 6 hours until well). Also take some c. sports drinks such as Gatorade (every meal). Best if you take a, b, c.

  3. Take a rest and eat ONLY soft foods (e.g. light soups and porridge) until your body gets better and you've taken out all the toxins you got from the bad food.

I'm not a doctor, but I have siblings in the medical field, and I've taken care of many family members (including myself at one point) who've had bad experiences with bad food, and this is what I did that made us well. 😊

I hope this helps anybody reading this! This serves as a first-aid treatment, but if symptoms persist, best to go to the hospital.

Thanks @adsactly for sharing this post. At least I got an avenue to share these tips.

Thanks for your addition

yeah street food is so harmful for us...

Good bakehri

My father always tells me not to eat street food when I travel to Indonesia. it happened once, on the news, that some people use rat meat instead of chicken because it's cheaper and they make more profit using rat meat(but saying the food is made of chicken to their customers). Also the pollution will come into the food and the people selling food on the street don't have access to clean water. Still, street food tastes sometimes better than in restaurants.

Thank you for your addition...we have to chose between tasty and healthy

Such a great ideas I will try these in my life let's see result and thanks dude for sharing

Thnxxxx fr creating a social awareness among the peoples... street food isnt bettr fr health becoz its too much poisonous..... But some items r little gd...

Thnxxxx fr uploading a nic post sir...😃😃☺☺👌👌👌

Very nice post and great article

Street food is undoubtedly unhealthy ...... And can be the root to diseases.......but a place is recognised by its food. ........
U r sharing good information but what about the vendors that have selling Street food their only way to live... It kinda gives hope and cheap food to millions of people who cant afford restaurant readily........

And my personal thing to u @aggroed .... Why dont u reply......

Thwt is why vendors are advised to be more hygienic or to put up hygienic measures so that customers and consumers will be at ease to eat their food..

Hola @adsactly
Bien interesante tu artículo. La información es muy completa.
En lo particular no suelo comer comida chatarra. No compro "mugrosita" como la llaman en mí país.
Las medidas sanitarias de estos vendedores ambulantes con precarias. Muchos no poseen permisos sanitarios y si los tienen no las cumplen.
Las verduras y vegetales son lavados en tobos y manipulados de manera asquerosa. He tenido la oportunidad de ver a vendedores tocándose sus partes, sacándose mocos, peinándose arriba de los alimentos que manipulan y pare usted de contar.
Incluso el agua con el que elaboran los jugos es agua del chorro.
La materia prima que utilizan es de baja calidad y hasta desperdicios.
No a los vendedores ambulantes.
Saludos y Gracias.


really you have put lots of effort in writing the article. from now I will try to avoid "street food". yeah really we will be victim of many diseases since we doesn't know how actually they store the food. thanx for sharing your discord channel @adsactly I am in :)

wow good health food i like this thanks for shareing

Bu na çözüm basit sokaktan yemiyeceksiniz. Peki insanlar neden sokan yer yada sokakta satış yapar. Bunları cözerseniz sorun biter

Why Street Food is the only available choice for some people

At most times, some does not really have much of a choice because of the situation they find themselves. In Nigeria, street food is one major business that runs and fetches income for people.

This is so because lots of people leaves their home very early to beat the morning traffic so as to get early to work. So they don't really have the time to prepare food for themselves or even their family. And then they close from work at 4pm or 5pm, to get home as late as 9pm or 10pm at night.

Already exhausted, they just want to relax and catch some sleep as soon as they can in preparation for the next day routine. So there is virtually no time to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner.

As sad as it might seem, some really have got no choice. But i will advise such people to always go for a regular check up on their health. Like @adsactly has rightly pointed out, their are lots of health hazard in this kind of pattern. So staying healthy is the best way of staying wealthy. Therefore, keep fit! Keep Healthy!

Anyways, Just voted you as a witness. Success!!!

The food bought on the street is really harmful,you don't know how it was prepared,the hygiene used to prepare the food even the environment,they may be dustbins around and a lot of flies around,they perch on the food we are about to buy.Am also guilty of eating this street food sometimes but i can't help it because there is not enough time to cook sometimes.God will save us.Nice post

You are right. Vendors majorly face the water challenge... Clean water is scarce in a lot of places..

very true all that it exposes on this article, the truth exists an unlimited quantity of street food that can be damaging the health, for that reason I try to take care, the of me fast foods is toxic

Education in food hygiene is key to reducing food poisoning outbreaks, here in the UK we have fairly strict food hygiene regulations but outbreaks still occur and occasionally, some people die or suffer from the effects for years after the initial incident.,
Some of the main problems with street vendors are the following

  • the lack of toilet and hand washing facilities, because vendors need to go to the toilet just like everyone else,
  • poor temperature regulation of cooked and uncooked foods,
  • cross contamination, where cooked and uncooked food come into contact with each other

The list goes on, these are some of the health risks associated with street food, education is key to at least limiting the occurrence of these outbreaks, as mentioned above, we have fairly strict regulations in the UK with fines and imprisonment for the worst offenders, we also have food hygiene certification as a means of determining a persons knowledge of the correct handling of food, vendors don't get to vend food if they don't have one since these are a prerequisite for obtaining a vendors licence,

btw excellent post

I'm just for tasty and healthy food. To say that street food is not tasty I can not, because it is tasty, but also harmful. Fatty food, moreover, cooked on the street can not be useful for health. From the street, with detergents and used products (such as oil) many microbes can enter your food.Be careful! And in general, cook at home, it is tastier and more useful. at home is way matter how tasty street food is.

Thanks, @adsactly for sharing this well-researched and informative post on the need for us to be conscious of what we eat, especially roadside foods or along the street. Thumbs up @ponmile

Thank you...

You're welcome.

Oh, it's better not to eat on the street, you have to take care of your health.

I just never buy and never eat anything on the street

Thats a good choice

the food was very tasty

@adsactly! thank you had to share a post on how to keep the health. when is traveling indirect eat food streets without know for sure. it is a news valuable for US

i love this food

Just recently took a trip to Jamaica and there were tons of street vendors. As shady as they appear, they all pretty much support their family from their mobile diners. Don't be afraid to support them. Most of them are safe. You just have to use your best judgment and follow your intuition.

It is good to support vendors..the best way to do this is to enlighten them and ascertain that they are as hygienic as possible..

yeah ,street food is dangerous but tasty also..

There's always a risk involved with street foods. I live in China and the street foods here are more than abundant and very often super unhygienic. Many vendors have meats and vegetables just sitting out in the open all day regardless of the weather, hot or cold. I'v often gone out for drinks early in the night around 8-9 pm and come home at 5-6am to see the same exact vendor sitting on the side of the street with the same meat just lying there.

They reuse oil, never wear gloves, rarely clean their work area, and have all their sauces / seasonings completely open. I get food poisoning about once a year and it sucks, but it's a risk I know I'm taking. There's always a possibility for something worse but I don't really know anyone who has gotten anything worse and millions of people eat these foods every day.

The foods are soo delicious and I'd never stop eating them just because I'm worried of a little food poisoning. There's a high chance of getting diarrhea but that's about the extent of the pain you accept to enjoy these amazing foods.

If you are comfortable with diarrhea once in a while, well you can keep enjoying tasty street food. But remember your immune system needs to remain strong to keep up..otherwise you may find yourself battling chronic typhoid

Eating street food is a risk although quick. Here in Nigeria, diarrhea causes isn't only street food but also unclean water which is probably a main cause added with poor hygiene, unfortunately children are the major victims.

Well said.. Unhygienic water is one of tge major reasons street food can be harmful

Sometimes its good, but most of the times it's bad and unhygienic for the health.

you are absolutely right and you have write on a sensitive issue it is reality and mostly peoples are aware of this type of food they know street foods are unhygienic and dangerous with health one of my friend have lost his life by eating expiry street food.
We should be aware.

but food so yummy at hawker centa


I love to eat a crab
And that's my favorite food.
Thanks for this @adsactly

the best food is homemade food ;-)

I love how one of the answers is the government "must" be involved. GMO food may harm you. Steroids in food may harm you. Factory farming is a terrible farming practice, and yet, it is against the law to film it. These are a few issues where governments are involved and results are terrible. Can there be issues with street food? Yes! Can there be issues with food in a high-end restaurant? Yes! There are always going to issues with food. If you're a neurotic SOB and are constantly fretting over this and that when it comes to food, you probably will miss out on some excellent cuisine experiences. Just sayin!

Well, there will always be issues with food and of course we don't need to fret..but would you rather we continue to eat food not minding how it is prepared?

Nope. That is up to the individual to make that choice.

691 outbreaks of infection, it is a high number. I take food from home if I go to work.
In my country, the authorities do sanitary control of establishments and meals, but there are many street sales that are difficult to control
Thanks for such a good article.

Good choice....thanks for your addition too

And yes you are right it happens a lot in Nigeria, i hope a lot of people get to read this article and maybe be more mindful about what they put into their stomachs, i had kilishi one time in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria and got food poisoning, i believe there are those vendors that take hygiene serious, those are who we should look out for if we must eat out

Yes..hausas mostly make kilishi and they make it so well but sometimes I wonder about their meat source and hygiene..

That's d problem if its abt taste dont worry, dey always finish work but hygiene is d bone of contention

Food in street is no doubt harmful ..
Your point of view is very true ...
But on the other hand about the five stars resturants we are not certain about the quality of the ingeridents .. May b they also use unhealthy ingredient but we are not aware of it ...
So on the basis of this we cant catagorize any outdoor food as healthy and harmful ...

Yes we can...if we can not vouch for the hygiene of the food , where and how it is being prepared.Then it can be harmful.. You have not suffered food poisoning , ask those who have...

I like street food~

Be careful with that..just last week, a couple of friends came back from a party. They got sick with was the food..

Wow, well that motivated me to eat more raw fresh fruit and vegetables! As a Nutritionist I'm familiar with chemicals and the most beneficial ways to eat foods but this article blew me away with how outlined and detailed it was. Not too appetizing to have an e-coli sandwich with a side of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

Thank you for your addition

You got it! grateful for posts like this. A friend indulged his daughter with Mc-Something and then candy and then cotton candy - thinking he was doing a good thing by over indulging the girls who he does not get to see everyday. THEN one wakes up with vomiting at 3 in the morning. Even if it's not specifically 'street food' quality and some ingredients, I feel, have no place being in our foods!

Your amazing postings I see, read, enjoy and innovative, can add knowledge, thanks for sharing.

This is a big issue. There is street food in so many countries and people must depend on the good practices of the vendors. there is no government organization that oversees how the food is prepared or stored. The key is to make sure you know and trust the vendors. Another good thing to do is to ask the vendors about how they store and select their food. If they seem questionable, do not purchase it.

Good addition...asking them could help

#Beautifulphotos, a great #story behind all those walls. Nothing more wonderful than the nature and simplicity of the #human being. Greetings from somewhere in the #world, vote positive if you use steemit... #Vote for my #publication about the #mystery of lightning @storypictures

Great post 👍

Great crypto currency post
I love it your every Post
Thanks for sharing......

As a result, instances of food adulteration and contamination can occur. Traditionally, societal preferences call for hot and well-cooked food, and even milk is boiled (pasteurized). These habits are partially responsible for preventing foodborne infections. Street food is popular in urban settings in many parts of the world

Tackling only food quality, for instance, cannot ensure that street food vendors play the most positive role in realizing food security of the urban population. It is important not to forget that the street foods constitute a very heterogeneous sector and the interventions need to be carefully planned by keeping different aspects such as gender, secondary audience, and local customs into consideration. It is also necessary to differentiate between vendors selling freshly prepared food on the spot or hawking dishes prepared earlier at home, with the second practice being much more risky in terms of foodborne pathogen and spores. Needless to say, general education levels also play an important role in ensuring safe street foods. The more both vendors and patrons will be educated and the more they will know about issues such as nutrition and food safety, the more they will be interested in having the business as clean and the products as healthy as possible.

Please, unless it's your words, your knowledge and your work, SITE SOURCES. I saw this on Google. Stop plagiarism in this beautiful community of Steemit. I'm sure you can do better than that.

For your mind, please don't reply my comment. Nonsense


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