Food Frenzy #1 : A food contest

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Hello fellow steemians!!!
I am Nidhi and I blog on food. I had started steemit in starting of July. Food is my life(Basically it is everybodys life😂😂😂).
I love cooking.
I have not seen many food contests on steemit.
So, by starting this FOOD FRENZY CONTEST, I would like to help the food bloggers aNd chefs by providing them a platform where they can show their skills and win if they deserve it.
This will also encourage them to put in more effort into the steemit platform and show them that hardwork will help you grow here.


  1. Start the title of your entry as "Food frenzy contest #1: Name of recipe".
  2. Only one entry per person is allowed.
  3. Post must include photos and recipe (obviously 😂).
  4. #food-frenzy must be used as first tag so that your entry is not missed.
  5. Post your entry in comments too.
  6. DEADLINE: Until this post is 5 days old (TILL 5th OCT 6.30GMT / 6th OCT 12:00AM IST).

As this is my first contest, I would request all participants to resteem this post so that it reaches to maximum possible people.

Now lets talk about the rewards.


There will be 2 rewards for the first and second positions.

Prize pool:

  1. 25% of the post’s liquid sbd
  2. 10 SBD (thanks to @tech-trends)
  3. 300SP deligation for 4 weeks to each winner (thanks to @reggaemuffin)

First place reward:

2/3rd of the sbd pool + 300SP delegation for 4 weeks

Second place reward:

1/3rd of sbd pool + 300SP delegation for 4 weeks

Winners will be decided by me(@nidhisrecipes) and @indian-mom after this post is 7 days old.

At last, I would like to thank @reggaemuffin and @tech-trends for their support as sponsors. This wouldn't be possible without their support.
Also, thanks to @indian-mom to give time to judge this contest.

Shout out to the people who would like to sponsor my future editions of this contest.
Also message me on discord if you would like to become a guest judge for my future contests.

Follow me to keep track of such contests in future.
Upvote this post and help me in making it a big success.
For recipes and posts on positivity, do follow me.


hiii dear @nidhisrecipes, great and unique idea of "Food Frenzy" food contest you managed, i appreciate and supported you, and hope for the best, every steemian specialy food lover should participate in this contest to win offer.

thanks a lot :)

Great step and an inclusive one. A contest for food bloggers and chefs to make their talents popular and win prizes. Good luck. Resteeming for all the food bloggers in my list.

Hi my friend! I finally managed to bring my support and send my entry into your lovely contest, hope you like it!
Thank you!

<3 Great Idea, Nidhi! U.R.R. for you! <3

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I Hope every Food Lover will appreciate Here

I'M wait for best Recipes, are u share it ??

I do share recipes on my blog. Do check them out 😃

Thank you very much for allowing me to participate. Here I leave my post

Hi @nidhisrecipes! This is my recipe and my participation in this first food contest. This is the entry

Hello my friend, I got to know about your contest thanks to @progressivechef! Here is my entry, hope you like it!

Thank you!

Nice! I will put up my herbal tea receipe 😁