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My Steemit Marketing Plan I and My Steemit Marketing Plan II

How to help steemit Add 20-50 million new users Traffic Plan


Plan 1) Need steemit company invested real money to buy traffic (Target user group, I have a marketing plan 1 to do a detailed description)

If there is no money invested, how we can help users do steemit,First, we can through the social networks, the second step can write professional sales article, so that more users know steemit, through classic article has been produced as a case, such as "@sweetsssj sister earn $6000 on steemit" etc.

第一步,我们可以通过社交网络, 第二步可以写专业的销售文章,让更多用户知道steemit, 通过已经制造的经典文章作为案例,比如 "甜心妹妹在steemit赚取6000刀“等等

Today, I would like to introduce how to promote steemit through social networks, article marketing will introduce in the next section

今天先来介绍我是如何通过社交网络来宣传steemit, 销售的文章将放在下一章节介绍

First, look at me social marketing computer, see the top toolbar, I often use more than 150 Different social sites From different countries (Many language, the Netherlands, China, Spain, Taiwan, Japan, Russia),For the average user, you not have to use so many. Usually you just use facebook, twitter, reedit, google+, pinterest,deviantart,stumbleupon,weheartit,flickr and other,Many can be synchronized


首先,来看看我平时工作,主要做社交营销的一台电脑, 我经常使用的社交网站分别有150多个,来自不同国家(许多语言种类,有荷兰,中国,西班牙,台湾,日本,俄罗斯等),对于普通用户来说,你们不一定要用到这么多, 一般你们只需使用facebook, twitter, reedit, google+, pinterest,deviantart,stumbleupon,weheartit,flickr and other, 许多都可以同步

Here is my example: / 下面是我的样例:

@myfirst at


@myfirst at weheartit


@myfirst at deviantart


@myfirst at stumbleupon


I believe that if each of you, like me, have very good results, do not believe?, and see just submitted 10 minutes on deviantart, someone put articles and images into their own collection of favorites



You can put this site collection, http: //, more popular social networks added.

你们可以把这个网站收藏,, 常用的社交网络在这里都有

我将会在以后介绍,如何写文章 提交到超过50-100个和Steemit用户目标群相关的网站,带来更多的新用户

I will introduce in the future, how to write articles to do SEO, how to submit to more than 50 to 100 sites and Steemit target group related websites

We hope steemit salespeople, to see my plan 1, and quickly started marketing

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多谢甜心支持 :) , CN区写作能力最强的目前算是你了,每篇文章都是精华

Thank you so much for promoting Steemit. I believe that Steemit will grow big.


Totally agree 100%. Happy to upvote. Following and looking forward to reading more of your posts. Posted an interesting piece about the future of Social Media. You may like to see it. Cheers. Stephen

This is great article. I am happy to upvote. Following and looking forward to reading more of your posts. Made an interesting post earlier on about the future of Social Media. You may like to see it. Catch us also on Twitter Twitter✔. Cheers. Stephen

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