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After a week of being away from the gym during the holidays, my workout session was not as brutal as I thought it would be.

The first exercise I was given to do was a cardio boxing workout that consisted of one hundred punches (jabs, upper cuts, and kicks). I actually enjoyed the boxing and had more strength in my arms than I had previously during my first boxing session.

The next round of workouts was a little bit more challenging with the medicine ball. I lifted a thirty pound ball over my head and bounced it on the floor catching it and then lifting it up again for three sets of ten.

I was also introduced to a new exercise where I lifted a forty pound rod from my shoulder area and then pushed it up in the air, extending one arm at a time.

My final set consisted of the band resistance leg/ankle exercises that stretched my IT bands and worked my hip muscles.

During the next workout session, measurements will be taken to record my progress.

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Great Job! Stick with it. You're inspiring me to get my fitness on beyond my dance classes.


Dancing is also quite the workout. I have been watching some of the dance classes at the gym, and everyone comes away sweating.

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