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This is my entry into Finish the Story Contest - WEEK #32! host by @bananafish and all those who help keep this contest a weekly thing.

by @f3nix

The hoverbike lay abandoned on its side, the engine still warm. The fine black dust carried by the incessant wind was a snake that crept in every small recess.

From the top of the dune the Tesseract 19 could be seen with the naked eye. The column pierced the black sea of ​​graphite and challenged the dark crimson sky. The awareness of his distance made him wince. That construction was enormous. That impenetrable artifact, Moloch's sharpest tooth.

Intertwined with dust, the warm wind brought an imperceptible howl: the bark of the monolith, an omen of death.

The man waited, a stiff exoskeleton bent over the black sand. The helmet lay abandoned beside him. Soon the team would have arrived.

"Soon you will arrive too and everything will be accomplished, one way or another."

He thought of her smile, her courage, her strength. "My life, how could I've been so reckless to have you involved in all this?" The tears were already kneading blackened as the memories of their happy normality swept over him.

"I can not let them find me like this". He stared at himself from outside: another tower on a dune, far more uncertain than the one that howled his feral wish.

These and other demons echoed within the chambers of his soul, when his eyes met a green sprout. The man stared that little miracle that, against every odd, was striving to affirm its existence. In the midst of that sea of bottomless ​​despair.

The tear finally found its way lingering and bathed a leaf. The man managed to pull himself together and, now smiling, he put on his helmet.

"This Moloch will tremble, time has come for an awakening."

My Ending

Mike was on his knees tied to a chair with broken legs. The sand crunched between his teeth as he swallowed any saliva his body mustered up.

The three men who captured Mike entering the city brought him to face Mayor Trajo, a hideous looking man. An acid scar covered his face. It was from a boy who snapped back in chemistry class after he'd gotten tired of being picked on by Trajo for a year straight. The boy was found mutilated inside a local theater weeks later. Parts of the boy's flesh and muscle were cut away and not found at the scene. Service to Moloch began that day.

"We searched him. Found nothing you asked for, Mayor," said one of the three men.

"The dike?" Trajo asked. All eyes in the room avoided his. "We'll deal with that later."

"Welcome home," Trajo said cracking his knuckles. "You stole things. They weren't gifted back to us. Clever of you to cover your tracks with a sandstorm."

Mike's vocal cords itched as he spoke. "They are not yours nor mine to keep. The lands will prosper and grow. The people with it."

Trajo: "What would that do for my business?"

Traje nodded his head to the executioner standing behind Mike. The executioner tightened the ropes around Mike's wrist.

Trajo: "Tell me where you planted the seeds?"

Mike didn't mind the pain by looking deep inside of himself. He reminded himself why he did what he did; why he taught the people the difference between evil speech and speech based in love; why the people needed to see life grow in an area they were told it could not.

Trajo: "When the circulation is cut off too long, the hand turns a blue, white, or black color, depending on how long it's cut off, of course. We're going for black. That means gangrene has developed. Do you have any idea what that will do to your biological system once it's released into your bloodstream?"

Mike: "They're planted in the minds of the people."

Trajo: "About that. People should be allowed to say anything they want, whenever and wherever they want. I don't like it when they say loving things to one another, but it goes with the territory. It is so much easier to destroy than it is to create. So, when you teach them this - the very thing I hold over them - they don't vent their angry, hate-filled feelings freely to one another. When they don't vent freely, it destroys what I've created. That makes my job much harder when they start thinking they don't need me. They begin to see me as a ...," along with a cut-eye stare at Mike and a Merkel-Raute hand gesture, his voice got soft, "a monster. ... That is not good for business."

A flash-bang coming through a vent blinded everyone in the room. Smoke and coughing followed. Mike felt the ropes tying him to the chair snap lose and his arm violently being tugged on after. "Run!" a women's voice, his woman, shouted.

They bolted out the door. She closed it and slammed the locking-mechanism down when they were out.

Trajo is heard banging on the door shouting as they run down the hall and out onto the street, "Bitch! Fucking bitch! Open this fucking door, cuck! How the f..."

The End

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Sweet! Thanks @f3nix

I like what you did with that one tiny wisp of a plant. It represented for you rebellion against tyranny, a plan for the future. Trajo could kill Mike but he couldn't kill the ideas planted in the people's heads, or the seeds that would provide nourishment for their bodies. It's an interesting dynamic.
I'm relieved Mike got to keep his hands :)

I've currently had conversations around "Is all speech freeing?" with those who protect freedom of speech. Most don't understand how destructive it is to allow anyone and everyone to speak their evil speech in front of people who don't have the tools to defend themselves. It can very dangerous and have devastating consequences.

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This part I liked in particular:

Trajo: "About that. People should be allowed to say anything they want, whenever and wherever they want. I don't like it when they say loving things to one another, but it goes with the territory. It is so much easier to destroy than it is to create. So, when you teach them this - the very thing I hold over them - they don't vent their angry, hate-filled feelings freely to one another. When they don't vent freely, it destroys what I've created. That makes my job much harder when they start thinking they don't need me. They begin to see me as a ...," along with a cut-eye stare at Mike and a Merkel-Raute hand gesture, his voice got soft, "a monster. ... That is not good for business."

That's a common perception that it's easier to destroy than to create. I wonder if it is indeed. ... I guess creation goes hand in hand with destruction. One cannot be judged without the other. And so it goes. The fight evil against good.

In the end, even the psychopath has some desire to be liked and not be seen as a monster, even though he does monstrous things and wants to be respected despite that fact. You show the senseless effort to destroy matter in exchange for what is in the mind. Which cannot be changed, only forced.

Once people see the psychopath, they tend to stop following them. They might go unconsciously look for another psychopath if they didn't learn from that experience though. One big circle.

Interesting, as I am pondering about this concept of psychopathy in my chamber and made a recording about it. Still not sure if I will publish it.

But as for becoming a person with psychopathical potential mighty and get in charge it needs people who like to fall for this form of charme and who want another one to be responsible for what is saying inwardly "yes" in them to tyranny. It interests me, as I think that there is no pure victim and no pure perpetrator as it all goes hand in hand.

It comes down to the vetting process. If we don't know how to vet from those who abuse power from those who can use power responsibly, then the form is more likely to get into power and destroy the light.

I'll dare say that we don't currently live in culture that can distinguish between the light path and the dark path, which is why here in American we have Trump as a president along with the new Supreme court dude, Kavanaugh (and many more example of people who should NOT be in positions of power).

Part of my idea for this dialogue comes from this and the comment I provided down below -->

We who live here in America have a nation full of traumatized people who have yet to deal with their traumatizing past. This makes it really easy for a psychopath to control others. I myself was once a victim of a psychopath. I remember saying to him one day, "I like it when you scream at me." - while on the other hand I asked myself, "Why the fuck do I like this guy screaming at me? I DON'T! like that shit. It feels bad." I moved from one traumatizing environment to a new one without understanding why I liked putting myself in that situation.

Since you having been traumatized and your current you I see a difference. If you talk about a relationship between an adult and a child, I say: If you survived that, the work begins in adulthood.
But to set that clear: Children need to be protected from traumatization.

As we all know (show me one person who was not traumatized during childhood in one way or the other), that does succeed in some cases and in others not.

There is a tendency from the formerly victim that he copies the behavior of the perpetrator but not seeing this. It's coping the strategy to control other peoples behaviors and speeches.

For me, its best to speak from the "I"-perspective. So I am too was traumatized and I realized that I behaved as an adult like those who hurt me. Still do that as well as let it happen when I am not aware. My choice to deal with this occurring tendency is to refrain from projecting evil onto others but see the dark in myself which needs to be accepted and, as a result, to be re-integrated peacefully.

In a way, everyone as a "Trump" in himself, don't you think?

P.S. I read the linked conversation. It's good that you say to distance yourself from hate speech. That's the only thing you can do and hope for as many others who do have the same insight. Which they do. A lot.

I love the unexpected way this goes, yet still tying back to the first half so well. Moloch being slang for a tyrant, who resents being seen that way, is a brilliant touch. And the seeds, and the parallels between the plant in the desert, and the spread of ideas, the rise of resistance. Beautifully woven. it works like a well encapsulated snapshot, that does leave me wondering what happens next, more about the world this is set in, but has the same feeling as a photo, complete in what it is, although you may not know the whole story.

I was hoping someone would see what you wrote. 8-)

Laugh and mock this character named Muloch. We got a whole lot of Mulochs in our World like this. Heh, no surprise he got out scott-free. Upvot’d and resteem’d.

I was trying to find a way to end it without killing Mike off. The ending is rushed. lol

I see that you have taken literally what @f3nix often says, namely: "subverting the story completely". Some elements remain: the Moloch, the bud ... but the whole context changes.
I would have liked if you had also subverted the limit of words and given a final to this story. I have the curiosity to see who will win between the hysterical despot and the rebels.

I'm really doing my best to NOT subvert the story. Most of the time (or at any time - ha), I'm not understanding the story itself. I look for words that seem to be clues, do some research, and write. I'm lost in the dark. I would love some pointers and things to think about.

I see the thing you bring up here in the way I comment as well, but I don't know how to go about fixing it. I do read some comments to gather ideas on what I can say in the future or even at that time.

I agree about this ending of mine. I reached the word limit and needed to find a way to end. I do think of endings as another point to a new beginning. It is a continuous circle.

For a second thought Tortia de Pello had returned. Tough situation. Glad they got away.

I thought about the tortillas too lol

Mike: "They're planted in the minds of the people."


When they will be planted also in their hearts, those fear's cage bars will finally vanish into dust.

Just because they are planted, doesn't mean they will grow. Continuous watering in the light direction is required.

When they will be planted also in their hearts, those fear's cage bars will finally vanish into dust.

I sure hope so! I'm working on doing that for myself at the moment. Then I can help others.