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A contest with a pot of 8 @steembasicincome shares? You're in the right place!

97 @steembasicincome shares awarded till now through the contest!

Prize categories:

1st place : n. 4 steembasicincome shares

2nd place : n. 2 steembasicincome share

Popular jury : n. 2 steembasicincome share (remember to vote your favorite!!)

@Calluna here filling in for @f3nix - I have a quite open opening for you this time, and I am really excited to see what wonderful possibilities you all think up - I have no idea how this one could end! I am also going to use this opportunity for some shameless self promotion, and mention my own contest #tellastorytome - I will be bringing out part two of the latest round tomorrow, where anyone can win simply by voting for their favourite entry!

Things that please the Bananafish mighty god!

  • vote, vote, vote your favorite story!

  • Try to post your story the earliest possible and not at the last moment.

  • Sustain, comment and upvote each other as a true group of friends and fiction lovers.

  • Respect the 500 words limit.

  • Post in your blog instead than in the comment section.

  • help our contest & workshop to grow by giving it some visibility.

And now.. let's dive into today's story!


The Town That Changed

Change blew in on the air that morning, whispering through a sleeping town. An eerie quiet rested along the main road, early commuters not yet disturbing the grey dawn. A wisp of waning moon, brushed pink with the gentle glow of the coming sun, hung low in the ombre sky.

A subtle shift rocked the heavy foliage of scattered trees, rippling between the houses. The cool silence of night still clung to the shadows. A lone ginger cat stalked between the sentinels of bins guarding the curbs. It paused, hair bristling along it’s back as it sensed a disturbance rushing past.

A lone mournful howl echoed in the streets, erupting into a sorrowful symphony as others took up the canine call.

Not a single harsh bark interrupted the lament that awoke the town that morning.

Back doors opened onto gardens, not quite the same. Concerned residents in an array of dressing gowns, coats and slippers, padded outside to find the same, inexplicable sight.

Theo hadn’t been home in months. He had told his mum he was getting clean. It was a lie. He hadn’t been clean in years.

The dark country road snaked before him, a twisting river of retreating night. She had insisted he came home for the wedding. Theo couldn’t stand her boyfriend, but his mum had half chewed his ear off over it, and he couldn’t deny, he owed her this.

He swore under his breath. The rising itch was dancing across his skin. The hard edge cutting inside him. He needed another hit. He had been driving since 1am, he loaded up before he set off, but the ragged scraping of the comedown was consuming.

He glanced at the road, he hadn’t passed another car in hours, and he knew these twisting roads.

One hand on the wheel, he fumbled through the bag on the passenger seat. He couldn’t face that c*nt sober, Aunt Hazel would help.

His skin flushed with the intense bliss coursing through his veins as he approached the sleeping streets.

Dawn was pushing towards the horizon, her soft pink glow catching the clipped moon.

Theo was speeding when he got to the town. He heard the hair-raising call of neighbourhood dogs, raising their cry as one.

Then he saw it. The change. He couldn’t look away. He didn’t see the tree.


Join the fun! Here is how this contest works:

  1. An unfinished fiction story or a script is posted.
  1. You finish it with your own post or a comment in the comment section. A limit of 500 words is recommended.
  1. YOU WIN! 8 @steembasicincome shares to the writers with the best ending.

The result will be out on Tuesday 14th August, 14:00 PM - two o' clock in the afternoon GMT+7 (U.S. West Coast time zone). Submission deadline: Monday 13th August, 12:00 PM - noon GMT+7 (U.S. West Coast time zone)


The great and generous @bananafish rewards the faithful!

Still @calluna here! We already know the wise and fair @bananafish can be strengthened with offerings of delegation, and curation. Through this, the strength of many, shall become the strength of one. So in time, the strength of one, can in turn, become that of many. As the delegations grow, so does the value of the vote, so as the power grows, so it returns.

We have been assured, by the great banana-whisperer himself - @f3nix , that the mighty god appreciates those who support it, and in doing so, support this entire contest. For me, it is already it's own reward. In a steemit full of vanishing contests, your support allows this one to keep going, and allows everyone to polish their writing skills with a challenging weekly work out. By coming together and sharing the work, we can empower the potassium rich deity to create an oceanic fruitsalad that never runs out!

So join the core, support the mission! Pledge your allegiance with your delegation, show your continued support through by joining the curation trail, and all will share in the glorious bounty of the great @bananafish!

In other news, we have been mapping the @bananafish realms! The elusive creature has visited story tellers all over the globe! If you haven't already dropped your location tag on the map, you can do so here - let's spread word of the @bananafish far and wide, so we can paint the world in multi-coloured markers!

If you like this contest..SPREAD THE GOSPEL! I'm grateful for your resteeming and word of mouth. Everything helps to grow together!


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Potassium rich deity is priceless Cal! 😂😂😂 I might include it in the account's description.. I'm sure that the story will ignite a swirling dance of awesome endings. Thanks, the Bananafish force flows strong in you, young padawan!

Great to see this writing exercise growing every week. Good luck to all the writers. 👍👍


But we also miss your stories bud!!

Yo brave storytellers! Vote your favorite story here below!


Hardest part of this contest is the vote. As usual torn, but I'll go with @maverickinvictus. Inspiration seems to have carried him away on this one.


I loved all the stories! My vote goes to @agmoore... from the descriptive writing to the many clever details to the overall tone and polish of the piece, I enjoyed every word. Kudos!


I liked @sidquest's take on this one, it was a really fun read :D


There are several awesome story endings, but my favorite this time is @blueteddy's


I, @marcoriccardi and my D-Infinity agree: give @blueteddy that victory!


Blue Teddy's story struck a nerve in me. It was so beautifully written.


@blueteddy enjoyed the story!

Here's my entry. Thanks for the fun contest!


Yo man! Don't forget to vote your favorite 🤙


Welcome back dude!


Welcome to the contest @aduragbemi!

From the couple hours of research comes 550 words sure to excite your horrified mind. haha


Mhh enticing.. I will soon protrude my pulsating tentacles around your story!


Careful. You might get eaten.


Welcome back bud 👍

Here be me submission: Vita vivet for this contest.


Welcome Dr. Iron F3lix!


Thank you for the great invitation.

Hello, this is my entrance ticket to the contest, a big hug for the whole community in general and for the other participants.


medusaeffect Really enjoyed writing this.

Story is submitted! Hope everyone enjoys, I haven't written like this in a long time!


Great! Please, can you drop the link here? ;)

Read some amazing entries on here. Got more to read! My contribution:


Don't tell me.. I'm so behind bud! I'm enjoying some holidays in the Alps but soon will catch up with everyone!


Sounds like a lot of fun. Would like to go snowboarding there sometime.

I've been thinking about this one on and off since I read it last night. Finally came up with a peculiar angle--can't work on it until later (cats and dogs waiting for TLC). My hope is, nobody gets the same idea. Not likely. Sort of strange. I'll do my best to spread the word this week.


Thank you dear friend 😊


I have a strange urge to start thinking not of the story, but of your angle in particular about the story. Just to....

But sleep sleep sleep... Oh well


Well, here it is--I had a little trouble with the edit. Link is strange but the story comes up. I don't know, six months here and still a little confused


Err I didn't comment, unforgivable! Maybe it was the hypnotic effect of your sleep... Sleeep... ZzzZzz..

My story, which was kinda hard after I got stuck on the idea of evil ant overlords:


Evil ant overlords.. the bananafish dark force already flows strong in you!

Ahhh! I've missed the last two weeks because of silly work but it's good to finally have a day off and get to write! Here's my entry :D


Ahh this silly thing called work! Can't they abolish it? Good to see you back @blueteddy!


Welcome back man! 🤙

Beautiful story, @calluna! I had to think about it a little, but in the end I found my version of what happened After the Change! ;)

My entry to the contest :)

I really enjoyed the challenge of writing under 500 words and I loved the prompt, so many ways it could end.


Welcome Gaby! It's not easy to be concise and put some content at the same time but don't worry we are all' here to push further our creativity and have fun together 👍

Okay this was a bit difficult but finally wrote it after several false starts


Welcome back Mave, forgive my delay.. cominnng! (Sound of a blobby avalanche rolling down from a cliff)

Let me put my pen to paper once again.
Lets see what will come out.


Let me put my pen
To paper once again. Lets
See what will come out.

                 - botefarm

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


My dear @haikubot,
this is not a real haiku.
You only break balls


..And you soon shall be flagged by someone less kind than us.


Why not! There's just to gain here in a way or another 😉

Do you want the entire story commented or do you just want our writing?

Can there be dialogue?


You just have to write a second part of the story, an ending in 500 words max. Of course there can be dialogue 🙂


Cool, Thanks!

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