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Previously on Find&Reward

In my last post, I announced the First Rewards Distribution.
There, among other things, you can find the first two developers to be rewarded for their works and commitment:

A total of 2000 Steem were distributed, 1000 each:

  • 500 as Steem (1 - 2)
  • 500 as Steem Power (1 - 2)

What's Next

It's three weeks now from my latest Find&Reward post, so you may wonder if this project is still going or what...
Well, it sure is!

The reason for this delay is partly due to me being pretty busy, and partly because I wanted to wait and have more information about what I was going to support this time.

As can be easily deduced from the main title, I'm going to support SteemFest (ANN, Updates, Site) - an event to be held in the wonderful city of Amsterdam on 11-12-13 November 2016 - and for whose organization, our fellow steemian @roelandp is devoting time and money.

At this point, I would like to take the opportunity and thank him for his commitment and dedication!

Supporting SteemFest

Find&Reward: SteemFest

I intend to support SteemFest in two ways:

  1. Contributing to the Event Organization Fund
  2. Contributing to the Mile Travel Reimbursement Fund

For the next month, my weekly withdrawals will go to one of the two funds.
The withdrawals taken in the past three weeks will also be used to the same end.

In doing so, not only I hope to help @roelandp to organize the whole Event, but also to lower the final cost of the tickets for all the community members, especially those who need to add an expensive Flight ticket on top of it.

Weekly Updates

This space is reserved for weekly updates.
I will show the donated amount and the destination fund.
The destination fund may be inferred by the receiver:

  • @steemfest --> Event Organization Fund
  • @t-r-f --> Mile Travel Reimbursement Fund
WithdrawalTotal SD AmountReceiverProof
1st - 2nd - 3rd2'000@steemfestTx
4th - 5th1'300@t-r-fTx
6th - 7th900@t-r-fTx
8th260@t-r-f / @steemfestTx / Tx
Last Update: 27/10/16

Remember to vote for my witness if you want to support this project and see it keep going!


I also support SteemFest and what you and many others are doing to actively grow this economy for the benefit of all!
Keep up the great work. I will follow and support along the way~
Best Regards~*~

So nice of you to pay all these rewards and also sponsor @steemfest. Just voted for you as a witness as a humble way of saying thanks!

Thank you for your support!

That's awesome, I also support steemfest in whatever ways I can and am doing all that I can to get there despite having low fund and an expensive travel cost to get there. I appreciate you supporting both those cause too and it look like you are a strong steemit supporter by doing all that you can to support the platform. because of all these things I voted you for witness.

Thank you!
Soon I should have more info about how the Miles Travel Reimbursement will work...
Anyway I hope it will help you and other people in your same situation!
Let me know.

Your welcome. I'm happy to help. Also I've observed a few people who are high ranking witnesses that do not deserve to be in that spot because of there selfishness and lack of team spirit. So I want to support more people like you who, to the best of my judgment, are wanting to help the community and there self's expand more or less equally.

Great, thanks you for passing the info along when you receive it because I might possibly be borrowing a little bit of money, that i need to payback, to complete my funding. I know for sure it will help me and other cause at this point I'm going no matter what it takes.

Thank you @bhuz! I am trying to get to Steemit myself and help as many Steemians as possible make their SteemFest dreams a reality. Once my post pays out today, I will be donating either to the SteemFest Travel Reimbursement Fund or to at least one lucky Steemian!

That is really nice of you, hopefully one day I will be in the position to be more help :)

Hi, everybody, I was talking to a friend and he told me you can book your flight to Amsterdan at home, from your own computer. When the website is finished, I will post more information (how to book your flight at home, how to pay, who are you going to pay, etc.) in my personal account @drbr18.

Oh! such a kind heart, God reward you double

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