Filmmaker’s Diaries - No Proxies after all...

Filmmaker’s Diaries - 26/05/2020

Hello and welcome to another Filmmaker’s diary!

OK… so the day after the full day opening project.. I ended up editing the entire day and night… and guess what, in the end I could not use the proxies… can’t make this up. So I had to adapt, things where not ideal, but one keeps on going.

I went to bed at 7AM… just like good old times… haven’t done that in very long time.

But I send it o the competition.

The next day, I was really out of it… chilled a bit, worked just a bit on the script and learned about screenwriting , with a book and the festival going on.

Today, was a strange day… personal things going on… then I worked a bit on the freelance editing going (got a massage today about it… lets see) Wrote just a bit… and learned a bit as well.

Today, there is a lot to do :) Happy about that.

As always, thank you for reading.

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