Filmmaker’s Diaries - Full day opening project - 23/05/2020

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Hello and welcome to another Filmmaker’s diary! - 23/05/2020

Today, things could had been more smooth…

It’s midnight and just now am I ready to start the edit… you know that edit for the competition that I must send by may 25… so tomorrow.

Granted today, I took many hours just looking into what is happening in the world. But this is what happened:

Yesterday I could not download the files for some reason… today I managed to download and then… nada. Could not open the zip file… So I tried downloading again… the folder size was huge by the way, a bunch of 4K clips… so each download took forever.

Second download happened. Could not open it.

Download it again… I know… crazy, expecting different results with the same action… and you guessed it… it didn’t work.

Cut to, I don’t know how many hours trying to uncompress it, looking at software and all of that… ended up having to do some “coding” type situation… I don’t even know what I was doing. But it worked.

Imported the files into the project… and… yes… it wasn’t working… heheh can’t make this up. In the end, I had to do some proxies… haven’t done that sin years… had to look it up.

Finally all is done. Also I had to use a song from a platform, using a 7 day trial… it had good music. Now all is ready, not sure I have it in me to edit now… clock is ticking… I was souped to start yesterday.. but maybe I’ll just do it tomorrow. Prioritise and go for it… hopefully it will be ok.

As always, thank you for reading.

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