Filmmaker's Diaries: 7 / 09/ 2018

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Hello and welcome to another Filmmaker’s diary!

It’s Friday the 7 of August.

Today I wen tot he bank in order to get a credit car…. In order to be able to tent a car… essencial for the video business to run smoothly.

So I waited there for an hour and a half… then spoke with the guy and long story short.. I need to go back on monday. Hopefully on monday and maybe later he tells me…

So in this last two days I’ve waited around 9 hours.. sitting inside a building.

And nothing is ever easy…

It’s crazy how much time you must allocate doing boring and bureaucratic stuff, just in order to do your thing.

Anyhow that’s it for today. I think I’l edit a bit the video I’m working on later.

Have a great weekend.

As always, thank you for reading.

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hey @maxjoy I have always been interested why you chose the name Bamboo films!
If you feel like it you can check out Bamboozled's Bamboo Contest



Bamboo is great!! All this constructive usages... it's even food...