Shorties but Goldies #7

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Hello dear Steemians. This time i came up with new serie about short films. As you know, I'm short filmmaker myself. I shot a lot of short film for my scholl and myself. The bad thing making short film is that you can't show them too many people. Many short films can't reach audience. Because of that, i want to make a serie about showing short films to you. I will show you 5 short films every week. That's gonna be one turkish film and four foreign film. Because especially in Turkey, short filmmakers need audience. We can't show our films to the world. I hope these serie will filmmakers make happy and giving you guys entertainment. Enjoy ! If you miss the previous posts, you can get them below the links.


1) Filmin Adı Yok / Untitled Film

Film has no title. Actually ''no title'' is a title of course. But the director wants to show something. Film is a symbolic drama which tells the women to be treated second-class citizen for a long time and their places in the society. Director didn't want to use some title for showing it. Because title make people think. He wants to find the meaning with ourselfes. Film had a lot of prizes in festivals. There is a big problem about womans in Turkey. These kind of film is important because of that. According to my opinion film is not perfect. There are many problems in scenario. But it's pretty good about giving a message. Short film means message. And its good about it. I hope Ozan Sertdemir (the director) will be better and make better contents.

2) Awfully Deep

Sometimes weird film get you. This is one of them It's not much weird but characters and story make you feel a little strange. Edward, Susan and their son Lino live a nice life in the suburbs, having all that their bourgeois life can afford. Then, one day and without warning, stinky, brown, doughy 'stuff' starts appearing outside their expensive and luxurious home. It's very important that chance normal things to unusual things. It's very hard to do that in short films. But the director Daniel Florêncio made this very good. He had a short time to do that and he become succesfull. The actors are not perfect. He should have found better players. But film is quite good and interesting. If you want to watch different movie, just have a look at this film.

3) Skhizein

I always liked short animation films. They give the message properly. They are even better than short fiction movies in giving message. Because you don't have players. Just animations. If you are good at making animation, you can give every message to the audience. Many fiction movies ruined because of bad acting. Animations don't have this problem. And Skhizein is very good animation design. Film showing us that we are very powerless aganist modern world. Modern people always experiences disasters. The character is also a "disaster" like events. French director Jeremy Clapin, showed us how we are misrable. I think he is gonna be succesfull animation director.

4) The Drought

We all gonna be elder. Some of us soon, some of us far. But result always be same. We always want to be young and never think your older ages. That's normal. Because life teaches that us. But this film remember that we all gonna be like that. An elderly Brooklyn native struggles with his daily routine as an umbrella street salesman during a summer drought. The director Kevin Slack showing us biggest problem in human history. Getting older and lose our power. But film giving a different message. I don't want to give spoiler. Just watch the film and think about your future man !

5) The Optimist

As I say, I always loved animation. This time our characters don't have faces. This is very different way to giving a message. In this Visual Poem of Contentment, a young book lover tries desperately to get the book everyone else has. Post-modern animation always refers to modern life and modern people. I think this is our big problem. Modernizm ruined everything for humanity. Animation are the best for showing it. But this film has a another message. Not to give up. This is very important motto in our modern lives. Because everything builded on it. Film's name and message is almost same: Optimistism. I think this animation tryed to chance our mind. Let's watch this film and giving up just our laziness.


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Nice my friend @vitruvianman


Thanks :)

good video positive men


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short films that convey messages beautifully. I'm very pleased to share. thank you