Steemit 50-Word Story Contest 1 - Spring. Announcement of the Winners. 10 Steem and 700 Trail!!

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What a great first week! Thank you to all our participants, each of whom grasped the format and delivered remarkable prose.

The format is simple, yet tricky: write a story based upon a given word, in this week's case, 'Spring', in fifty words or less. See the original post for full contest rules.



A huge thank you to our friends at SteemTrail who have been nothing but supportive. See below

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The next contest will be announced tomorrow (Friday, 10th March around 6pm New York time.).

Third Place:

FOR SPRING by @henry-gant

Our story begins in the Colorado mountains during the winter months with the snow, driving sleet and the mud it eventually creates. Dark, cold, wet, sucking mud. Water, wet boots and dirty floors everywhere. Days of depression . . . Seasonal Affective Disorder. It ends, beautifully, with Spring in Arizona.

Second Place:

The Spring by @whistlejacket

The water was so ecstatically cool on his parched tongue that he quite forgot the woman’s warning not to drink from the spring. The delightful spring surrounded by such interesting lifelike statues. It was strange though, he could no longer move his feet and his arms had become quite stiff.

First Place:

STUPID SPRING 2010 by @ana-maria

Why should I marry you? – I said at lightning speed, as he hit me with the question unexpectedly.
– Do you really think I’m that stupid?
– No, quite in contrary honey! You should marry me because you are smart now. Stupid you were in spring 2010 when you divorced me.

Prizes are as follows:

1st place receives 5 STEEM and 400 TRAIL
2nd place receives 3 STEEM and 200 TRAIL
3rd Place receives 2 STEEM and 100 TRAIL


The organisation of this contest has been given huge support by the guys at SteemTrail.

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Congratulations to the winners of this weeks contest, and also to those who participated because you are all winners.

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Great job everyone!!! Congratulations to the lucky winners! This was so much fun!!!

Thank you, the open contest will be starting imminently so I hope you will follow this page!

Congratulations! Some nice Flash Fiction. Appreciations to Writing Trail team for hosting.

Thank you, open contest will be starting imminently so stay tuned!

Thank you for your consideration. I applaud the first and second place winners. All the stories are wonderful and all the participants are winners for taking on this challenge!

Congrats on your winning entry @henry-gant. Looking to see what you would cook up this week.

The contest have been moved to @literature-trail, follow for more details

New open contest will be starting here imminently so watch this space! Well, done, I thought you wrote a very nice piece of prose.

Nice and congratulation for winner ! :)

Hello @happyphoenix.

Looking forward to your entry for this week.
The contest have been moved to @literature-trail, follow for more details

Yes, thank you ! :)

Great work everyone! Look how many upvotes you have here!!! That is a rather good sign if ever I saw one :)


Thank you for doing this, it was fun. Congratulations to the winners! @whistlejacket, yours especially was a hit in our house.

Looking forward to your entry this week @camille1234.

The contest have been moved to @literature-trail, so follow it for more details

Thank you, @camille1234, kind words. Another Open Contest will be starting imminently here so watch this space! I hope you will join in.