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There are less than 24 hours to get your entries in for the 50-word story contest for those steemians with a rep of under 55.

In case you did not see the announcement post, you can see it here!

This is a great way to get yourself recognised by the community in a very effective manner.

See the original post for full contest rules.

This week your story is to be based upon the word:



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So, whether it be the Season, a Slinky, a Spa or a Sauté, please Spring us with a Surprise!
Remember to make your first tag #fiftywords and your second #spring

Entries will each be assessed by a panel of three judges who have been selected for their capabilities in prose. We will only be accepting entries in English for now.

Prizes are as follows:

1st place receives 5 STEEM and 400 TRAIL
2nd place receives 3 STEEM and 200 TRAIL
3rd Place receives 2 STEEM and 100 TRAIL

The top three entries plus any other entries of particular quality or displaying an originality of thought will be published every Thursday. This will serve as an excellent post to distribute to your friends, family and Social Media contacts.


The organisation of this contest has been given huge support by the guys at SteemTrail.

If you have not already done so, head over to the SteemTrail Discord server and check out what they’re up to.

You will need an Open Ledger Account which is free. Simply click the Trail Coin and follow the instructions. For a streemian Account, click the Streemian logo.


Join us at the


Thank you from your 50-Word Contest organisers, please follow, upvote, resteem, generally be terribly nice to us both:

@ogochukwu and @ebryans


How I wish to own a spring, for so much influence it would bring,
granting me the power to make waves and summon bodies from their graves,
I could restore reputations or negate those bad curations,
oh a spring, I want a spring, I want a Steem Power Ring.

This is no an entry. I do not want STEEM or TRAIL. Chances are, it probably won't make sense to anyone other than me. I just wanted to write my thoughts before they disappeared.

Very beautiful! And local .. a new open contest is starting imminently which will, I hope, encourage you to do more writing like this!

@elementm this might be something for you.

Nice to see you here @sumsum 🙂
If there is not this contest (and your comment) I wouldn't even know you are here.
Glad we are meeting again! 🙂

Great to meet you. Have fun here. I really like it on steemit.

Just sent you a message on WoWapp! 😉

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