Pumpkin Defender: A Fifty-Word Story

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Hello again! Been a while since I participated in @jayna's Fifty-Word Story Challenge! Feels good to be back :D If you would like to join in the fun you can find this week's festive prompt here: https://steemit.com/challenge/@jayna/fifty-wordstorychallengefunwritingopportunity-8mugjgabaz

Emily crouched low in the bushes. Every year she poured her heart and soul into carving a pumpkin only for Timmy to smash it to bits. Not this year Timmy. Footsteps approached. Emily sprang into the porch light illuminating her newly acquired zombie mask. She screeched. Timmy ran. Objective complete.

Thank you for reading! <3

Image is from pexels.com and is free for personal and commercial use, you can find it here:


How fun: the prankster pranked.

It would make a good illustrated Halloween story for children, if expanded. 🎃 ;)

Thats a fun idea! Might get my little sister to help me and make a project out of it

Ha, excellent! Not this year Timmy! Justice is served.

This is quite clever, @blueteddy! I can imagine the terror the pumpkin smasher must have experienced. I once had someone pull a trick like that on me, in a creepy old man mask. But I wasn't vandalizing pumpkins!

Poor little Timmy! 😆😆

Great story. Sweet revenge.
Proves a macro point. Bullies bully until they meet a bigger, cleverer or better organized bully. It applies to the domestic and to other spheres of human life

Enjoyed this fun and cute take on the prompt @blueteddy :)

Great defense on her part!



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