Joel (The Chosen, Act 1, Part 1)

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December 31st, 2165

And he will rise from among his peers, and he will lead them into a new age, and it will be magnificent.

Joel read the last words of the prophecy, his lips moving silently, forming the words he had heard on a daily basis since childhood. He had been born into the society of the enlightened, which had prevented him from seeing anything else of the world so far. But now the years were turning again, and it was again time to send someone out, to recruit new members and be on the lookout for the chosen one.

This year, it was Joel’s turn. He had finally turned 25, old enough to not fall victim to the seductions presented to him by the outsiders. But not only his age made him this year’s candidate, as he had proven his strength of body and mind in several trials that had been devised to test his fitness for the task.

He had been found adequate.

”Are you ready?” His teacher, who had guided him for all his life, asked.

”I am”, Joel replied, grabbed the backpack resting next to him and shakenly stood up. Snow was slowly melting on his blue, bare knees. His teacher handed him a long-armed shirt, pants, and shoes.

”Put them on”, he said. ”They’re coated in nanobots which will keep you at a constant temperature. Finding your way on the outside is challenging enough, you shouldn’t be forced to worry about mundane issues like freezing or overheating.”

With a thankful nod, Joel took the clothes and put them on. The nanobots immediately started to follow their purpose, and he felt himself heating up. Typically, it would have taken him hours to return to a functional state after praying in the snow for this long.

”Be safe out there.” His teacher stretched out a hand and lightly touched Joel’s face. ”I’ve been on the outside, many years ago. It’s very different from what you’re used to in here. Very different indeed. You must make sure you won’t get lost – or worse, lose your way.”

Joel knew better than to proclaim this wouldn’t happen to him. He knew that it had happened to many others, who had been more skilled and devout than he could ever hope to become.

”I will give my best, teacher”, he said instead and bowed. Then he turned around and started walking towards the landing pad, where a flight capsule was waiting for him. It was an ancient model in a bright white, as it had been fashionable when this kind of vehicle had been first developed. Back then, white had been considered “modern”. He had been told that nowadays, the coloration would lean more towards bright colors like red and pink. @suesa

Joel didn’t mind. Obtaining new capsules was risky, as it required a connection to the outside world. But the people living out there weren’t supposed to know about the society of the enlightened, only single individuals could be carefully introduced and then either checked for their potential to be the chosen one or be added to the society’s gene pool.

Genetic degradation was, despite their sophisticated gene editing methods, an ongoing issue.

Carefully, Joel boarded the capsule, closed the door and booted up the system. Everything seemed to be within standard parameters. With one deep breath, he pressed the button for takeoff, and the small ball of metal pushed itself silently up in the air as if carried by magic. Electromagnetism was indeed something beautiful.

With swift fingers, Joel entered the coordinates to his assigned destination, and his vehicle darted through the sky, leaving behind the tiny speck of ice that had once been Antarctica.

As he moved further north, the sun started to become more intense. It wasn’t the heat that made him realize this, but the almost unnoticeable movement of the nanobots on his clothes, trying to keep him from overheating. A quick look at the capsule’s display confirmed that the outside temperature had just reached 313 °K, despite it still being early in the morning.

The ocean below turned into yellow, dry land. Joel flew over Africa, then Europe. Finally, the capsule started its descent as he approached the main center of the British federation. About five decades ago, the United Kingdom had made a move to return to its former glory, which had partly succeeded. Most of Europe belonged now to the central British government, although most of the former countries were allowed to make most of their decisions themselves.

Still, the power was concentrated in England, and that’s where Joel had been assigned to: Directly into the lion’s den.

A transmission reached him with the order to land in a particular spot and then identify himself. Joel obeyed immediately, not wanting to draw any negative attention to himself. When he touched the ground and got out of his capsule, he was greeted by a woman in uniform.

”Identification and Purpose.” It wasn’t a question, but Joel had been prepared for exactly this situation and produced a small plastic card from his backpack, which the woman scanned. Then she frowned. ”A missionary? Really? I thought your kind had died out a long time ago.” Joel gave her a fake smile.

”There are always some who want to spread the word of the Lord”, he lied in his softest voice. There weren’t any Christians left, no religion had survived first contact with the aliens. But the society of the enlightened had been using the Christian faith as a cover ever since and was doing its best to keep up the façade that it still existed. Even if there were no real believers anymore, people still had an internalized respect for missionaries.

For whatever reason.

”Carry on then, preacher”, the woman said, handing Joel back his identification card. ”Enjoy your stay in the capital.”

Again, Joel faked his best smile, grabbed his bag and left the capsule in the hands of the personnel on site. They would take care of it for him until he returned.

If he returned.


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Great beginning @suesa, I’m looking forward to finding out what Joel will be doing in the British federation. I’m hooked.

It's easy to fake a smile and your past.

Wait until you see him faking an orgasm his true feelings at others. That's truly difficult.

Oh good - a new story that I can get on - board with from the beginning!

Do people respect missionaries in Europe? In the US, most of us see preachers as intrusive and rude - especially when they're going door-to-door.

Haha glad to see you excited!

Well, it depends. I've never encountered a missionary aside from Jehovas witnesses and they're usually not that intrusive around here. In this story, I'm mostly drawing from the general positive indifference that's often shown towards preachers from larger religious/Christian communities. Tbh, my contact with religious people has been primarily positive so far - at least the ones offline.

Additionally, Christianity hasn't existed for a while in this universe, only the society of the enlightened have acted/disguised themselves as missionaries. Ofc they're trying to keep a positive image and low profile.

Dear @suesa. Thank you for this wonderful start of your Sci-Fi novel. It is a bit sad to read that in your future the Brexit was a good decission leading towards that „most of Europe belonged now to the central British govermen.“ However, I like your writing style and I resteemed your article in our developing Literatue-Guild to make other Book-Lovers aware of your novel.

The Literature-Guild is build on steemvoter ( and you are kindly invited to join the club. We are waiting for the next part of your novel. Kind regards, Literaturkritik

Hey :)
Thanks for the positive feedback! And well, it wasn't necessarily the Brexit that lead to this development, but more about that as the story proceeds.

I already follow the steemstem trail, so pledging my VP to another guild would drain me really fast. But are you already in contact with the writers' block? They're a fantastic community for writers here on steem, I can provide a discord invite if necessary.

Thank you for your fast reply. I am most curious how Britain made it to the political role suggested in the text 😉
It is possible to „delegate“ only 1% of your VP to the guild and for me the absolute number of steemians following is much more important than the total upvote amount. However, we have the luck to be supported by reggaemuffin, who is also a big supporter of your work I think, and this is helping a lot to convince people to join in. It would be wonderful to get in contact with the writers chanel, but I first habe to install Discord 😬 Can you recommend steemians that might be interested in the Literature- Guild that I am not aware of. We allow English and German as languages. Thank you for the nice conversation, anyway 😉

Yes, reggaemuffin told me he's supporting you. I might too on the future, we'll see.

Here's the discord link:

And @geekpowered wrote an awesome story about a black hole not too long ago, maybe you can check him out.

If you do want to read that story @suesa mentioned that I wrote, My Vacation On the Exotic Shores of a Black Hole, you can click here to read part 1.

Hab mit Religion nichts am Hut, aber Sci-Fi mag ich :)

Dann ist ja gut, dass du meine Story und nicht die Bibel gelesen hast :P

Haha, ja. Ich schaff das eigentlich ganz gut bestimmten Dingen aus dem Weg zu gehen :P
Meine Note im Religionsunterricht war auch nicht die beste :P

It's so good to somehow have you back. Suesa-stories have become a delicacy I always find my mind finds itself enjoying.

Joel is on a mission. I wonder what the stay in the capital will bring. I don't know why the last part though made me feel like we have already started that era. The era where more people just respect religion... or religious people.

@suesa, Do you believe in the prophecy??

Some such incidents have happened to me because of which I do not understand whether to believe or not.

Why so ordinary sounding prophecy for the chosen one?

Because I suck at coming up with prophecies

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I see this story is informative and amazing.

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You still didn't explain why or how it was informative. Show me that you've read and understood the story. Otherwise, your comment is spam and stays flagged.

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Nope, images from are CC0 copyrighted and thus don't even need to be credited. I chose to do it anyway, as you can see. When writing a story, it's important to still pick an image to be displayed as thumbnail, or the post will be drowned out.

That's not spam :) Now I feel compelled to check if there's any plagiarism on your profile, as you obviously don't know how copyright works.

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