Return of the Lost Prince

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credit to @xpilar
This post is to participate in competition which held by @xpilar. This story inspired by @xpilar work art. if you want to join in this competition you can check this post.
The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition5)

Return of the Lost Prince

It was already evening. The sun has begun to dim about to sink in the western horizon. This cloudy sky feels increasingly light in the port of Garzy. A port that in the past is always filled with merchant ships from various regions in the Kingdom of Huangbo.
After the war with the Kingdom of Kuxiang that triggered the destruction of the Kingdom of Huangbo and made it a colonial kingdom. Kingdom of Kuxiang forced the people of the Kingdom of Huangbo to pay high taxes and cause suffering. Almost all of the royal heirs were killed except for a 12-year-old prince. he managed to escape outside the kingdom and wander abroad. He always hides himself so he can be saved. he began working for a merchant as a financial registrar. Thanks to his skills he was accepted as a royal employee. In addition to being proficient in management while working he is also adept at fighting. His martial arts techniques and war strategy led to his career at the highest level in the military. After being appointed warlord he intended to free the Kingdom of Huangbo from the clutches of the Kuxiang colony.
The warlord proposed the king to free Huangbo. The king is also welcomed.
"Ok. I agree if you want to attack Kuxiang and let Huangbo from their colony,"
So he immediately devised a strategy.
He plans to carry 500 large sailing ships with a force of up to 250,000 troops.
He will not attack with 500 ships at once. he plans to send 50 ships to the port of Garzy. Fifty other ships are at a distance of half a mile from the harbor and the rest as a backup power.
He plans to use an army of diving experts. They are all equipped with papaya leaf midribs. They were asked to be in water and breathe with the help of the papaya midrib.
So even though it appeared that there were only fifty ships on the surface of the water, it turned out that underwater there were many troops ready to fight,
This method was never realized by the Kuxiang troops who were guarding the garzy port.
They had seen the ship in the distance but they just thought it was normal.
finally, that afternoon which was quiet, troop can beat kuxiang troops.
The warlord immediately descended from the ship and headed for the center of the kingdom. He announced that Huanbo was now free to determine his own destiny.
That's when an old man came to the warlord.
"Sir, can you show me the necklace you wore?"
"Yes, but what about this necklace?"
After looking carefully then he asked again
"Since when did you wear this necklace?
"I got a necklace in my childhood from my mother"
the old man then bowed and asked all present to come prostrate.
"O People of Huangbo, this is the lost Prince. He has returned to the kingdom of Huangbo"
"Long life the Prince"
All then hailed the prince. Since then he has been named the new king of Huangbo.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.

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Hi @rokhani

thanks for the great story about my digital photo

my pleasure @xplar.
We know you have worked hard and I know you want to keep spirit in Steem and I always support it. Your kindness to make a contest then with it you help other Steemian to grow an get prosperity little by little. And I feel it well. Your effort to spread blessing and gift.
Greets from Indonesia, we hope you are healthy always and GBU